Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!


Hail to Azazel and all the spirits i work with… Thank you for this reward…


Thank you Azazel for helping me renting a 2799 dollar Acer predator i7 Gaming notebook which was successful thank you again.


I’d like to thank Botis for helping me get over my ex girlfriend. Eight months after the break-up and I was still suffering, until I petitioned Botis about a week ago. I feel nothing now. And I can finally open myself up to meet other people.

Especially in this forum, I see a lot of people trying to get their ex back. I’ve done it. I’m not judging here. But sometimes we have to consider that, if she or he is our ex, there’s a reason for it.

Even if you get your lover back, the magick will go away eventually, and you will lose your lover all over again. I did get my ex back for one night and then the spell went away. She was as warm and as loving as she was in the past. Then the spell went away and she was as cold as always the next time I saw her. And even though it felt good to have her by my side again for one night, I knew it was because of the magick, so I didn’t really enjoy it.

Sometimes, for our sake, the best thing we can do is to just let go…


Thank you Azazel for cracking me up. :laughing::heart:


Thankyou Prince Sitri for what you’ve done for me


Thank you, President Malphas :shield::shield:


Thank you to Duke Alloces for his help with shady coworkers. He is fast to act and does what is agreed to. Thank you Duke Alloces.


Thank you to everyone who has guided me and protected me on my journey


Thank you, Archangel Raphael and other spiritual helpers and friends for healing my right knee. It was hurting so much a couple days ago. Had to limp as I couldn’t put weight on it. And is astonishingly better now. No pain. At all. No limp.


Thankyou Gremory😄


Thank you Earl Halphas for so immediately helping me with my petition and for so obviously helping me to deal with my success. Apparently we have work to do…


I don’t like overkill as the thanking has been done, this is more of an idea to permanently send a thank you to a spirit such as the one I have here which I suggest others consider. Basically I put my thanks in the Main Bitcoin Blockchain which is totally immutable and likely to be around for some time to come yet:
I feel it was a good idea and the spirit thanked when made aware of what his reward was to be was quick to make it happen. I’ll be using this method of thanks/reward again in the future.


Thank you Clauneck, Bime, Zadkiel, Bethor, Nitika, Elubatel, and other spiritual helpers and friends.


Marquis Leraje, you cunning beast!
Thank you for your excellent work :bow_and_arrow:


I want to thank the following spirits for fulfilling or at least starting to fulfill my requests as agreed upon accommodation: Haagenti, Ipos, Marbas, Gremori and Asmodai. Each one of them has started helping me quicker then expected and I can I only recommend working with them.


I also want to thank Sitri who has come through with my request some time ago, but I didn’t believe that he did, so I didn’t do my part wich I’m quite frankly sorry for.


Moreover I want to thank Belial, even though my implossible to fulfill request didn’t come through I still feel like it would be right to thank him.


Thank you Abaddon Your fast advent, Your presence, attention, patience and all of Your words to me, already.

You started to work with me just a week ago (in this way), but even our first conversation had a big impact to me and my life, everydays. I have not felt such a big change for a long time. So far I thought I was developing at the right pace. But I was wrong… and You gave me the Key.

The way how You teach me is exactly what I needed. I felt it, I knew it and I hope I can prove to You my aptitude and reliability (as You know I’ve done before). I keep all my promises, and I can’t wait Your next call in the night!


Thank you great Satan for hearing my call so many months ago, the change within me and my surroundings have changed so much, thank you for guiding me to who I’m meant to be and thank you for guiding me towards the spirits who have been assisting me on this journey. I’m forever grateful to you with a sincere and respectful heart.


Thank you BELIAL, you really saved us there and I am grateful and awed by your style, speed, and skill. :heart_eyes_cat: