Middle aged-guy making love to 19 year old HAIL KING ASMODEUS

Magick is a tool, I’d be a fool not to use it when I can. It’s like being rich and not using your money


Money can’t buy smarts or wisdom sadly. I will openly admit to be guilty of both with magick.

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The artist who designed Marvel’s Green Goblin tuned into King Asmodeus in my opinion as did the person who designed Asmodeus, supporting the holy water stoup in the
Church of Saint Mary Magdalene Rennes-le-Château, Languedoc, France. I had never seen that statue until recently.

On a Saturday night in the street downtown outside a nightclub she was standing there and some guy was talking to her but she smiled and started talking to me instead. . I think i was on the way to a strip club at the time by myself.

Looks etc are irrelevant otherwise ugly guys wouldn’t be able to attract women…but a lot of them do. Put it this way, look at my evidence, usually i get rejected i.e i didn’t have a harem of hot women beforehand so i put this down to King Asmodeus and His help for setting this up.


Don’t envy, if you want a goal, take action go for it. In this case King Asmodeus may help you to get you what you want/need.


By the way this took MONTHS before it happened (during lockdown…no bars/clubs open etc) as i was checking in with him day after day (or so) , week after week , month after month. If you want quick results this shit isn’t for you…maybe.

Remember the guy in Karate Kid movie had to paint the entire massive garden-fence first


I’m happy for you. I’m not going to say it wasn’t demonic intervention that helped you out here. If it works, use it. But also keep in mind that in the United States (if you’re an American) there are 169,385,485 women as of of 2021. 0.001% of women will fuck you, without a doubt. So that’s 169k women, keep that in mind in the future.

That makes about 8,7 women per city. Now go find those 8 in a city like New York. :crazy_face:


19 year olds who wanna get with a middle aged guy though? You forgot to narrow down the stats in terms of age groups, besides I don’t do cynicism as this is a thread and a website about magical development.


Moralising is against the rules in this forum. 5 posts deleted. Please do not derail this thread with off topic posts about whether you think it’s moral or not.

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Nice! Have fun!

I don’t believe in Magick. But I do think it is cool. The whole esoteric and hand written old manuscript et c. I sort of wish that it was real.

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I don’t do a lot of talking in my posts. Met a girl on a dating site and we went out. I reckon the King was involved.

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By the way beforehand I found this thread to be totally inspiring
How I lost My virginity in a threesome, Thank you Asmodeus! - Love, Sex Magick & Relationships - Become A Living God

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