Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!


Thank you, Marquis Leraje.
For just everything.
I know I can be quite a handful; especially the last couple of days weren’t exactly pleasant. Thank you for keeping my head together in one piece.
Wherever this way may lead, your kindness and “tough love” won’t be forgotten.


I would like to thank Abaddon for helping me to clear my wifi which went on the fritzs tonight, now i can access google again and for aiding me in creating an army of Demonic Desktop PC, and Demonic Laptops, but not to target any of my Balg Brothers and sisters of become a living god. thank you Abaddon, :metal:


Hail be to Lady Freyja my matron goddess and the one who has been guiding me to finding the one I love


Duke Dantalion; I didn’t get what I asked for as of the moment but I have learned that the mental is a whole new battlefield and how to fight negative thoughts and ideas you don’t like. Great for helping your inner Mentality.

King Belial: Black Alchemy. I have worn black almost every and have been go even harder in the gym and eating healthy. My great thanks King and once my request is fully fuffiled I’ll keep my end :metal::crazy_face: Hail!!

Also for anyone reading this: When you choose to work with a spirit you need to grow with them and not just keep asking every spirit for the exact same thing. It doesn’t show signs of trust with the spirit, and thereby; manifestions can get complicated. Not saying don’t grow with a lot of spirits for one particular thing. Just know that if it’s to grow with the spiris it will work, but if it’s cause you don’t Have faith in one, it’ll not change.

Grow don’t Ho


Thank you Satan for guiding me and showing me that you really do hear me.


I am here, giving recognition and glory to Furfur, who has given me great feedback. My enemy’s vehicle is totaled. You are thee only Goetic experience I’ve ever knowingly had, and you have given me new feelings, you have shaken the earth beneath my feet, and have come to adherence on the path of intent that I’ve laid before us.

Glory bee to Furfur!


Thank you king paimon.

You protected me from a nasty spirit. You taught me to protect myself. You taught me that i should not simply strive for knowledge, but i should strive for independence! You taught me that i dont need guides and gods to do it for me, im powerful myself! You taught me that its ok to fear, its whether or not you stand back up and face that fear.

Thank you king paimon. Your loving follower, kade


Thank you to Glasya-Labolas. Each time I look in the news I see the results you bring!


Hail be to Vanadis Freyja again through the use of her first rune Fehu I have been given an opportunity to have a job at a pharmacists


Thank you Beleth! I won’t go into details as it’s of a very personal nature, but wow did you come through!! What you did is nothing short of amazing and I hope you know how much I appreciate you!!! Forever and ever grateful to you!


Thank you King Belial! you answered my petition super fast and I honestly adore and respect you so much. It took me while to pluck up the courage to work with you and be experienced enough,but I am so glad I did.


Thank you, most excellent Demon, Garadiel. I asked you to move ‘those people etc.’ out of my life, and you did! I am very grateful!


I’d like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to the great President Marbas :raised_hands:t3: I had to have 3 biopsies which my surgeon was quite certain would require further surgery treatment. Marbas was with me during the biopsy procedure and we’ve communicated since. My doctor just rang me and much to his surprise, the biopsies were normal, just inflammation. No problem. Thank you President Marbas!! You come through for me every time :heart:


Thank you Duke Dantalion! This certain girl wouldn’t reply to any of the texts I was sending her for like 2 weeks… I asked Dantalion to make her answer me and she did! And with a “shocking” truth included! Thank you again mighty Duke!


I’d like to publicly thank Lucifer, Beelzebub and Camalon. Impressive results.


Thank you Mighty Ares, working with you it’s a pleasure


Thank you Andromalius for what you did for me. It felt really good having you on my side. And I also appreciated you wanting to help point me in the right direction. :heart: I did notice that :slight_smile:


Andromalius is amazing.,I agree


I wanted to post again to thank my astral lover who has been there with me even when i thought she was some random poltergheist. She is amazingly patient and supportive. She guides me, protects me, gives me lots of mcluvin, but my favorite is just how she lays with me at night because cuddles are awesome. She has a warm/cold aura like icy hot. She also helps me during meditation at night, she helps me with my energy work.

I love her so much and am very thankful for her, i wont share her name, but thank you!


I just wanted to thank Duchess Bune again. We havent worked together for about 8 months but I have been feeling het presence around again lately and I know she’s by my side helping me with my financial issues. She is really the coolest and I love her.