Missing cat: please help

I’m a new user and I’m only here for one reason: I have tried so many things to find my lost cat Meemus. Hours and miles looking on the street. talking to strangers. 400 flyers distributed. All the conventional methods are exhausted. It will be 4 weeks on Monday since she has disappeared while I was on a routine shopping trip. I have made appeals to Hermes, Bastet, and Sante Muerte. I have received signs, but they are unclear. I have done a thing and rituals without clear result.
My intuition is that she is alive out there living as a stray, or has been stolen or taken in by either a well meaning / indifferent / or malicious person. But my intuition feels clogged by my emotional response and paranoid thoughts. I have never tried goetia, nor do I have a personal relationship with any of its spirits. I have suffered greatly.
Should I attempt to be patient and do my best to detach from outcome? Do I relentlessly continue my search? Has she actually been stolen as I have feared?
Any and all insights are welcome, particularly if they come from communing with your spirits.
I am utterly tortured and feel so very small.
Please help


I have been known to find cats first thing is first take a breath make some chamomile tea and drink it take a bath/shower and relax

Leave food out by your door

Get a large map

Place it on the floor

Make x where you have looked

Do two rites to furfurs and gremory let them both know why you called they can help use their color candles to

Light a green candle

Use a pendallum that has been washed in warm water and salt for best results

Where ever it drops is where she is

I feel she is alive and close by some where you haven’t looked animals never stray too far from home

Once you find her please put a tracking device on her so you don’t have to go through this a simple tracker tag or gps coller helps trust me on this I got dogs that get out all the time I find them in a heart beat


Hi @SecretxSnake I hope you find her! I know the pain of a cat going missing, it’s a terrible thing.

You could also try this:

If you’re going to stick around, please do an intro post when you next can, doesn;t need to be complicated, just reply on here and tell us a bit about yourself in terms of what magick stuff you’ve done before, etc.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you both! :heart:


Archangel Ariel is great for animals as well, the “Lion of God” is her title, and really helped me earlier in the year, she gives alot of clarity.


Thanks for your response.
Since the original posting (which was made in a near psychotic state) I have been able to properly ground myself and discern what I need to. I have (repeatedly) done all that you have suggested, save for the rites to goetic spirits. She even has a tracker.
Using a pendulum, I have determined her general area, and that she has not been stolen. In fact, she is so sneaky that no one has seen her in weeks. Furthermore, I won’t find her if I go looking. Someone who has seen a flyer will recognize her when they see her, likely within a month.
I have to trust in the power of the work I have already done. Being patient is not my strong suit, especially when regarding the safety of loved ones.

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She is so beautiful. I got a good feeling that you will find her.

I love cats.


Her tracker can you located her from there and we’ll she is a cat they love to roam and explore she might be having alot of fun just chasing things hopefully she will be back before the month is up getting cold


Dont worry i think its normal
I was worried just like you a few months back, my cat went missing for one month too but he came back
Actually he was exploring hunting and mating
No matter how you treat your cat make it a home pet once it gets a sniff of the wild he crashes out for sometime to chill
Its just normal thats what they do
Meows wanna have fun too