Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!


A big thank you to my spirit team for not only guiding and teaching but doing so in a way that opens my understanding. Without understanding knowledge is futile.


I would like to give huge thanks to the great Marbas. Initially I had evoked him for healing for myself, then I was going to ask him another time for healing for my cat. Well my cat wanted to be present at the first evocation and she sat like a sphinx for most of it. After I explained my situation to Marbas I then addressed my cat’s health issues. I felt his energy shift from me to her, and it was like he lay her down on her side and immediately went to work. The very next morning her temprement changed back to her old self. In the last few months her anxiety has gone, her fur has grown back fluffy, she’s gained weight and is no longer gaunt. She’s made her place in the cat hierarchy and enjoying cuddles and affection again. Marbas picked me up on a few things to help her but he has healed her and brought her joyful spirit back to life. As for me, we are still working on that! :blush: Thank you, thank you Marbas! :pray:t3:What a great spirit to work with :heart:


Thank you to all of the demonic Kings for giving me an audience to put my request before you…i asked and literally the next morning i recieved. thank you and i will not let you guys down. i have the power of the nine withing me.


Thank you Lucifer and Lady Astaroth for healing my back! I love you so much! :heart:


Thank you, Archangel Raphael, Divine Physician. Last night, I was feeling very sick and nauseous, but I couldn’t afford to be missing work. I evoked him and asked him to heal me through my sleep. Thank you, I am now completely well.


Thank you Andromalius for answering my petition and for making it so obvious that it worked! I asked for those who would do you harm to burn with fear at the thought of you, it makes sense that you may not know that the petition was answered. It was nice to see it working and oddly enough really improve some relationships that were sour. I enjoyed the presence of Andromalius as well. I felt a definite wisdom and strength from him. I am definitely going to spend more time with him. Hail Andromalius!


Excellent! He is amazing


Thanks a lot, Marquis Forneus. :sunflower::sunflower::sunflower:


Thank you Archangel Raphael for helping me with healing my vocal cords and thank you for helping heal my younger cousin who hurt her head quite hard today!!

You are wonderful and I will recommended you to people when they ask❤️


Hail to Clauneck for continued success with money.

My office called to inform me that they have been underpaying me byb2 dollars an hour and I have a check waiting.

I haven’t taken a day off in a solid month. Should be a nice sum.


I’d like to thank Lucifer, Belial, Paimon, Rosaran and Trapis for their help with a legal case of a family member. I did a layered spell covering many aspects of the legal case. And it is all finally over. Thank you.


Can’t say thanks enough to Raphael and Lord Lucifer today for helping with the healing at our home. You really came through in my hour of need, unlikely duo I thought but powerful as can be!!! Thanks again Raphael and Lord Lucifer.


This is public praise and proclamation to Lucifer and the demons Dulid, Buer, and Arakison. Update: Around 5 weeks ago, I posted about how Id asked Lucifer, Dulid and Buer to help my sick cat who was near death and they did and she has totally recovered.

At the time the veterinarian saw that they thought was a shadow on her lungs, which could be a tumour. So I asked for their help again in getting rid of this shadow whatever it was and additionally, also asked the demon Arakison (from the book Lucifer and the Hidden Demons), to help in stopping the shadow from progressing further. Now, 5 weeks later, I took her for a second X ray. They told me there is no shadow now and no tumours there or in any of her major organs and she is healthy. They thought it was pretty amazing that she is in such good health given she is nearly 18 years old.

I am stunned again. I was preparing myself for the news that maybe she had a tumour. 5 weeks ago she nearly died. I can’t thank the spirits enough from the bottom of my heart! Hail Lucifer! Hail Dulid! Hail Buer! Hail Arakison! My continued thanks and eternal gratitude to You all!


A big shout out to Valac. A non-stop avalanche of gifts and ‘coincidence’…Hail Valac!


It’s amazing how much coincidence tends to play out.


Just worked with him and it was a revelation. Going to post when the pact is complete but I was amazed at how positive and empowering this simple interaction was. The results have started immediately and I’m noticing how events unfolding are instructive as well as fulfilling my request. Definitely going to make sure Forneus gets his due on BALG. Hail Forneus!


This thread always warms my heart.

Thank you to Azazel, incredibly wise and intelligent, strong and powerful He is.

Thank you to Dra’Talon, powerful and bloodthirsty, and I love that about Him.

Thank you so much to Princess Astaroth. Her pure kindness towards me has guided me through the past years of my life and She is willing to take me down a new path.

Thank you to Lucifer who listened to me rant and rave like a maniac about my seemingly unattainable dreams and told me I CAN do it. That’s all I need to hear.

Thank you to Belial, my rock during hard times, my childhood friend, my guide, destroyer of my enemies and merciful being. He does not have nearly enough love and is branded as a bunch of awful things. All I know is these people have just been careless. He had been by my side even as a kid not knowing what I was doing. He means the world to me. He may be worrying for some people to summon or work with but if He seems to be your type you would never regret it.

Lastly, no work done with Him, but Thank you Beelzebub for speaking to me and giving me great advice and instantly realizing a situation I was struggling in (and speaking out loud!) I hope to see you again.


I have to give a big thank you to Marbas and the gatekeepers. Thanks for being there for me. And all of your help.


You made me want to hug Belial and say a prayer of thanks to Astaroth.

I have both tattooed.

Father Lucifer is always here and he knows how much I love him

On topic, thank you Lady Astaroth for showing me that, even as strong as I am in the metaphysical, I still have a long way to go. Tough love sometimes hurts.


That’s lovely. Lucifer really does listen and care when you are close to him. I :heart: him too. x