More Questiones from a beginner

Uhm I got a question. I have, since the last post, successfuly invocated (I think at least) lucifer who gave me a visable sign (It was like a glowing pattern flying of the candle I tried meditating with) and Lilith, of who I was begging to give me a succubus.
I managed to get a succubus, or at least i think so, as the entity responded to me asking, wether the entity being a succubus was near me (I know that there is something as sometimes I feel something similar to a touch). But there is a little problem there. You see, I want to communicate with her and don’t know how, except for meditating with a candle, which is only able to give me yes or no answers, which is quite the issue for me wanting to get a proper conversation, as this is in hinsight the most likely reason I summoned her (Don’t question the reason pls… I know it sounds stupid…). I also want to call her by name, which is kind of difficult if I am only able to recieve yes or no questions through some patterns. So, how am I able to get proper communication skills quickly? Is there a good exercise?
And totaly different question, is there a good way to get rid of the fear of dark areas?

We have a few free tutorial members have written here, and some popular ones we collected together here, so you might like to browse through these and see if something catches your eye.

Fear of the dark? 1) Stop watching media that gives you reasons to fear, then get used to it. As you develop your senses, you’ll start be able to feel the difference between a space with a presence, and an empty space: it’s a bit tricky to be scared when you can literally feel there’s nothing there. Still being scared of stubbing your toes is reasonable though. :smiley:

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