My curses and rituals dont always work

Why are my curses and ritual works futile. They almist never work at all, even though i work with different spirits and follow different spiritual paths.
Am i doing it wrong or is it because i am changing some things in most of the rituals?

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As we don’t know what you are doing or how you are doing them or how much freestyling you are putting into them or what level of intent or who you are doing them towards - who can say.

It’s not an instant meal, stick it in a microwave and it’s done type of thing. Some work takes days, months even years to complete and isn’t a one hit - all done and there you go.

Planning and intent are two of the biggest issues for most people I see here and the temptation to freestyle when they haven’t got enough experience.


okay thanks

Also one factor to consider are your foundations. If their rooted in a system or in chaos magick have you had success with that. If so what elements of it and what new elements or paradigms are you trying to incorporate into this.

Curses are not the easiest thing for some people. For me its like hurling a lightning bolt as such no 2nd thoughts and true aim in the shot. If i end up to the point where i decide i need baneful magick alot of time energy and prep goes into it. By making themself an active obstacle to my goals they have volunteered themself to become a sacrifice on the alter of my ascent.

Least this is how it is for me. I can count the baneful operations i have done on 1 hand. Mostly cause i got layers of magick to keep most bullshit AWAY :alien:


Exactly. Here it seems to be “do a curse if someone looks at you funny” “breathes in your direction” It makes me wonder if people have such a hair trigger response to others how they function in life.

When you do any kind of magick, unless you are very skillful, and I mean very, you will create a link to that other person. Do you really want that around your neck like some albatross?

Some do it for bragging rights, just why? It’s not impressive - keep your mouth shut - always.


Maybe both. On one hand, it is great to make a rite personalized. On the other hand, if you are altering an established rite without knowing 100% what it is you are changing, why it is relevant to the original, how does your change fulfill that component, etc…then you may be very likely omitting something important.

This too. It is hard to troubleshoot another’s practice by description alone.

That might be half the problem. I would suggest working through one system and developing a close working relationship with one spirit until you start getting more consistent results. Once it is working for you, then perhaps apply your new talents to other systems.


Jason Miller, in his book The Elements of Spellcrafting, addresses a lot of reasons why spells fail. One thing that really stands out in that book is his observation that situations must be “enchantable”. By that he means that the goal must not be impossible. He suggests that a good goal is one that can be accomplished through mundane means.


Because you are not aligned with your best or highest self if you are on a middle or right hand path. IF you are on a left hand path, then you have not developed your abilities to concentrate sufficiently and your consciousness of Prima Materia (First Matter: the substance you manipulate).

For those that demand other entities do the work for you (daemons, gods, fairies, etc), well I have no idea why your magic isn’t perfectly reliable.

I once made a dish which called for paprika - I used cayenne

It was not good.

Do not call upon Andras when the recipe says Orobas…

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Okay thanks. But i dont think African Voodoo or Haitian Vodoun has to do with energy work. Or am i wrong?

Everything involves energy


Okay thanks.

That might be half the problem. I would suggest working through one system and developing a close working relationship with one spirit until you start getting more consistent results. Once it is working for you, then perhaps apply your new talents to other systems.

But i already have some altars created for some spirits and i cant throw them away just like that.

Okay thanks.

I use the required spirit but i change somethings in the ritual.

Like concentrated energy(or just energy enough to keep me awake to do the ritual) and focusing on my intent?

You said you didn’t think voodoo doesn’t involve energy work. Everything involves energy.

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Yeah from my understanding of voudon it does works alot with possesion and that requires energy in the manner of linking with the spirits energy.



Maybe i need to learn how to connect with the spirits. I have tried physical evocation of spirits even begging and commanding them but all to no avail.:cry:

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Follow EA’s dictum for successful sorcery: Use a working system.

If you are changing elements of a ritual, without understanding the system that ritual is based on, then you are not going to be successful.

It’s like the newcomers who think that, “oh, I don’t have to do the LBRP exactly and it doesn’t matter if I use the names of demons or angels.” It matters a lot, actually, and until you understand the nature and purpose of the energies involved in a ritual, changing even one thing can short circuit everything.

People like EA and Jason Miller, and some members of this forum, have been practicing certain systems for years before creating their own rituals. EA has described in his books his journey in magick, going from Wicca, to Golden Dawn ceremonial, to Alistair Crowley’s Thelema. He worked each system, to develop his own. Bruce Lee mastered the martial art of Wing Chun before he attempted to codify his own system.

My advice is to find one system, and work it, from the basics of energy work to visualization, to evocation. Mastering the basics will transfer over into any other system, and will greatly aid you in personalizing your magick.