Money from the Internet

Traffic may be weak on sites, Leads are lost and no purchases are made. You can earn a lot of money a month ($10,000-100,000) at least kill, but I don’t have traffic in arbitration. I need your help, maybe someone will say who needs a word for me or tell a demon. You need a lot or at leads one site, traffic and sales (

Thank you in advance


If you’re trying to build a marketing business then i would probably recommend either Suhn’Tal’Ock or Lucifuge Rofocale. Both are great when it comes to finances. Suhn’Tal’Ock can constantly build and expand your business when he’s constantly called upon, and Lucifuge can ebude your work with vitality and increase it into a fortune if desired.


Thank you! I’ll try, I hope something comes out of it

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You can also try Bune as well. She’s another great asset when it comes to finances, and if you’re feeling real adventurous. Yiu could call upon Lord Mammon as he’s the Lord of Greed. Another would be Lord Belphegor but I haven’t seen a sigil for him though.

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Work and getting money, so to speak (grey business)

Which demon to decide on? Since the work is not legal)

What do you mean the work is not legal?

Yes, which demon will do the best in this case, or doesn’t it matter? Or of the ones you offered, will Mammon work? I mean, the work is not (white)

If you’re trying to attract traffic and get leads, then i would probably working Suhn’Tal’Ock to build up your traffic, but bear in mind that you have to do your part to as they cant help if you dont put your time and resources in as well.

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Mammon, and Morail are a excelent choice for illegal/Criminal workings.

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Today I said Enn Mammon, Lucifer, Clauneck and Bune many times. After that, he asked me to fulfill my wishes together, four, and said it was my birthday. And he fell asleep, woke up at night, with sleep paralysis, couldn’t move. And there was an increasing ringing in the ears, turning into a hum. What can that mean? Did they hear me?!

I was a little scared, but then I expressed it in my mind that they would still help me)