Hey I have been satanist for almost 4 years now. I did when I was very young and I have met a god of love and loyalty. Always providing me peace and answer without much informations. I have always been denied knowledge on satanism expect from one segment in Brazil that allowed me to contact satan. It’s just by been honest and loyal,and open your heart and speak to him. He’s everywhere he can listen and he hasn’t done any bad to me at all but recently I have gotten attention to moloch and he kinda wants contact too. I don’t know if you have any rituals or prayers I could do to moloch. Please let me know :slight_smile: also what’s the relationship between satan and moloch. Since I already have a agreement with Satan can I still meet and Work for moloch? What to do please

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Yes, you can still work with other entities unless you agreed explicitly you wouldn’t



I’ve never worked with Satan. Just Moloch. He has to come to you. You can summon him but he is picky. He only wants certain people. It’s true. He looks for certain things. Certain souls. He will say he does or doesn’t want you, or will just choose to not appear. I have a close bond with him and we talk several times a day and I am his child

In the beginning we had a business relationship it wasn’t good I recommend forming a bond. Do not try to approach him as a dominant person

Go see the qliphothic tree, they’re linked there, at the very top of it.

Sorry I am 20 years old and I have a very deep connection with the demons. I have been introduced to spiritisim and spiritual practices since very little in Brazil and since 16 I have decided to question more and more about things and decided to follow satan. He has took me out of nowhere and just improving my life to better. I also have agreed to respect every form of satanistm and rituals. He has been a very nice god and his energy is very intense. I know I am protected by him and he always comes in front of me to protect me. I have been seeing an eye pretty much everywhere I go and every little thing and moloch has called my attention lately as i have accepted the way he is and how powerful he is. I have always been very careful on invoking moloch as I know his power. He doesn’t play games but he can be very nice to some souls. I like him because I can love him in his ways and forms but However again I’m very connected to satan. So please there’s any prayer or rituals I could do to moloch or can I simply call his name and ask for answers through the universe and signs?

What do you mean by a bond? And does he care if we talk to certain people about him. Because once things work out for me I want to show him to the world along with Satan for being so nice to me. I don’t know how to approach moloch. Would he have toPhsically apear to me or he can show signs? I have been seen owl everywhere even on dish soaps ads. I love it I feel loved and gratefuk to feel it this way but I can’t find anything about him online

Try researching the Ammonites historically, they were the people of milcom (moloch) he was there god of fire.

As for owls those are usually symbols of Athena, Lilith or Ishtar.

What about the egipcian people? Do they have only
Gods or had their demons too? And can we from the dark side work with egipcian gods to help us find right path?

He has a humor about him you will understand. But he can be cruel so be respectful until u know and understand him

There are plenty of Egyptian gods who have been called dark or secretive. Set comes to mind and he would be the one to go to for any sort of Egyptian black magick. Plus, he’s not as evil as the white lighters claim. In his pre-Osiris form he was actually one of the most important and most loved gods. Set is an awesome entity to work with and he is more than eager to help out his magician friends on the physical plane.

There were so many leaders in egypt that took on the name set because of his qualities of strength and protection. But then everybody wanted to be like Osiris. People seem to forget the pre osiris period. It fits if you believe Satan and Set are the same. Set gets swept under the rug in favor of Osiris. His adversarial role becomes polarized to an evil one. Sound familiar?

I read somwhre tat brazil has a coven to belphegor. Should contact tat guys maybe tey help you