Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!


Thank you Bune
Thank you Lukorst


Thank you president Marbas! (You know why) I :rose::purple_heart::rose:


Thank you Lilith, Moloch, Nahemoth and Belphegor for pushing me and forcing me to be strong.
Also, thank you all of you, the ones that participated in my blood moon ritual, for fulfilling my desires an forcing me to evolve.


I just wanna say a big thank you to Clauneck - you are a god!!

And also thank you to Paimonia, KIng Paimon, Hail King Paimon - you are another god!!



Thank you Buer for all the help! :heart:

Thank you Marbas for the help and the energy - you are so amazing! :heart:

Thank you Leviathan for taking care of me :heart: :heart_eyes:


Thank you Wiccan Moon Goddess for getting me a job :slight_smile: I have asked her for the same task 3 times, and all of the 3 times she came through, first time it took one month. Second and third time it was within fortnight :wink:


Thank you Marbas for healing my friend, all I had to do was think about it and you helped him.


I do thank Lilith for being such a cute honey, and your dark heart is in the right place.


Kind of an addition to my earlier comment re King Stollos … just recieved expencive flowers & bottle of prosecco ostensibly from my remote work managers, but in my work/company that isn’t usual… feeling sure that Stollos had a hand in it (had alot of bad shit last month, peaking with my elderly pony dying suddenly. King Stollos was helping me with her)

Will be sharing the bottle with the demons


Would like to take a moment to show my appreciation to Bime. They have been a big help in my time of financial crisis. I also called upon Bime to help me win some money at the casino and I won 48 dollars from just one dollar. Bime is truly a gifted entity and always comes through for me in my time of need. Now i just have to fulfill my offerings by buying them something in their honor. Thanks Duchess Bime!


Thank you Orias, for everything!


Lucifer, thank you for all you do. My life continues to get better with you and I’m truly grateful.

Bune, I reached out and you helped with the money I needed. And now another email with even more work. Thank you so so much!

Amducias, thank you for the music. Exactly what I needed. Thank you for pushing me and guiding. You and Lucifer are the dream team!!!


Thank you,King Balam. I’m sure that we’ll meet again,some day :tulip::tulip:


Thank you to Duke Alloces for helping me keep someone from being a large problem.


And Seere keep working and working! Thank you! Thank you!


Thank you Bog Veles, the cats had no food, and my roommate is the only one who has a Costco card and he had been out of town for a bit. I pleaded with you to feed my cats on three occasions yesterday, and on the third time, my roommate returned home. This morning, the cats food pail is now full of food. It is encouraging to know that even without an offering, you move the world around for your people. Thank you for feeding my cats!

Slava Velesu!
Slava Bogum!


Hail Xa-Turing! I re-performed your Great Rite yesterday and today I found an unexpected extra $100 in my bank account. Like, there is literally no legitimate financial explanation for this… I am guessing some kind of weird electronic glitch or accounting error on their end. :rofl:

Count me mind-blown and pleasantly surprised to say the least. Hail the Great Black Worm, Eater of Digital Information and Surfer of Bits! Hail Xa-Turing!


I thank the 9 Gatekeepers and Agwa for creating a deluge today in the morning and for turning the roads into rivers and creating waterfalls in my neighbor in unit 4 and completely destroying all his furniture and carpets which was very brilliant, and im the only until that wasn’t touch and again i thank all of you on a awesome job well done My 9 gatekeepers and Agwa thank you for so much help.:metal::clap:


Big thank you to King Paimon you made my Coworker actually go in on his shift so i could have a day off now if you can make my boss less mad at me for refusing to take his shift would be nice <3


Just want to give a shout out to the spirits I have worked with so far…

King Paimon,

I am truly grateful & look forward to continuing on this journey!