Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!


I want to thank mighty Bune! Today I burned the letter I wrote for her a week ago and ask for her help. After just a few minutes, I got 2 payments from new clients! Hail might Bune!!!


I want to thank Opfaal for all his help so far! I can highly recommend him.


I’m thankful beyond words for King Paimon, the spirits with Him, my Orishas, my spiritual quadrant. The past year for me has been a whirlwind of so much good, not so good, and in between and spiritual growth on warp drive. It took all of my courage to begin my studies with King Paimon and throw myself into this part of the LHP.
January 2018, I started working in a career that’s meaningful. Before I got that job, I had done ebos to the Warriors, Yemaya, Oshun and Ibejis. I credited everything to Orishas and my own spirit helpers, then I became aware of King Paimon in June. As I was reading everything I could find about King Paimon, I read that His direction is West, or some say NorthWest. On my drive to work I go down either North St. or West St. either way, I come to where they cross and the street sign is North/West. It hit me about a month ago the significance of this and made me realize that King Paimon has been working silently behind the scenes in my life for a long time, maybe longer than I think even.


King Paimon just came through for me.

There’s a medication I literally need to get through the day in any kind of comfortable way. I put in an order for it to the pharmacy the other day but they had to order some extra. They gave me a few to hold me over but I realized it wasn’t going to last until Monday.

So I called the pharmacy this morning and they said no one in town had any in stock but they’d see if there was anything they could do.

So I very quickly asked King Paimon for his help on this one because I couldn’t see how it could work out. He said he was on it, and about an hour later I got a very strong feeling that it was all taken care of.

Just got off the phone with the pharmacy and they somehow got more. No idea how…they didn’t say. So thanks to King Paimon for helping me out on this one!


I must also thank lucifer and satanachia for their great work and help! Please keep helping me. Hail LUCIFER. THANKYOU Satanachia


YES! That is wonderful! King Paimon, his legions brought someone to me the other day who had been on the run and I’d been searching for, I asked King Paimon to help me in the morning and within 1 hour the individual was on the phone with me, and then in a few hours came to me. The individual got there against their own will too! An hour car drive took them 6 hours to complete and when they got to where I was waiting, their faces were like in a shock, they couldn’t figure out why they came there when they didn’t want to be there! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Hail King Paimon, You and your Legions of Spirits rock!


Hi curumo how many days did dantalion granted your request


This is both an apology and a thank you to Duke Sallos. I asked for his help in promoting love and faithfulness between my long-distance girlfriend and I, thinking it would manifest itself in one grand, specific way when we saw each other. That didn’t happen, and I was disappointed because I thought the Duke had ignored my request. As it turns out, he had not ignored my request, he just didn’t see fit to fulfill it exactly when and how I expected him to. Rather than make one grand event happen, I now see that he has been working daily to fulfill my request in small ways that help me far more. All hail Great Duke Sallos, and may those of you who work with him have more patience and wisdom than I.

As an aside, I also thank Lucifer for beginning to guide me in the ways of the LHP, and for bringing me understanding of the ways that demons work. All hail Lord Lucifer.


I want to thank Duke Sallos once again for following through with me requests. He helped me get back with my ex and I’ve never been happier. For a while, I was so hopeless and thought he was ignoring my request but it turns out, he was just waiting for me to come to terms with other things in my life before he helped me. Thank you so much Duke Sallos. And thank you to the people that have given me advice on this forum.


Hail Marbas and thanks for the quick healing. :slight_smile:


Thanks to Marquis Leraje for putting me back on track again.


Hail my beloved King Paimon! Today someone who had repeatedly disrespected me professionally apologized to me today and finally acknowledged my work with respect! I never expected this to come from that particular individual, nor did I ever ask for this to happen, it just did. I knew immediately though Who had made it happen. :love_you_gesture::clap::clap:


Thanks again for Andromalius. I recommend him to anyone wanting justice for criminal behaviours.
Thank you to Lucifer for your impressive and always imaginative ways to get at anyone who goes out of their way in my day to day life to cause harm or attempt to. Your power to those loyal to you astounds me.


“Blasts of royal trumpets, sounds of sistrums, drums and cymbals” to my beloved and great King Paimon! He is teaching me each day mysteries about so many things, about why I am here in this life, why I chose to incarnate here—he is revealing true natures of people around me. I’m with you @Sasha2017 I am so thankful to King Paimon too, He is doing acts for me as Lucifer is for you. HAIL King Paimon!
Now this is really cheesy…but this song popped into my mind (I’m not old enough to remember it either) This song expresses how I feel about King Paimon!


Thank you Eshmak your help, I know you did your work, but things didn’t go as planned. But, i know we will get the chance to work again and all will be much successful!!


First of all, thank you to Lucifer for being such an awesome guide and friend. Suggesting who I should work with…

Thank you to Valac. I invoked and asked him to sway fortune so money and gifts come my way. The next morning I contacted my phone company who had cut off my cell phone. They had been difficult, demanding charges etc. But when I called, they waived all charges, reconnection and my phone was on within an hour!

Thank you Clauneck. I asked for a sum of cash, instead I got a great idea for an internet business, and felt like I was being pushed to do it. This could work really well for me in the long run.


Thanks to the mighty Archangels for their assistance in an exorcism to a young lady at a local metapsysics shop. She was very grateful and the shop got some good money for locally produced goods. I might even consider holding a workshop there.

Further thanks to Raphael for helping my mothers health issues.

Guess last night was a great night for working with the light!

Not sure who to thank, but thank you for the kick in the ass to get away from my toxic old job. The place is going under anyways. They immediately liquidated all of my sick time and back pay, and all of my managers wrote glowing letters of recommendation for me.

Found several job offers in my area paying upwards of 5 dollars more per hours. To that spirit, all Hail!


Hail. Didnt You say you were a cop or something?


Security, lots of good leads already. My app is in at lots of places already.


Did the layered love spell with Dantalion,Sallos, and Belial. While I’m waiting to get my final results from that, I informally asked Belial to help me in the meantime improve myself and become the best me that I can be. Next few days I finally found the motivation to start a personal project I’ve had in the back of my mind for over a year, and I bought some proper home gym equipment. Thank you, Belial, for the improvement in mood and surge of motivation!