Most powerful and dangerous currents on the planet?

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“I am highly doubtful that an MMA fighter could beat a skilled Aikido or Ninjitsu practitioner.” Its nice that you think that, dear. :joy: Here is real life tangible proof.

However, that is not the point of this thread.

The point is to give newcomers the ability to discern which path or paths are right for them, and to give more experienced magicians an idea of which path or paths to pursue next.

This is most easily done via evaluating currents in which you have experience on using the criteria of practicality, potency, potential for spiritual/individual growth, danger and dogma.

Even without using the number system, if you had said something along the lines of

“I mainly work out of E.A.'s grimoire The Book of Azazel, and have experienced life-changing spiritual growth and mind blowing power at the hands of the Nethers of house Anatel, Retztael and Malkash. While I initially perceived this particular branch of the Demonic current to be perilous, I have found that my fears were unfounded as the Nethers and Azazel himself are quite friendly toward humans and have guided and empowered me within my ritual spaces and in my daily life. I have grown to trust Azazel and his nethers completely, and have even allowed Azazel to possess me fully on multiple different occasions. My ever expanding relationship with Azazel and his nethers have taught me to question all of the infamy and for lack of a better word demonization of the Demonic current as a whole. That demons are highly complex indivudals who can be awesome allies instead of unadulterated evil bent on destruction. It has awakened me to the fact that I control ever-expanding legions of my own demons that love me as I love them, and that together we can do almost anything. I have found this current to be highly practical and strong in the particular areas of evocation and soul travel, but there is little emphasis on divination save through the evocation of Nethers such as Tah’ka’yat who specialize in divination. I would highly recommend the Book of Azazel to both newcomers and more experienced magicians as it is almost entirely free of dogma, offers huge potential for alchemical change, as well as imparts an invaluable set of skills upon all who come across it. The Book of Azazel offers almost perpetual ascension as it truly is a lifetime of work and I recommend it to all.”

Simply stating “EA’s system has been my main one for ten years” gives neither the dabbler or the adept any tangible data points to go off of as it raises more questions than answers. All it does is let them know you are a fan of “E.A.'s system,” which is a no-brainer considering the fact that this is a BALG forum and could mean almost anything due the vast and diverse nature of a body of work that spans multiple currents and multiple decades.

Please be more clear about your experience within specific currents in order to help other people decide what they do and do not want to manifest in their respective lives. If you want to debate martial arts please send me a private message and leave it out of this thread. The Martial Arts thing was simply an analogy to clarify my initial point.


Thank you so much for this extremely valuable data! You have made several great points that I know will help other people make their decisions.

Some have said that Chaos Magick involving entities that you create is not as powerful as rituals involving more ancient demons such as the 9 Demonic Kings or the Divs. What is your opinion on this belief as a Chaos magician?

Keep kicking ass!

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You just provided some awesome information and made some great points. Thank you!

Many of us are atheists. Does Theogenesis require a belief in god?

Keep kicking ass!


Magick in and of itself is subjective and dependent on the individual by its very nature. Consider it a word problem to be solved to help other people in the community out. Or if that doesn’t float your boat, just for the sake of argument/academia.

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Thank you! I too believe Maerzjiran to be god-tier. Lovecraftian magick I have always heard is quite powerful as well, and is fascinating for so many reasons.

As someone who’s experience with the current has been limited to experiencing the Call of C’thulu and a handful of evocations from the Fifty Names of Marduk portion of the Necronomicon, can you briefly explain how the current ties into the Sumerian/Mesopotamian pantheon in which Marduk belongs?


Fascinating! Please do explain!

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Created spirits generally are less powerful in terms of raw power, but who said you have to work with created spirits? I mean, I’ve created spirits to accomplish tasks and they have always been pretty potent, but they aren’t on the same level as some other entities I’ve worked with. The benefits of using created spirits is that you can tailor-make them to accomplish a specific task exactly how you want it to be done.

It’s a matter of control moreso than anything; more power at the cost of your personal control, or more personal control but less power? There are ways to circumvent the relative weakness of created entities though if you put your mind to it.

Honestly, I don’t work with spirits all that much because I prefer to work under my own power, but sadly most of occultism is oriented on spiritwork.


At a certain point in the multiverse all of the other versions that are similar to you will do and are doing the same magick you are, or have already done. So for any spells, you tap into all the other versions of yourself that are doing it at the same time. The end result is a spell that is near infinite.


The Simon Necronomicon is almost purely Sumerian and largely unrelated to the actual current. Necronomicon Gnosis and the Black Book of Azathoth is a more faithful representation of the actual current.


I gave it some thought and here’s how I’d rank (LHP) Draconian magic;

Practicality - 4

The system is highly practical and adaptable. As long as you utilize the symbolism, psychologically or physically, it can be it is probably one of the most adaptable systems outside of pure Chaos magic. But it is admittedly centered around a few basic but intense concepts that not everyone will feel an allure to.

Potency - 5

Draconian magic is essentially the magic of the cosmos. The Dragon is symbolic of the Earth, the life upon it, ascent and force, all in one. Very direct. The gods of the draconian path don’t mess around when you need stuff done. By the time you have reached true Godhood, you control the universe.

Potential - 5

Dragons are creatures of change and balance of the opposites. This path is the path of growth. It’s a life path as much as it is a magical path.

Danger - 4

While not the most dangerous path, it can have manifestations of disease and mental distress. It’s also somewhat unpredictable if you only use this kind of magic only for what you need. Since it’s the path of growth, you have to take risks and endure intense emotions and visions, and be open to change. This is true wether or not there is a Qliphothic element to the Draconian magic. You have to use it correctly in order to not destroy yourself, and even then there may be a few set-backs.

Dogma - 1

While the path itself is not dogmatic, there are a certain set of concepts that one must align themselves with while on the path. The path is based upon the symbol of the dragon and, more broadly, serpent, so an alignment to the path means manifesting as the dragon. You don’t exactly need a specific set of beliefs but you must be open to change. Not everyone wants or needs change in their life, nor is change easy to receive as a mental state. In this respect there may be some personal dogma as needed but no religious ones.

I’m taking into account that there are actually multiple Draconian traditions and I’m discounting the RHP or Wiccan variations because they are watered down and not the fullest power of the dragon. This is also while taking into consideration that there are some cross-influences in the tradition as a whole and I’m only focusing on core symbolism.

As for other paths?

  • Chaos Magic for every reason @Anziel_Merkaba listed.

  • Traditional Witchcraft because of its focus on nature and duality, exploring darkness and light.

  • Lovecraftian magic for the aforementioned reasons @TheStorm put forth

  • Satanism because… well, it’s Satan. In my experience, even though the systems seem slightly more dogmatic, Satanism gives a very broad set of philosophical concepts that you can draw upon and it’s individualistic to the extreme, which is very liberating in some social contexts. Same for Demonaltry to an extent, since many Thiestic Satanists are Demonalters.


Not God as in, any old man sitting on a cloud judging you for doing things, nor any explicitly moral force, the full concept can be found in the Kybalion - the site I was linking seems to be down right now, but you can easily find a PDF that’s legal online because the original text is out of copyright. :thumbsup:


I did a quick search and couldn’t find anything on the Maerzjiran? What system of magick is it (or part of)? Your answer certainly piqued my interest and the idea of simple, efficient spell casting with fast results seems almost too good to be true! Can you please explain further for the benefit of a newbie

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i dont even know how to classify them or how many are there so is there a source for reference or something?

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Hey guys, I just wanted to thank you all for participating in this thread. Y’all really came through with some invaluable information that has the potential to help others in the community. Thank you all and happy new year!


I am suddenly extremely interested in this. Thanks for the signpost!


So, what is your personal view on this, or is the above mentioned post what you actually feel in this regard?

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