I'm am 52yo and openly gay. I am also independent Catholic bishop. I'm not under the jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Church.

I believe that Lucifer is the benevolent God of light, and that Jehovah is the real devil. I believe i am a god, and that i have either forgotten that I am, or I have had my god abilities disabled, either by myself or others. So now, I follow the LHP, and seek to activate or strengthen my god abilities.

I already have a number of god like abilities. I am an intuitive healer. I am able to send my spirit to remote locations, to heal people, cleanse building and reconcile troubled souls. There are times when I can influence the weather, and bring happy outcomes to people's circumstances, as well as other signs and wonders. I'm also able to speak in Tongues. People have even seen and heard me in remote locations. I am also able to merge two locations together, in time and space, to work there.

My weakness, is I doubt my abilities, and that sometimes I am afraid that it will not work, and I will look foolish or a fraud.

Perhaps, I got lost along the way. Perhaps I found the way.

Your guidance is appreciated.