Millionaire after contact withith claunek and lucifer

I haven’t been on in months because I’ve been working on my craft. I’m now a millionaire due to contact with clauneck and lucifer. I no longer have to window shop I have a 7bedroom house magic comes very easily to me and I enjoy every bit of what I do. Hail clauneck and lucifer I’m for ever greatful for being able to get anything I ask of. I’ve learned so much especially when it come to religion and I intend to continue what I do and learn more.


this is great! I hope to achieve this through magick as well!


What especially did you do for wealth?


Congratulations & more power to you! Please share with us what worked well for you :blush:


U willbits all about intention. I use there sigils and just have a mind of a child and ask for what i want like a child simply ask the parents for candy or whatever they want. You have to look at things from the mind of a child I don’t think to hard I write my intention then like lighting I gets whatever I want and I also see them as well and use my tarot to make sure I made contact with them it was a set of Numbers I wrote to clauneck and lucifer and that was really all she wrote niw I’m a millionaire.


And a good parent would not give in to their childs demand like that (if they don’t want to raise a self-entitled cabbage in the long run), so I am somewhat doubting this approach :thinking:


Look I’m not asking anyone to believe me outside of freezer spells I was giving readings using candle magic herbs I really moreso lean towards alchemy such as herbs moon magic of the sort but I do dabble in other things if I feel the need and I also have a mentor that’s another reason as to why I haven’t been on here it got to the point my mentor put me in a position to learn magic of many forms on my own. Also i saw a spirit named viargo or viarga she was a female you can look her up also. She was very beautiful but she’s also a beast she expressed that many ppl wouldn’t believe me but honestly I don’t care. If you look up anime characters you can also learn about viargo there as well I saw her as a female. When I saw her as a female she said you are powerful and imbrace it and stop being afraid. The first demon I used was bune/bime and after months of researching I then dabbled with clauneck and lucifer. Lucifer spoke to me telling me to watch a nextflix series called lucifer and that’s when I started imbracing all sorts of occult and religion topics.


So…just curious…how did the money come to you?


And was it the whole million you made in such a short time or were you most of the way there before you started and then got lucky selling a spare house or business or something?


Is being a millionaire something that your interested in gaining. It was literally me reading tarot using sigils if the above mentioned and that’s when it happened. I figured I express my gratitude to the demons that made it possible for me not to want for anything. I can go on and on about other things a few demons have done for me but what do I have to prove such as gratitude as I said I would


She means, She didn’t want to be a millionaire and it just happened . Her English is not perfect as we can see.
Personally I can’t tell and judje anyone because we ll never know. It seems difficult to Happen but its not impossible.
So I would suggest to keep the typical kindness among us . She stated something that only she knows the truth…
And maybe Lucifer :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Certainly not.

Anyway, I stop paying attention a little bit after the anime bit, so :man_shrugging:

In any event, OP hasn’t told us yet how did they got the money.


It basically started with me 4eading tarot I quiet once I buried my child awhile back and ancested master came to me in psychical form a few months after I buried my child and said go back to tarot I was grieving depressed and honestly I wasn’t thinking about tarot but as I progressed in my grieving process I started seeing spiritual entities of all sorts I believed I was losing my mind. Anyway started back with the tarot and spirit said use this to pick numbers again I thought I was crazy. Spirit also said the black cat will be your friend
and black cats are lucky my childrens father said black cats where unlucky but when I started to see black cats I was winning money in games of chance when I didn’t see black cats I wouldn’t win anything went to clauneck and lucifer with there sigils had my numbers small ritual nothing to major and that was all she wrote.


personally, I believe OP, why wouldnt such a miracle happen with magick, but then again, I might be wrong


First of all, I am sorry to hear of your loss :pray:
That must be a terrible thing to go through and no wonder odd things started to happen.

Ok so the money came from big money wins in games of chance. If you had said that to start with maybe you would have received slightly better replies


My child was 1month old when she had heart failure in her sleep I guess nin believers expect me to be irritated with the comments I’m not at all cause Im now 4 months pregnant with twins so irrelevant comments don’t bother me.


Agree and thankyou especially for the condolences.

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I’m sorry to hear this… and i believe in your story.
From my side congratulations after all! And dont forget to give offerings and appreciation to the spirits that help you.
I hope in a better future and only happy moments to you and your family.

Happy holidays to all of you and again hail clauneck, lucifer, and bune/bime​:heart::hugs::pray::v:


How did you get the money? Inheritance, work or luck? Magick needs a path and what path did come through?