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I think I may have a real gift of Tarot, I’ve only give three readings with my deck, with really accurate results so far



When giving out advice for natural remedies including stress especially during this time of confusion and indecision, I have noticed that a lot of people say that I have a higher power in me or that’s my power must come from above. Some have even told me they love my energy, just being around me, or when I’m passionate about a subject, or something new.

I shake my head and explain to them that sadly my path or roots to my source are a little deeper or a little darker than most people want to hear.

I informed them that I work with both above and below oh, that’s most entities work hand-in-hand with each other and they are shocked that’s great advice would come from both sides.

Rarely I’m asked about King paimon’s sigil that I wear on a chain most people just think it’s decoration but every once in a while they stop me to find out and asked about it, and I informed them that he is part of the goetic. Trying to give the best parts, before the parts that make them quicken their steps into the building.

Also I was to apologize to @Dralukmun, I got a little excited with his new project, and kind of hijacked it.

I’m sorry.

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No worries at all, we were bouncing ideas in my eyes, nothing more. It was still in the raw idea stage

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Did it matter what direction the vortex in the middle part spins, I can flip the image

Not really, it is more important that whoever activates the sigil starts from the outside of the vortex and works their way inside, creating the sense of things being drawn into it.

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11/06/20 - 8:00 am - 8:30 am

Confirmed… Belial does infact have giving me options.

I been given a reading lastnight by @Keteriya, very beautiful deck, great read!

I too have been giving readings as well, 3 11/4/20, 3 yesterday. And more today.I @TheUmbra gave me an awesome idea about entity related reads. I look up to these great members, and hope to continue to learn from them. Thank you!

I am starting a mentorship program with Kendall, and should be contacting me soon.


I have 10+ more ideas for cards readings, whether that be adding astrology meanings, or historical. My current goal is time. I want to see if cards and give accurate times and dates. So just pm me any time if you want to get in on some of my ideas!

But please focus on your current goal.

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Thanks, I will, and I can’t wait to see them, but sadly this may be the last of my readings I will be doing for a while, my mentoring with Kendall is for a year, he’ll be hard but fair teacher

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Addendum 11/06/20 from 11:00 am - was able to give 2 readings, and they felt really good, as of this hour, I will be focusing on Mepsitahl.

I just gave a reading to a deputy at the courthouse, and she too felt it resonates with her.

Additional: I was allowed a moment to just. Zone, while repeating Mepsitahl and opening her sigil, asking her to come help me with my senses, and stay with me for a while. My head begain to hurt as though something was working to clear blockages, or open things up.

I thought perhaps a parasite was to blame, so I called out to @Keteriya 's Luna, to protect and banish, and the pain immediately lifted, but has returned, but not as intense as when I first called to her.


8:30 pm till 10:00 pm spent some time with my Tarot deck, like in E.A. ritual. The called upon Belial, as I promised I would focus, or evoke everyday, told him I know he’s trying to speak to me.

I said I will continue to do everything in my limited power to open my senses.

I then called again upon Mepdiahl.

Good night BALG family.

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Stop trying and expecting and just do. It’ll come faster. Goodnight :stuck_out_tongue:

Chances are that it was effect from the spirit you summoned. Luna only removed the energy you had at the time, not anything/effects after.

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Good Morning: 11/07/20
Had a strange dream of having some sort of demonic servent, and his name was a pun of Will and Serve.

Called apon Luna this morning, she’s cute, and helpful, and once again my ears poped.


I been calling both Belial, and Mepsitahl, odd combination, I think so, but it’s nice.


so late lastnight, after calling Belial, I meditated for a moment. And stepped outside to have a cigarette, and offered to share it with, Belial, I felt floaty, and strange, “I’m being possessed” I said both excited, and strange, and I didn’t want to fight it. Belial trys to speak with me. I have heard him once, some time ago.
I respect him, and has greatness in store for me.

Hail Belial!
Hail King Belial!
Hail Belial!

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Today has been filled with mundane tasks. More of self care than anything. Getting prints from the printshop, and putting together an aging kittycondo. When it hit…

Thomas Dolby’s Hyperactive plays. This has been a rare song in my collection, it comes up as an unknow song, I can’t search for it on my phone. I even formated my SD card, it comes back. usually the song plays for a minute garbles, then moves the the next track. If I try to play go back to it, nothing, just another random song starts to play. I had this issue for 3 years now. Before when I had the song, it ment a new love was going to enter my life, now I don’t know what it means.

This song is significant now because it signals a change. May be small, maybe large.

Thank you for reading

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On 11/10/20
I made an offering to Mepsitahl, she wanted chocolate, I bought a really high quality chocolate.

So anyways, people like @darkestknight said with the items and intent. So I was going to just leave the chocolate out for her, but then got the expression of “eat it”
So I did… Mepsitahl, I love you, I am not fan of chocolate, but you made it taste like aspirin.

Well I told my co-worker about it, and she was very curious about it and wanted to try the chocolate.

So today 11/12/20, I picked her up from her apartment. We sat in my car, and called out to Mepditahl, and told my coworker, to say that it was okay for Mepsitahl to take the taste of the chocolate as an offering.
She took a bite.
Ewww… it taste like Medicine.
I told her congratulations you just had your first confirmed spiritual experience.


I embark on a new path today:
i have made my way from worm to man, but within me much still remains worm, or hybrid of plant and ghost. I now prepare to bridge the gap over the adyss.
-this is a rewording from E.A’s grimoire of Belial nine demonic gatekeepers, 1.

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I will be taking my co-worker out to a place called Cocktails & Screams here in florida. The bar has a hidden Witchy bar called “the craft”.

So, last time I went alone to scope it out. Atmosphere was dark, the live band played horror and spooky/ whimsical covers to movie and tv themes.

Sadly, I never got into “the Craft” closed for clean up, I hope the two of us have better luck tonight.
I even made my own mark for the event.


Also, any BALG members in the Orlando area, want to meet up and you see this handsome devil
First round on me, pass phrase: Baliel sent me…

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Greetings from Cocktails & Scream


The Thrills, and the spills
Drinks… good, but pricey
The entertainment… loud, but did covers to spooky classic

It’s a small themed bar, seeing my mask/pendant gave them some pause.

There was a card reader. $15 choice of tarot, or love reading, $30 gave you both. It was fun, but I had more accurate readings from beginners from the forum.

The craft (hidden witchy bar inside) smaller, area. The bar tender, expert mixologist, shot of Absenth $8, craft drink 9, and large craft drink (something for me to drink over several days) $18, one drink minimum for entering the witchy bar. Sorry, no photos allowed to be taken inside.