My Dealings with Lucifer aka Satan

Lucifer/Satan used to always come to me and ask me to join him. He would bribe me with a life of luxury and wealth. I fought him, telling him to his face that he is only trying to have a claim on my soul. He really doesn’t care about us; it’s all about getting back at God. One night, I decided to give in.
Lucifer/Satan came to me at night and offered stock tips. He told me ten stocks that were sure to rise the following day, and told me when to sell them off. As soon as the market opened, I purchased the ten and some others to not look suspicious by buying all the winning stocks for the day. The ten surged, while the others more or less stayed the same.
I made a deal with God that I won’t work with Satan/Lucifer anymore. In exchange, God has granted me a great life with things far more important than wealth, like happiness and love.
Btw, Satan and Lucifer are the same being, despite peoples’ beliefs on this forum.

Lucifer and Satan are two different entity’s


while i respect your beliefs your claims seems to arise from delusions at worst or at best from astral parasites.


“Despite people’s belief on this forum” this forum has various beliefs on satan lol. Research and UPG work hand in hand but pure UPG is just another state of borderline delusion. Satan and Lucifer aren’t the same satan is in one instance a title and in another a name of a fallen Angel by the name Sataniel who fell long before Lucifer who if we’re going in order sataniel fell, then Samael fell, and 3rd Lucifer and 1/3 of the heavenly hosts.


Lucky you I wish Satan liked me as much as He likes you -.-

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I can promise you that isn’t the case and once you work with one or both yoh will see that but. :zipper_mouth_face: good luck on your path.


…I think you’re just here to stir the pot, to be honest. I mean, there’s one thing to have your own beliefs…but to just suggest that you’re right and everyone else on the forum, and everywhere else is wrong is just stirring the pot for dramatic purposes.

Since you know for sure though, that Satan and Lucifer are the same entity, please enlighten everyone as to how you came to this conclusion.



Is Lucifer an astral parasite?

Could astral parasites be so powerful that they once practically placed me in another world.
Once, I agreed to Lucifer to sell my soul. While I was looking at the stock market, I saw invisible arrows pointing up and down next to a handful of stocks. When I would focus or just will a stock up or down, it would gradually rise or fall. I felt like I was in another world.

This feeling lasted until the next day. While I was walking, I saw construction workers, and I felt as if they were watching me and talking about me. Obviously, they wouldn’t be able to know anything. Upon reflection, parasites probably just made me interpret it that way. Lucifer seems to open up the door for parasites. If you can work with him and banish all parasites that seem to follow him or come in during opportunistic times, then I guess you would be good.

i removed parasites while using Lucifers name. I think you were simply paranoid and unable to do anything after Lucifer came to you even if thats true.

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I’m pretty sure I’ve read this before with varying things of being tested and going back to Christ, when I’ve read church testimonials.


First of all, Satan and Lucifer aren’t the same.

Also, I don’t think Lucifer would care to offer you a luxurious life or anything like that. Maybe that wasn’t Lucifer or something like that.


One or a few exist, sadly there’s many astral parasite versions of well known entities mainly due to newbies or ignorant practitioners


Satan and Lucifer are not the same in my opinion


A while ago I read that post of a user who, after practicing Neville Goddard’s method, was “tempted” and refused. Indeed I would’ve liked such offers as well, anyway there is the point of view about Satan and Lucifer as perhaps the same entity, but two different aspects…
On one hand there is a tendency to assign even further names (e.g. Beelzebuth) to the Devil, which may seem exhaggerate, that is: couldn’t they be different demons? But on the other hand, it may also be that this was the original intention: various names for the same being.

It’s not like anyone whose super special would want to come out and say it. It’s kind of tacky, I suppose. But with all I’ve been through, I truly do feel special. Everything just sort of automatically works out for me. I don’t really know the explanation.

First, everything was great. I was a straight A student. I spent my time off with friends.

Then, I went through severe psychic attacks. It’s like the entire universe was working against me. I lost my job, education, and friends.

Now, I’ve overcome the attacks and advanced spiritually to a great extent. I feel that my psychic abilities are excellent. Pain doesn’t affect me as much. I can think quicker and sharper.

Lucifer & Satan are indeed not the same.

But the Temple of Set is sure to have the true Satan in form of Set. Michael A. Aquino conjured Satan in 1975 to ask how to continue his path with the people who joined the ritual. The result was an answer through automatic writing. Set claimed to be Satan and that he doesn’t want to be seen through the eyes of “the hebrew enemy”.
Beside this Aquino was recommended to found the Temple and be the head of it.

This is the Gnosis I got from the Temple of Set @StrengthenedWarrior

Kenneth Grant is the second one I know that claims that Set is the christian Satan and the islamic Shaitan as well. The Temple sees that as true.

Have a nice day, Warrior.

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Father is truly amazing

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yeah He really is

Set isnt satan, Satan is a title given to many beings after their demonization Set being one of them, he’s not the “true” satan, temple of set is just as wrong as any other claims of Satan being shiva, set, etc.

Satan if you want to get technical is the fallen angel Sataniel/Satanel.

Might want to look into that angel because there’s more research present on that being and pure UPG is usually not accurate to go off of nor the pure UPG of someone else’s book that formed your UPG. Such as the book of Enoch where the actual satan besides the title (again given to Set, Shiva, and many other Horned Pagan Gods) was a watcher angel.

It’s as if there is some strange link with our subconscious that allows us to do great things if we are against “Satan” and he tempts us. Once I joined him full fledged, I couldn’t do crazy things, like using sex magick to alter pornographic videos. Yes, I have done that and am not proud. I’ve felt a lot of shame about doing that. I’ve done it on several pornographic sites (the videos themselves obviously), and when doing it, the whole website would shut down. It’s crazy.

Also, the next day, it would be like I was in a different world. I was scared shitless. I was especially scared because the entities would tell me that it was just going to keep getting worse and worse. This was years ago; I’ve never had the balls to tell anyone this until now. Now, I have dropped my fears. Since I did, it is like I can’t do out of this world incredible things, like psychically changing a porn video, but I can accomplish extremely great feats using magick for more “realistic” things.

The only reason I ever psychically changed pornographic videos was out of horniness. While fapping, it’s like consequences don’t exist; nothing else matters (“in the zone”). Once done, voices would ramp up and “Satan” would come to me asking me to join him.

Also, once done fapping, I would deeply regret what I’ve done. Not the fapping itself, but all the “sex magick” I’ve done. I didn’t know anything about sex magick. I would just create my own magick by using inverted crosses, blood, and psychically opening up portals.