Money attracting Magick

Hey Guys,

in a few days I want to try some kind of money attracting magick. I’d like to do the magick, before I start to advertise for my business to improve the chances to get a project. But I’ve two problems:

  1. What kind of a ritual should I do? One “possibility” is the square from the Abremalin book, Chapter 28 Square 1 as far as I can remember from mind. Another Ritual is from the Anthology of Sorcery book, the ritual with the Money attracting oil. I already have everything for the ritual. Or should I do something else? The Square from the Abremalin book says in the description, that if I don’t spend the money, it is going to disappear again.

  2. But my second problem is, why I need the money. The last time I needed money for my car and got a loan for a fair rate. Currently I have about 10 grand in my bank account and nearly everything I need. I also have some savings for a dog (I really want to have and I’m currently waiting for.) And I start to save the 3k for the coaching with E.A. Koetting. The only thing I worry about is I have pay 100 grand loan back or have to take another loan. Is the bank going to give it to me? Who Knows?

But it does not feel like a true desire for me. So what can I do?

Do this

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Hey Guys, thank you for your help. Actually I didn’t do any rituals, but my plan was to do the ritual today. I skipped it, because I got ill. But… Out of nowhere today I received two payments of together 1.300€.

I’m kind of… shocked how well Magick works :wink: And now I got what Eric says about time… That the spirits are there before you even think about to call them.

If you are interested in Money Magick you should buy “The Magickal Cashbook” and “Wealth Magick” of Damon Brand. You can also do rituals that you can find in youtube. There are plenty of them.

For me money is not an purpose or goal but a tool to achieve my goals.


Hm… Is money a tool?
Well maybe. The problem is, that we are living in this modern world, where you have to work all the day to be able to pay for all the things you want to have. If you want to live in a nice house, you have to pay for it. If you want to this book and this course… you have to pay for it.

And to pay for something, you have to earn this money. And in the time you are earning the money, you can’t do what you really want to do. You are giving your time and your power to someone else.

I think, that there is nothing wrong with this, but one thing is to fight for jobs and another is to optimise the business opportunities with Magick.

One thing is to fight for the last coin, another is to clear your mind, because you know, that can pay for everything you want.