I would just like to know some info about the Angel Meton

Any info would be much appreciated

Did you try the search? What do you need that’s not here so far?

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Sorry to bother… I am basically trying to find the darker side of Angels as I am seeking balance. I have seen Meton mentioned but it didn’t go into much detail…

Thanks bro.

Sorry bro, just found it. Only new just getting used to navigating.

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Meton is not an angel. He’s a Spirt who “knows the pure tongue of the angels and the secrets of angelic communion.”

You will find him in the grimoire Kingdoms of Flame by EA Koetting. In this grimoire, there are three types of beings, angels, demons, and one EA simply calls Spirits because they don’t fit any other classification

Meton is one of the “Three Wise Men.” The other two are Fastos, who knows the secrets of demons, and Atron, who knows the secrets of the dead.


Thankyou. Much appreciated

Any recommendations on the darker side of Angel work?

Well, first, you would have to define what you mean by “darker side” Angels are extremely powerful warriors capable of manhandling almost anything so I’m not exactly sure what it is you’re looking for.

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I have started doing basic rituals on a regular basis and like the Angel thing but I find it to unbalanced sometimes. It’s all good and life isn’t all good, it’s both. Angels are powerful beings I understand but can they kick some ass if needed?

Yes. As I said, they can manhandle almost anything. Remember, when God wanted to destroy a city, he sent angels, not demons. They can be called upon to curse, and to bring death if the need arises. Check out the book Angels of Wrath by Gordon Winterfield for other baneful applications.


Thankyou for your knowledge and patience. That is what I was looking for.
I will look at that book, Thanks

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Amazing… You directed me in the right direction. These are the Angels I was searching for. Your absolutely right, they are powerful as…

If you ever travel to Australia I will take you to the footy and buy you a meat pie…:call_me_hand: