MK Ultra

This shit fucked me up :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ve known about what the public calls mk ultra for some time,but now that I’m so close to attaining what I’ve been working at for months I’m actually scared (I know I sound like a pussy).
I see all of these supposed mk ultra victims glitching and fame doesn’t seem so appetizing thanks to it anymore.
What do you think about this,what could it be?


Your post is too cryptic. Are you trying to become famous? Through magick? Are you afraid if you succeed the illuminati will make you an mk ultra victim? Please be more clear.


How can someone prevent that ?

1st thing-The illuminati no longer exists (it s just a cover up name) ‘something people created in the internet,the organization ‘named the illuminati’ no longer exists now’

2-no why would they do MK ultra on you ur "re only making a pact with a certain demon/entity (it only concerns you and that entity)
3-n one really know what is going on behind closed gates with the superstars… (its still all just some conspiracies there s no definite truth to any of it the only ones who really know whats going on are the ones in the industry)


MK Ultra is very real, and quite dangerous, especially when considering the more recent (and obvious) fruits of project Mockingbird that stemmed off of it.

Best thing to do is to avoid TV and radio like the plague, and be very, very selective about what you view online. Filter your water personally and if it is possible, eat as much food that you produce yourself.

You’re fucked on the air you breath, though.

But, if you can pull off all or most of that then there is really little way to fall prey to it. The problem you are left with and shall never be able to address is other peoples willing involvement in it.


??? Never heard of it.

Yeah,I’m in the process of creating my music,mixtapes almost done and I have several pacts regarding this

I see people like Kanye West get fucked up after speaking truth. Tupac,Kennedy murderd after trying to create change…
All the information is distorted in their favor

The only thing that truly scares me is the possibility that the demons I work with could be behind it. I refuse to believe it but hey,it’s all possible
What I’m hoping is that this is one of ywhw’s final attempts to control humanity. What I mean is that he obviously knows people are waking up to his shittery and is creating this sort of biblical prophecy fulfillment for people to all back into fear control and is using his human pawns to trick us. I have so much to say but it’s so hard to express


I hope that they use “satanism” and their symbolism as a means of pointing the finger at the demonic kings so the masses are forever in fear of working with them.
I see artists who have risen in the past few years like for example Lil Uzi (I don’t think many of you share my musical tastes) who gives me a heavy demonic impression say things like “don’t sing to a label”
All I hope is that my kings aren’t the ones behind this😔


You kick ass Ghostemayne!
Jk, but in all actuality I feel you can become powerful enough to resist the background stuff that a puppetmaster organization throws out there.

Same thing with hostile illuminati magicians, except youll also have to be on guard for human hitmen as well. But spiritual defense and physical defense have the option of going hand in hand.
Ex: if youre sharp enough to feel anothers vibes, or a companion warns you, you can get the jump on somebody trying to get the jump on you, nahmsayin?


Do you not trust the demons you pact with? C’mon man YHVH is not doing this. Neither are the demons. Humans are doing this and if any entities are pulling their strings it’s archons or reptilians. Some kind of non-physical parasite would do that. Real demons aren’t parasites, they’re revolutionaries, kinda like the real Jesus or Buddha.


Yeah,Ive been meaning to establish a sort of protection program for myself
What’s messing with me is that A LOT of modern artists who seem to be programmed act like they work with demons
What I’m trying to say is that I pick up little hints every now and then


Dude I want to trust them but what can I say,im human
Gonna talk to them about this
The reason I’m scared is because lots of these artists seem to work with demons, I don’t want to become someone’s toy…


I share your same hesitation, I wont be controlled by any damn thing. Demons arent the only types of spirit out there, only work with those you are comfortable with.

Not disparaging demons in any way, i just personally feel like theyre wildcards who require mastery and control of self to properly learn from

As for the other musicians…
some may, others might just be following a trend. Think about how many people say/do shit for edgefactor. If you do spooky shit, but dont believe in spooky shit, youre vulnerable to ‘astral wildlife’. But a good question to ask the demons would be their thoughts on the matter.

Open question: do actual demons ever possess in an open manner like is seen via celebrities/musicians?


Well they do work with entities, like Beyoncé becomes possessed by Sasha Fierce when she performs. The thing is, they’re connected with the wrong people. They break down because the people who introduce them to the mysteries are using them. You would be an initiate in your own right.


This might come off as rude but I’m not trying to be in any way; I want you to go look at some videos of mk ultra victims being controlled by they’re handlers and tell me that it doesn’t look like they’re fucking hypnotized


There’s so much shit man It just makes me more fucking curious
Like reptilian shapeshifters on cam
Stars talking to entities on cam
People being kidnapped and coming back as robots… I know I’m not answering anything but I just need to get this off my chest and I have no one to talk to about this but you guys😔


Ok feeling a bit naive here. But again, WHAT IS IT?

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What I think is that if they rose to fame with demonic help why don’t the demons protect them from this shit? Unless they’re responsible or they never worked with demons at all how the fuck is this happening??

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Torture based mind control