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I recently evoked King Belial to help assist me in removing some blocks in my life. I had never worked with him before and I wasn’t sure what to really expect. When I felt his presence it was overwhelming and powerful. It was by far the strongest I have felt so far on my journey on the LHP. He was so kind and easy to work with and fulfilled his end of the bargain in spades. I feel very blessed to have worked with him and I will continue to do so from now on. Anyone with any apprehension about working with King Belial need not be afraid or intimidated. He is very helpful and patient. I do suggest making an offering to him and showing him great respect because that is what he deserves. Hail King Belial!! You are amazing!


Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

On this, my day of birth, I hereby make this public declaration of appreciation, and raise my beer to:

The Most High, my Eternal Self Within, who drives all things.

My mother, father, grandparents, and all my ancestors who were, are, and will be, for without you all this marvelous physical vessel of mine would not be. I know I may not express it every day, but I am truly grateful for this life.

The unknown spirits who watch over and guide me, though I may not acknowledge you, your work does not go unappreciated, and I am sorry for the stupid decisions that may make your job harder.

To the mighty Kings, Queens, Gods, and Goddesses, who answer my calls and work my Will in the world, I am so appreciative for all that you do for me. I am slowly learning to fully trust in you, and to be more open, though it is a difficult change to make, and I am grateful for your patience.

A special toast to King Paimon, whose respect and high regard mean more to me than words can convey. Many blessings to you and yours, mighty King!

To the Lady Lilith, who offered me her love, though I was too blind to see it at the time. I have only now begun to realize the place in my heart you occupy, and I ask your forgiveness for my human foibles. Sometimes, it is difficult to see the truth of who I am through the dirt.

To EA Koetting, without whose works I would most likely still be a dabbler. Your books opened something inside me that can never be closed, and you will forever have my appreciation because of it.

To the members of the BALG forum, for allowing me to share my knowledge and experiences, and for sharing yours with me in turn. Though we may have differing opinions, and may argue, I have learned a great deal from all of you and have risen in power because of it. Know you are appreciated and respected.

And lastly, to the assholes, morons, and idiots that make life challenging. You also have my thanks, for without you, how would I know what weeds to pluck?

Merry Yuletide, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or whatever your preferred nomenclature! Many blessings to you all. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Happy birthday. Wish you the best.



I want to thank King Paimon for his help in two different situations: we made 2 pacts, about 3 weeks in-between them and he was quick to complete both. Anyone who is thinking of working with him, I encourage you to do so. :slight_smile:


Thank you Lucifer. Thank you for hearing me and coming when I call you. Thank you for helping me and protecting me. You truly do look after your own


Thank you Lucifer for being my guide and mentor.
Thank you Morrigan for pushing me to be stronger.
Thank you Papa Ogun and Papa Legba for being with me
Thank you to the Norse for gifting me knowledge of the Seidr and Galdr.
Thank you to all the spirits I work with.
Thank you to @AdamThoth, @arianna, @Arcane, @thatrandomguy, and @velotak this has been one hell of a ride. More than what I had bargained for but just as rewarding.
Thank you Nyarlathotep and Hekate. Mother and Father. Matron and Patron for reminding me what I fight for every day and what I am.
Thank you to my ancestors, my shield, blood and brethren.

Fear is awareness.


Thank you Freyja for weaving with me. Together we weave a tapestry of strength, control, healing, becoming, recapitulation, and retainment of power!


bad or lazy at parking eh? haha


I am in a Pact currently with King Paimon. I must say he has made my life a lot easier especially dealing with the people part. The outcome of negotiations always turn out to be the best for me, I always get way more than I expect from people. He’s working on my depression and I have already started seeing results in terms of a happier me. He’s very fast when it comes to results, when you give him the required attention. His wisdom is unmatched and he gives very good advices timely. This my heartfelt appreciation for the Great King Paimon :crown: :heart:!Hail King Paimon!!


I must give eternal thanks to Apollo. I asked him to help me with getting a guitar yesterday at work and when I went to guitar center there was a beautiful guitar on sale for 199 from 350. I’m now the proud owner of an amazing guitar all thanks to Apollo.


The one on the left is the new one


Thank you Acheron for your presence and for answering all my questions. I hope in the future we can work together once more.


Time for being grateful and saying Thank You to the Gods once again.

Thank you Marbas for your incredible protection

Thank you Father Lucifer for everything. Thank you for the infernal empire.

Thank you Caim for protecting so many animals.

Thank you King Belial for your ability to change even the most daunting of situations and events almost instantly.

Thank you King Paimon for emotional stability and general well-being.

Thank you Andras for the destruction of my enemy.

Thank you Goddess Bune for the continued and growing flow of money in my life.

Thank you Lord Azazel for being so kind and not destroying me even when I potentially insulted you. Thank you for your incredible protection and judgement.

Thank you Raphael for being the first angel to work with me.

Thank you Iblis for your teachings and guidance over the last few months. Thank you for allowing me to work with your Djinns.


Thank you and Hail Glasya Labolas. I was apprehensive about evoking him, but I cannot tell you how glad I am that I did. He responded to my petition immediately and with great results. I plan on working with him again soon and even renewing the petition that he granted immediately. As promised, I encourage you all to evoke this mighty spirit!


Thank you Lucifer and Duchess Bune for always looking out for me: Yesterday I obtained an unexpected $ 1800, then today I had an emergency that cost a little over $ 1300. Thank you for meeting my needs before they even have time to surface and for extra to play with :slight_smile:

Thank you Lucifer for clearing my perspective and all you have done for me since the beginning. May I rest always in your words and your care trusting you to perfectly see every situation I’m placed in to perfection. Mi Corozon, Mi Amore, you never fail to amaze me.

Hail Lucifer :heart: :rose:


I love that artwork of the King!


King Paimon, my beloved, You are beyond amazing and kind! I’ll leave it at that my beautiful Love!


Yeah it’s very beautiful and pretty much sums the grand entrance of King Paimon when he is called .


I want to thank Redbull (for keeping me awake), Urban Decay (for making me look flawless although I transformed into some kind of horror movie survivor look wise atm) and Henry (for stealing coffee money from me since 2006).
Some gods don’t need an evocation.


Big offering tonight to Andromalius , when I evoked him to thank him for his total dominance over my problem. It was the first time I heard him speak to me also.
Andromalius demolished my Stalker,his enablers and flying monkeys. I asked him to keep watch to ensure he does not rise again and he spoke firmly to me and said ‘he won’t.’ In a firm voice.
The first time I have ever heard him.
I have had a normal 8 weeks now , the first time in 5 years I have not looked over my shoulder. Thank you Earl Andromalius. This post is for you as promised.