My Attempts at a 72 Goetic Spirits QnA

Hello all, I made a post a while back ago about how I was wanting to journey into Ceremonial Magick nearly a year ago. While I don’t have candles or any equipment due to no money as I am jobless and have been since I turned working age in the UK at 16, I do have my mind and that’s enough for me.

As I have been working with the King Paimon, he helped me to realise that I should strive to work with the other Goetic spirits. So, tomorrow I begin with King Baal/Bael, the first of the Goetic spirits


I will attempt to evoke each of the spirits everyday and try to document the changes that happen to me throughout said 72 days and as I begin this, I wonder how will King Bael appear to me? King Paimon appeared to me as he is depicted in the Ars Goetia. So I’ll assume that King Bael will do the same

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It was a similar post like u bfre, interesting You following tis quest. Do u knw carl nagel in salomon seals has all tat spirts and only use seals not really norhing else’s beside incense, and a drink. And got results, back in 1986.,if u are from uk. You may hear tis guy. You may also find a copy free in web if u search.

I am up and well rested, it’s time to do the evocation


I cannot see King Bael as I could King Paimon. I will now begin my questionings to the King of the East, the Storm God Bael.

What does it mean to be invisible mighty one?
Bael: It means what it means, to be undetectable. IS theere more questions Mani?
Yes yes, there are more. What can you teach other than invisibility?
Bael: To be a master of the storms in your life. To control the worse outcomes to be the best outcomes. As fickle as the storm can be. It brings with it new life, new beginnings.
So you are a gatekeeper then?
Bael: Some would say so yes. Do you wish for this gate to be open?
What would it mean to have this gate open Lord Baal?
Bael: To become immortal, to have control
Can you open the part of my mind you are associated wtih?
Bael: It is done.
What would you say to those that wish to work with you?
Bael: Embrace the storms of life. Be open to change, choose not to manipulate.
What offerings do you take? Especially if one is on a budget or has no budget
Bael: Personal items-things personal to the operator to strengthen and build upon trust. Items of a tithe like nature to your king. We are the first and the last.
Thank you for your messages King Bael, You have been great.
Bael: learn from experience, learn to embrace the storm to become the best version of yourself.

With that, I hope I can learn from this what it means to embrace the storm. Super intense energy as my room went cold as I meditated upon his enn. Hopefully if I return to him, I will be able to gaze upon his appearance as I did King Paimon. Tomorrow brings Agares.


Likewise with King Paimon, I have a yearning to give Baal praise for this time


I am staying updated with this in case you decide to work with Sallos, I have tried making a petition with him 2 days ago and I don’t know if it was taken or not, and I am hoping to be able to communicate with him soon. I felt King Paimons presence way stronger than Duke Sallos, so I was wondering if the duke even came by

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Definitely will be keeping my eye on this thread. I’ve seen two other threads like this on the forum and from what I read it can get exhausting. I wish you power and strength while doing this, and of course thank you for going through with it.

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As I do this I am once again reminded of my initial hesitance to conjure up these spirits due to the instalment of Christian based fear put into me. Especially considering how most of these spirits from their texts are put upon as “use tremendous caution” because of the Christian based system of Goetia summoning and that you must learn to control said demons and use tonnes and tonnes of protection to keep yourself safe

I am from a Muslim based family, and we have the same, yet so far after trying to talk to King Paimon I only felt relief and my anxiety has faded ever since, I have been struggling with it for 6 months now 24/7. So I guess we can put those things aside

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Today I evoke Agares. Wish me luck

it has taken me a while to get used to his energy, a lot longer but I have conjured up the Duke Agares.
The first thing I heard upon gazing into his sigil while on my screen was “You have summoned me”. I saw the energy body of Agares and what looked exactly like his appearance in the Dictionnare Infernale

You teach the ability to speak another tongue/other languages. Does that mean you teach mantras and enns or human language?
Agares: Both
Can you unlock the portion of my mind you are associated with Duke Agares?
Agares: I can and I will if that is what you wish
Do you require any offerings? Should I give you something in return?
Agares: Only if you make a pact with me
What would happen upon making a pact with you Great Duke Agares?
Agares: I would call you to meditate upon my enn daily, Add me to your altar whuch has long been abandoned and spiritually stagnant
What do you wish to tell those who would choose to work with you Duke Agares?
Agares: Abandon faith, Speak for yourself, Embrace the death of Ego, Learn about anothers culture.
What do you say to those who call you evil?
Agares: Ones version of evil is different to ones version of good. Strive to learn from experiences, Is a genocide not evil? Yet there are those out there who would justify genocide.
Can you teach me Turkish or other foreign laguages?
Agares: I can help you to study language, You must have the want to learn, Human patience.
Thank you Duke Agares for your wise words, you are free to go if you wish
Agares: Learn who you are truly Mani.

and with that ends the session with Agares. The point of this entire exercise isn’t to show off or to bind the spirits, it’s for me to get used to their energies so as to work with them,

Next up is Prince Vassago. IT also happens to be my birthday tomorrow as well. After talking and using my energy to talk with these powerful spirits, there is a build up of energy in my core. It stings almost but not in a painful way, more like my energy is overflowing in the core region of my body


I am still going to continue this experiment. I am curious as to what will happen to me after evoking all 72 of the spirits

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Haha he’s roasting king too. Love this q and a btw.

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Perhaps he is roasting him but you see I have two altars. I have one by my sink and one beside my bed. The one beside my bed is the one with King Paimon’s sigil


Op what is your method of evocation

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This is awesome, keep it going.

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Up next is Vassago today. To everyone who told me Duke Agares was intense. You’re damn straight he is! I had a dream last night where someone was saying “lets play a game” while my friends and I were both like “no please” and we had to find this person who was following up and as I did find them, my face turned inside out and I became that person in a painful process that it ended up waking me up from the dream to the point where I was saying to myself “should I really evoke all 72 of the Goetia?”


Vassago Q&A waiting room it is then.

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Well time is ticking, here is my experience with Vassago
Vassago: what are you waiting for, begin the QnA
A few nights ago I had a dream where I was in my 30s. Did you send me that dream and does it relate to my “future”
Vassago: A wise one are you? Yes and maybe. Only you can determine your own future
Can you unlock the portion of my mind you are associated with?
Vassago: If you wish it to be so.
I do
Vassago: Then it is done. No services required.
What does it mean to be claircognizant?
Vassago: IT means to recognise potential. To shape what you want in the fickleness of the future. You control the outcomes of your future, no one else be it deity, demon, angel or otherwise.
So as Freyja has always told me “in time all shall be revealed?”
Vassago: No. In time, you shall be revealed.
What does that mean Prince Vassago?
Vassago: You, through the process mortals call gnosis, reveal the true nature of your being.
What does it take to work with you?
Vassago: The ability to understand your own outcomes. To control your own reality, to make a pact in which is signed by a covenant of mutual understanding.
What would you tell those who wish to work wtih you Prince Vassago?
Vassago: be patient, wait for the right moment and snatch the prize that you wish to take be it a woman or man, a job opportunity or the ability to understand your own potential.
Do you have any parting words Prince Vassago?
Vassago: Do what you wish, partake in the moment and the future will be yours. Only a clear head can predict that of the future. We will work together again one day, of that I am very sure. Anyone who summons me will usually come running back be it through a letter of intent, a pact or binding me to their life.
Thank you kindly prince Vassago for your time. You may go where you wish to go
Vassago: As will you.

And with that ends this QnA session with Prince Vassago, the third spirit. Tomorrow brings Samigina. I’ve heard good things about Samigina through this forum