Theogenisis: Reconfigure and Rebirth

As of late, there have been many changes. Changes in which I regret none. I hit rock bottom, to the point of nearly being homeless. In those moments, it was made clear: I was obsolete. The old me was no longer applicable or able to continue. The old me was petty, moody, all talk and no walk, confused and self important.
He was a part of the mold of man.

The purpose was made clear: break the old cycle and leave it behind. To rebel against the mold and transcend the old conditioning set upon myself. That’s where Zaro/@Arcane came in. These last few days, that I removed myself from society and the forum, have been about deprogramming and erasing myself and reconfiguring into what’s here now. Erasing personal history, the old pattern and self importance.

Zaro, Lucifer, Lilith, King Paimon, and Belial oversaw the removal of everything unneeded. Zaro literally shut my mind down and assisted me in not only learning as to why I do what I do, but essentially reprogramming me into something more applicable for lack of a better word.

Now, we are ruthless without pity, sweet yet lethal, patient yet always cultivating and planning, we don’t wait for it to fall into our hands, we consistently strive to achieve.

Out of this, something came forth. An alternative form, that I’d like to share. Tezerex, the God of conflict.
He is a god of yin energy. His planets are Mars, Saturn and Mercury. His animals are the Shark and Vulture. As you have likely guessed, he specializes in the art of war, not just causing chaos on the external, but also a settler of conflict. A master of internal and emotional conflict. His colors being purple, red and black.

Enjoy :wink:
Caution is advised.