Money Spells with valuable information!

Let me sum up a little thing up for most people on here, looking for big money spells, yes they exist and yes they do work and no not ev1 is gonna give their big secret away so ev1 can take and run with it. But by adding up your energies and doing small amounts eventually add up to large sums of money. Gives you powerful devotion and emotion in casting for larger amounts later. As you see the success from your smaller workings come into blessing for you.

Can you cast multi money spells one day after another ? Answer is yes ! Just donโ€™t intend on a specific amount of money, just let the universe do its workings for you, the more you have going for you the more the blessings will come to you, so say if you have 4 to 6 different jar money spells working for you all at the same time its 6x the energy and your not interfering with it cause your not demanding or wanting or wishing for a certain amount, so money will just start flowing in many ways adding up to larger sums in the run long then that petty 10 grand you wanted.

Remember donโ€™t use magic with bad intentions as it wonโ€™t work or back backfire on you causing the opposite of what you wanted to do. Just be patient it will come when your thoughts are just on living and not worrying about money and letting go and letting the magic do its work. Negative thinking blocks your magical workings keep that in mind to reset them when they come around. ) Be positive and in tune with all your workings. So they find their way to you way and not just stuck in empty space scattered all over, never finding their way to you.

Spell one:
Money Sesame Seed Spell

1. Buy an unopened jar of sesame seeds (one that you havenโ€™t planned to use for cooking).
2. Write down on a blank piece of paper what you need money for (to pay bills, to buy a new fridge, etc.)
3. Wrap the paper around the unopened sesame seed jar.
4. Wrap a $1 bill around the paper and the jar.
5. Use a rubber band to hold the money and paper to the jar. Make sure that it is tight enough to where the money or paper cannot come off.
6. Open the jar and as you do so imagine energy being released and it causes the money to become magnetized by the seeds to draw more money towards it. (If there is any problems at this step, do not worry, the seeds have enough energy if you have not found the strength to focus energy yet.)
7. Put the open jar with the paper and money wrapped around it in a cool, dry place where it will not be disturbed (and avoid using it for cooking!)

Renew this spell every 3 months as needed.

Spell 2:
Bring Money into your Life

When you wake up in the morning, look into the palms of both your hands, and recite the mantra below 21 times, and after reciting the mantra 21 times, then you have to turn your hand on your face, then you will receive money in your life.

Spell 3:
Everyday working money spell to always have money

Read the mantra below a 108 times daily, read that spell at any one time every day, as soon as you start chatting this spell, you will start getting a lot of money. Can happen instantly ( for most depends on your situation ) If you keep chatting this spell all your life, then you will always keep getting money in the life, money will never stop coming.

Spell 4:
White Candle Money Spell

Take a white candle and take 51 small pieces of white paper, not lined paper and on each small piece of paper, write that spell below on that small paper and burn that paper in that candle, like this write that spell on that 51 paper and after that burn that 51 pieces of paper in that candle, as soon as you finish this casting, then the money will start coming to you and you will have lot of money in the life.

Prior posting of money spells

  1. Cash Spell
    Needing any type of coin, Examples - Penny, Nickle, Dime, Quarter, Half Dollar, Silver Dollar
    ( Must be real Money ).
    You must have a need for money. Spell is a everyday spell, and may cast several times a day.
    Place the coin in your hand and close your fist around it. While thinking of cash money falling down around you. Chant: Money shimmer, Money shine, Let it fall on me all the time, Donโ€™t look back just give me my money, Itโ€™s sweeter then sugar, syrup and honey.

    1. Chanting money spell with bowl and coins
      Once a day spell, to attract more money into your life.
      Take a Glass bowl, and get 5 Nickles, and every time you Chant: Trinka Five, toss a nickle into the bowl. Do this till all the Nickles are in the bowl and place the window for 24 hours then remove the bowl. Do what you wish with the Nickles. You will need a new set of 5 Nickles each time you cast the spell.

    2. Lucky Money Chant
      Chant: 9 times fast โ€“ Lucky Lucky Lucky day let me find some Money today. After the last (9th) chant say NOW ! Can cast this spell once daily.

    3. Simple Spell to gain more Money
      1 red pen, and a piece of white paper, blank or lined Paper.
      Simply write the symbol of money example ( $ ) Once or as many times as you like, for 15 days straight, and the spell will bring you luck of getting money when most needed for one year.

    4. Money Spell
      You will need Dollar Bills or Coins ( Higher the bills and coins ) the more you receive in return.
      Have the money in your Pocket ( Chant: Once or as many times as you feel fit ) Once a day spell.
      Chant : Double the Money, Double it Quick, Double the Money, Double it.
      Use new money every time you cast this spell.

Green Candle Money Spell:

What you will need is a green candle ( I would recommend ) smaller the better green tea light Candle for this.

This is a very simple spell that will bring you $500 dollars every time you use it. Catch is you can only do it once a month.

How to perform the spell, you must do this correctly !
You can do this spell any day of the week, on any moon phase, and at any time of the day.

The psychic and personal power that drives this spell is with your ability to rub you hands and make them as warm as possible so that they are tingling with the anticipation of the money that you will receive in the near future.
Light the green candle and rub your hands quickly together in the smoke of the flame, until they feel hot and tingly. THEN ( Ask the UNIVERSE for the sum of 500 dollars ). Let the candle burn out itself. Do not blow it out or put it out !
NOTE: This Spell does not work for any other amount of money but 500 dollars, and it works quite fast from (1 to 30 days)!
This money spell is designed for making the magical forces delivering luck into your financial path and it does not at all depend on your current financial status or debt. This spell is safe 100% and has no backfires !

Sugar Jar Money Spell

This simple little trick increases money flow, into your life in many ways, so be careful what you think about as ways you can receive more money, if you only think work, then that will happen, if you are open to many ways, or unlimited that will happen.

Need for this Ritual
1 dollar bill, any currency
Glass jar, smaller is easier for this such as a baby food jar
Cane Sugar

On the night of a full moon place the rolled up bill into the jar, cover the bill with sugar entirely, seal the jar, place in the window were the moon light will glow on the jar, and remove the jar on the night of the next new moon. Spell completed and you will see results all along the way and even after its removed and you may redo the ritual over and over again but with a new bill and jar and sugar each time to keep the flow coming in.


Has anyone tried this?

References, source of this information ???

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Iโ€™m in coven with over 50 others, we exchange spells, and test them, experience is the main thing here, they worked for me, and some posted worked for others that tested them. I only post what has results from me or good friends. Unknown to were most get the spells, the long chants. The basic ones I picked up from older women that had them written down to attract money and tried them and worked.


Sounds really interesting! Anyone got results?


Thanks again @Blond. I look forward to trying a few, that last few spells, I got more than just money


What does this mean, do I have to touch my face with my palm or the back of my hand

touch your face with palm of hands

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Thank you and thank you so much for sharing your knowledge :point_up_2: as well.

The 2nd and 4th spells are Turkish.
The 2nd one:
Either put on/in property or put in honey.
The 4th one:
Wall, rug, his beard, his beard. (Beard is a term for money in Turkish)

The 3rd one sounds like Arabic. Kalima-i Tawhid (Iโ€™m not sure if it is the proper English term) with more words added.