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This Might as well be my journal but I apologize it’s really not dated.

So for 3 weeks now, I have been hoping and trying to reach Lord Lucifer, I listened to his enn for the first time one night of the second week in September, it was around 11:45 pm at night, I had just returned from a 5 hour trip. I played his enn for about 30 minutes and while I was doing that I was also going through some occult pages on Instagram and watching different magic stuffs so I went to sleep on the couch about an hour later and I had my first lucid dream, i wasn’t fully asleep my brain knew what was going on but I really couldn’t help myself it was like someone was trying to pull me out of the sofa and drag me through the walls to a different room or somewhere I had no idea of, but the funny thing is the struggle lasted for about a minute or 2 but I chickened out cos I was scared but the entire time ‘Lucifer’ was ringing in my head.

I resumed to school 3 weeks later, it’s my final year in the university of studying Philosophy and I was strongly determined to Reach out to Lucifer And King Paimon to help with my final year project and amongst many other things. So I started by meditating to Lucifer’s sigil and the first time must have been in the morning, I turned off every light and lit a candle and an incense, then I gazed at the sigil for about 20 minutes while I chanten Lucifer’s enn continuously. I felt a very intense energy and random sensations in my thigh to my foot I had a feeling a heavy figure was present in my room but I do not have my third eye open yet. I presumed Lucifer was present and then I went ahead and introduced myself… I told him about my Christian background and why I’m not so Christian anymore ever since I found out this forum which I mentioned to him…and also asked him to be my patron, help me to open my third eye so I can connect with him better and also astral project. the candle flickered randomly and it got to a point my voice became thick as hell it was as if there was two persons inside of me…man it was weird and really intense…I gazed at the sigil for some more minutes and whenever I randomly close my eyes and I see shapes and random images of random people from random places. (This happens almost everytime I meditate and shut my eyes), it lasted an hour as the same length of the enn I played in my ears… I thanked him for coming and blew out the candle but I let the incense burner out.

I have meditated to him a few more times and some times I felt his presence a little and sometimes I don’t feel quite a lot…I don’t know if he talks to me in my head or anything cos I’m still pretty much In developing myself.

I also meditated to King paimon earlier this week and introduced myself to him and also asked that he help with my project and project supervisor and when I asked him questions the candle flickered almost every time I was really overwhelmed I felt like I got direct answers and my chest became really heavy and strong and I didn’t know where that energy came from…I just felt really powerful and I thanked him for coming.

I meditated to Sargatanas the following morning and I Introduced myself to him, and told him I’ll like to work with him in swaying women, his energy came at me really fast and he gave direct answers to me through the candle that he was willing to work with me, I also told him I’ll be happy if he could also assist me alongside Lord Lucifer to aid the opening of my third eye and I also promised to evoke him later that same evening but I didn’t because I just felt some type of way later that day I didn’t know why but I just felt off. I wrote a love petitionthe following morning and I read it to him later that evening, I didn’t feel his presence a lot but I believed him to be present.

So I meditated to Lucifer Sigil this week Wednesday around 10:pm which lasted about 40 minutes, I told him I wish to connect with him better and I also mentioned developing my third eye for the second time to him and I believed he heard me and then I went to bed so around 1 or 2 in the morning I was also half asleep and then I felt like I was literally fucking floating slowly from up my bed I could see I was moving up I felt a hand grab me from the back of my head like he was the one lifting me up now I mentioned I had a similar experience earlier but the first one I was being pulled from a room to kind of like the other room although I was floating a bit but this second time I was being pulled up to the fucking air and I just Struggled and jacked myself from the entity’s grim and my body became mobile and I was able to move immediately.

So I was supposed to meditate to Lucifer Last Night But I felt off for unknown reasons, I said I’ll do that early this morning around 4 or 5am but I didn’t, so when it was past 6am this morning I prepared to meditate, I grabbed the candle and Almost grabbed the incense and the next minute I’m like I might smoke some weed then play an astral Travel beat on my phone and so I went to lay on my couch, plugged in my earpiece and played the beat, it was an hour long but I set it on repeat anyways and I started chanting Lucifer’s enn, I asked him to come to me and speak to me but the beat got to a point and I broke down immediately I was crying and still chanting his enn. I didn’t believe I could break down…I didn’t know why I wasn’t prepared for it but I really got so emotional then I went silent after some minutes and then I slept off, I woke up about 2 times in the middle of the sleep like I felt a touch or tap, or I heard a movement. I didn’t know what happened maybe my brain was just panicking… I really hoped Lucifer was present and he hears me :cry::cry: this morning was too emotional for me I didn’t see that coming.

And man @Onion you’ve really been supportive along this journey for me.

I still have more to mention, My Dad, Zepar And Dantalion…



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So yesterday evening (30th, October, 2021) around 8:30pm, it’s Nigerian time presently, I took a clean bathe and lit a white candle, an incense then I say on my sofa which I normally don’t sit on, I sit on the floor on most days and I started by chanting Lucifer’s enn, then I said his prayer which I saw from here, I modified a bit of it anyways.

Then I asked to to show up before me and I started having a chat with him I got goosebumps a few times which has never happened during my meditation or whatever. So I just started talking to him I got so emotional at some point I told him I wondered if he was ever present with me, I even wonder if he was present right now I talked till I couldn’t no more and then I asked him to listen to my heart. I strongly pleaded with him to show up to my dreams and wake me up instantly so I could remember some stuffs cos I don’t ever remember my dreams. I asked him to take me on astral projections and make me have lucid dreams and I also kind of reminded him to assist me in working on opening my senses especially my third eye which is the most important to me as far as I know I’m putting in work on my own ends, I’m meditating almost every day I don’t eat fruits a lot but I try not to eat junks at all too lol.

So here’s the big deal, I slept off on the sofa last night after my meditation and I woke up around 1:30 am to my alarm I grabbed my phone browsed through stuffs till around almost 3am then I turned my generator on to charge my phone so I kept going through the internet till around 4 am, I tried to watch the new army of thieves which had just came out but I fell asleep in a minute or two.

Fast forward to my dream, I had a sex dream a girl I’m trying hard to recollect her face, it was absolutely Familiar with this situation in this thread also.

the thing is I can’t picture her face as I have no idea if she was someone familiar or not so we started kissing and I got Really hard and she got really wet and I didn’t know where the energy came from but I grabbed her and put her on something like a table or a zinc or something then I started thrusting and you know I was doing the do until I woke up in a half paralysis state! And before I figured what was going on I was floating mid air already and I was going really high but I didn’t panic as I knew for certain I wasn’t gonna die anyways lol, and I landed slowly at a familiar location in my home city and then I started floating again then I was trying to speak but I couldn’t but I knew for certain a spirit was behind all of these so I was trying to speak up the question ‘are you Lucifer?’ and u heard a very fucking clear ‘yes’ the next thing I said was ‘oh my God fuck are you fucking real’ and then he started saying something like here’s what we gonna do it sounded like he was instructing me to do some things but the yes he said at the ‘start’ was the only thing I heard clearly.
It wasn’t like his voice wasn’t clear, it was very clear actually but I had a hard time understanding them, is this because my Astral senses are not opened? The whole thing lasted roughly 5 to 6 minutes well it was less than 10 minutes but when I woke up I went crazy :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

So it’s (Monday, November 1, 2021, 5:34 PM) and I just got back from a trip to my hometown this noon and I resumed back on campus. Honestly? I’m still really very absolutely extremely overwhelmed that Lucifer came through the other day, that was my first encounter and breakthrough in this journey of mine and it’s still structure in my head and also I just did a 15 minutes root Chakra meditation this afternoon. I’m laying on the sofa now thinking about my project and assignment on one part of my head, (Final year student burden :sleepy:) and also, I was in the toilet when the thought of drawing Lucifer’s sigil with my blood popped up on my head and of course that’s stuck with me too. I’ll do that in a few minutes then meditate and call upon him at night, I’ll ask him to stay for the night also and see if he has stuffs to discuss with me anyways.
Haven’t reached out to King paimon and Duke Dantalion in days, I might summom king Paimon tommorow because Duke was the last one I reached out to amongst the two.
Took some liquor this noon so now I’m Feeling hungry and I’m boiling um a sweet potato, I’ll get to the Kitchen this minute so that’ll be all for now.

Friday 17th Morning, 8:33 am

I haven’t practiced in a very long time.

I did a 25 minutes meditation to Duke zepar and burnt a 999 lord Krishna incense which is what I burn all the time. I chanted his enn outloud for roughly 15 minutes then I closed my eyes and focused on my third eye, I saw images but they switched so really fast which happens all the time as well.
I told him I would like to re-establish our relationship even though we don’t have a long history by the way, but it dawned to me that zepar was the first entity I reached out to when I started practicing and I haven’t summoned him really, in months.

I ended the meditation and thanked him for coming and guiding me then gave the License to depart.

Saturday 18th, a few minutes past 2 a.m.

I had woken up and then drawn Lucifer’s sigil, took a bath then opened his sigil, lit an incense and a candle, I chanted his enn for about 20 minutes.

Had a little chat with him, and I had also told him I wish I could hear his voice right now. I also told him about a paralysis I had a few weeks ago when my girlfriend was around too. It was around 5am and I saw a dark figure walking around my couch where I was laying, I was scared do I was grunting out loud since I couldn’t speak but woke up fully to my girlfriend Giving me a tap on the shoulder. I asked him if he was the one who visited that fateful day.

I have him a offering of my semen, the candle went crazy all through the session, which lasted about 40 minutes or so.

I thanked him for coming and gave him the License to depart whenever he wishes to, usually, I just depart most Spirits but when it comes to Lucifer I ask him to leave whenever he wishes to almost all the time.

Then I went to sleep, I was almost sleepy when my neighbours came back from a church vigil or crossover, and the bitches were hosting out loud which really pissed the shit out of me. Their noises reduced after about half an hour of trying to sleep, so I finally went to sleep.

And I had a dream which I don’t remember the majority of it as usual, but in the dream I was having sex with a Female figure who looked kinda familiar but I don’t remember faces so next scene was a lucid one which happened in my school faculty building, Lucifer was walking ahead and I was following him right behind. He did a lucid thing where he floated but when I tried to do the same I just fell freely, he asked that I try it a few times but i just fell each time. Then, it appeared that he ‘lucifer’ seemed confused or puzzled, I then asked him to call upon Duke Dantalion so he said he would then I woke up.

I don’t know what the dreams means but I might find out in some time…

That’ll be all for now…