Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!


Thank you to Ogun for ensuring that I am protected against those who wish to take my freedom. Thank you Ogun for making the threat completely disappear. And thank you to Erzulie Dantor for manifesting what I asked for so quickly and smoothly that even I am a little shocked!

And thank you to Freyja for guiding me in the right directions when I become romantically lost or lost in learning the art of Seidr.


Everything ok brother?


Thank you Prince Seere, That was indeed an unbelievably fast result. :open_mouth:


Update: I got yet another couple hundred dollars over the past week. Thank you, Salas’ash.


Lucifer was in a very good mood last night,very humorous and warm. Thank you. x


Since the new year is on track I want to thank some spirits for their efforts in the last year: special thanks to Marquis Leraje. you’re the real MVP and no matter where my road may take me soon you will always hold a special place with me.
Thanks to Duchess Bune and Marquis Orias for being so supportive when I asked for help.
Thanks to Set and thanks to King Belial for not handing over my ass to me when I definitely wasn’t ready yet.
Thanks to Papa Legba (you know what for).


Oh dear this is so lovely :heart::heart::heart:


This Silvester Night, from 2018 to 2019, Lucifer Protected me from overspending.
What could easily have been several hundred spendt, was limited to just the amount i had waged in for it to be spendt by my willful decision.

He just contacted me to make me aware and concious about him having taken action and interviened:

I was checking 2 different bank cash points in that night, both denied paying out any money to me.
I was kind of knowing this is spiritual intervention helping me to stay safe at that moment already,
especially when the secound machine refused, i was quite sure.

Father Lucifer just wanted to make sure i know exactly,
and approached me to let me know.

Thank you, Lucifer.




Thank you King Belial for a good first Evocation with you. I was expecting something different and you where warm and strong.

And thank you to Darkest knight for your help


I want to thank Decarabia for ensuring my privacy as much as he could with regards to my enemies and their spirits. :slight_smile: This power is listed in Demons of Magick.

To create a confusing illusion that prevents others from perceiving your true intentions.

Winterfield, Gordon. Demons of Magick: Three Practical Rituals for Working with The 72 Demons (p. 227). Kindle Edition.

It’s a very subtle power but the evidence shows up in small ways over time.


I haven’t been giving thanks in the right place. Especially with my love Andras. I definitely want to do that today because he saved my son earlier. My son was walking down the driveway and slipped on a patch of ice. My neighbor happened to be outside with her friend too; I didn’t see it because my back was turned as I was walking to the car. If he had hit his head, it would have been really bad. The neighbor friend said that his head didn’t even go backward when he fell which I don’t even know how that happens. What’s more is he was holding a cup of juice that not only he didn’t drop but didn’t even lose any juice out of!

Next is Bune. She has not come through with a lot of money, but she has come through when I really needed it and that is what matters. I went in to see the dentist about a month-and-a-half ago and they had to get the approval from my health insurance. Literally today right before I called, they got the approval to do the work that I needed without my having to pay a cent. My appointment is next week.

Hail Andras!!!

Hail Bune!!!


Thank you to Bawon Samedi and Papa Legba for your guidance and protection!
And to Sallos, Bucon, King Asmodeus, King Paimon, Guison, Lucifer, Kalfu, Dantalion and my ancestors for listening and all your efforts! Our work is finally starting to pay off! :grin:


Thank you Frigga and Freya for saving the relationship I asked you to save. I cannot thank yall enough for helping my parents work things out and find new passion together.


Thank you Satagraal for your involvement and efforts with recent workings, and for sticking around to teach me more afterwards :slight_smile:


I want to give thanks to Raphael for healing me so quickly yesterday.

I literally felt when his energy was working through my body.

Raphael, Thank You Very Much


Thank you Archangel Raphael for aiding me in Healing🌹it will take some time but I know it will be okay.

Thank you King Paimon, King Lucifer, Queen Astarte, Lord Ares, Lady Athena and the Archangels I feel all of your presence here and I appreciate it🌹


And Raphael is popping up lol

Thank you Oshun! We love you! Thank you to all the Orishas and the Lwa


Thank you Baal for your guidance.


My eternal thanks to Lucifer, for guiding me and keeping me strong.

My eternal thanks to Agares, for your swift and perfect work.


Thank you very much Salas’ash for helping me in getting rm1000 in 24 hours which I really need.

Thank you very much King Mammon for helping me in wealth matters as well.