Money Square

Hi does anyone have a copy of the complete Abrahelim money square please and instructions on how to activate please. Im in dire straits with money now and need help.
Thanks in advance


There’s a search function for a reason. Use it.

Open it same way any sigil.

Also try evoking clauneck for cash.
King Paimon for a job.
Belial can probably hook you up with an interview as well.


Thanks, but there seems to be two different versions of it and some discussion about what are the correct letters, and the one i have seen is not complete

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In Evoking Eternity, and the Evocation course, EA provides the incomplete square. If you do a search on the forum, you will find the completed version. There is some debate as to whether the square uses a “G” or a “Q,” but it really doesn’t matter. Both versions of the square work.


Thanks, why does he give it as an incomplete square?

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The incomplete square is the most well known version. Another author, Aaron Leitch, completed the squares and released them after EE was already published. I assume EA would have used the completed square had it been available. Members of this forum have experimented with both versions and there are threads about it. I myself have used the completed square, with a “Q” rather than a “G”, with success.

So I have a book written by Jason Pike, and he gives all of the squares, but doesnt tell you which spirits are associated with each one. As I understand it there are Angels and very dark spirits, depending what square you use. He also says to draw this sigil on the back, but I dont know what it is.

I don’t know any books that tell you what spirits are associated with the squares. It doesn’t really matter because, traditionally, you are supposed to complete the Abremelin Operation, in which you connect with your Holy Guardian Angel and get the demons and angels to swear allegiance to you, before using them. Their original source just says what the squares can do.

Got any info on how to do all that per chance?

Yeah, it’s called Liber Samekh by Alistair Crowley. Traditionally the operation known as The Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel takes a year to complete, but various modern authors have gotten it down to to six months. It is also known as the Abremelin Operation. A modern version is available in the book 21st Century Mage by Jason Newcomb.

It is a very involved operation requiring morning and evening prayers, and meditation, days of silence and purification, and a retreat from the world. It is not a simple ritual.

EA describes his experience with the Abremelin Operation in his book ipsissimus.


Oriens is the master of this square


Is this correct?

I thought Clauneck could bring you money of you had some kind of way to get the money and not just like you find the money on the street

am sorry i dont have the link right now but search for “working with clauneck by morino ravenberg” check it out in youtube.
before you work with clauneck.

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