Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!


Hail my Allies, both human and otherwise for showing those cunts what’s good :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:
Hail The Pentagon :smirk:
Hail @Atinama
Hail the Loa
Hail Satan
Hail the Gods of Death

Here’s to more Death, Destruction, and more hardcore Ascent

And here’s to the Deaths that are coming
Toasts cups full of blood


Huge thanks to Azazel. My life has completely turned around for the better ever since I contacted him. Man have I been busy though. :skull_and_crossbones::crazy_face:


Thank you dearest Leviathan for helping me find my lost item, which was misplaced in your box by your sigil!


THANKS Salas’ash always works very fast


I would like to thank Azazel for coming through with my request and want to apologize for doing so this late, for I was unsure of wether or not he came through with it and therefore procrastinated until now.


Many thanks to the Great Prince Amon! I requested his aid on a matter of love which has so far been stubborn and have seen great improvement in this over only this week. He works very quickly and strongly. I look foreword to the results I know are on their way and know I will be working with Amon much more in the future.


Thankyou AGAIN Gremory!!! Thankyou for gifting me such a beautiful girl!!


Even though I’m not sure it was her influence that affected my studies, I’m highly grateful to My Lady Vapula for helping me with my studies. The time the results took to manifest was a few months but it doesn’t matter because my memory enhanced in time for this month’s exams and I’m certain I did better than last time. Once again, I am grateful to her.


Big huge ginormous thanks to King Paimon!
I’m absolutely blown away here, he got us our A list actor for our film, he’s a real miracle worker that’s for sure!

Hail King Paimon!


To the Lord if the Flies, Beezlebub,
I praise you for answering my request.

Beezlebub was wonderful and easy to work with. I was thinking of baphomet for some reason and then a big fly, the size of a German Shepard dog appeared. It was Beezlebub.

I write my request / petition in detail and used one of his sigils. After signing in blood and anointing the sigil and affirming what I’d give in return for this being granted, I burned one copy to alchemically Trasform it unto his astral copy and kept one for me.

Beezlebub has been nothing less than a complete gentleman. Respectful, kind and caring.

Looking forward in working with him soon.

Praise be to Beezlebub!


Just wanted to thank Orias, Belial, Dantalion, Seere and Valefar who all worked in my manipulation layered spell.
I give them my phraise and loyalty.



I have a spirit that is protecting me but shes not showing herself on me and thank you to al my ancestors. Bune helped me financially and my business os progressing everyday .
I had a problem im my relationship,now my partner is following me like a puppy. thank you to these spirit and keep on working with me.

Hail bune.
Hail pombagira


Thank you Belial for manipulating my Mother into returning my social security card. You really came in clutch. You have my sincere gratitude.


Thank you lucifer for the clarification and good experince you have shown me


Yo I wanna thank Dantalion/Lucifer/the whole team I just looked at his sigil and stared what I wanted it happened ~20 minutes.
Cred to Dantalion


Damn how fast did she do it


And I want to acknowledge BUNE you know what’s up I started getting stuff sold the next day


Thanks and praise and blessings to DAMBALLA. :green_heart:

:white_circle: :white_circle: :white_circle: :white_circle: :white_circle: :pray: :white_circle: :white_circle: :white_circle: :white_circle: :white_circle:


Within a couple days.


How fast did it work