Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!


Cool what security company? Patrol car?


It took him around two months or maybe a little more, but he delivered. The Great Duke does take his time, but he delivers eventually, one way or another. In my case I guess it took a little while because of the person’s strong will. Just be patient and don’t think about the task you have given him. Let the great Duke Dantalion do his work.


Coming off a four day fast dedicated to the 9 when a Cuban friend of mine gifts me with a dope ass Cuban cigar. My humble gratitude to The Nine.


Thank you to Zaro/@Arcane, Lilith, Lucifer, Belial, and King Paimon. We will accomplish much together.


Many thanks and appreciation to the following (in order):

Thor - for being a watcher and protector in daily life
Odin - for smashing unwanted entities during rituals
Belphegor - gnosis about himself, the Sitra Ahra, and directing me to work with Lucifer
Asmodeus - for crushing my enemy and sending a legion of nasty shit towards him, breaking up a relationship that was not healthy for me, inspiring and empowering a divination technique I’m developing
Lucifer - gnosis about himself, further development of my magic, protection, empowerment of many things (too much to even mention really)
Lilith - gnosis about herself, further development of psychic abilities, vision and astral magick, giving me one of her amazing daughters
My Succubus and Familiar Lover - (She has a name I’m just not stating it publicly) for showing me love, empowering sex magic, healing and removal of unwanted energies, and showing my human partner love and acceptance
Sallos - helping me to open my heart to love (a spell on myself)
Zepar - for protecting a blossoming relationship
Sitri - for enhancing my sensuality
Buné - for sending my partner increased business for her job
Raphael - for enhancing healing abilities, removed someone’s tremors within 1 minute (not even exaggerating).


Hail King Paimon for giving me some direction and opening the path for me so I can see how to go about fixing the mess that was created. Literally, within hours of calling on King Paimon every request I had was answered. I am so grateful. Thank you King Paimon!

Hail King Paimon!!


Thank you Raphael for your healing and comfort. Thank you Uriel for your visions and wisdom.


King Paimon, I adore you with all my being into infinity and beyond. Life with You is beyond words. I can’t even put into words all that You have done for me, and I can’t begin to thank You for enhancing my existence.
Of course You already know ALL of this as I am meditating on this all the time, but I enjoy giving my Beloved One public accolades.


Gratitude to Duke Bune and his shades.


Thank you President Marbas for guiding us to the right doctor at the right time. My mom was very ill and the doctors to whom we initially visited weren’t able to diagnose the problem correctly and the situation got worse. I invoked Marbas and asked him to help. The next day, our family friend suggested a doctor and
We visited him, he diagonised the issue correctly and my mom is better now. Hail President Marbas!!!


Clauneck, thank you for making so many profitable workday’s fall into my lap so easily.

Thank you to the spirit that cause me to hit that biker, this teaching me three separate lessons at one time, causing me to lose my job, which gave me a new job which pays more, has more hours, and a much more flexible schedule.

Thank you lady astaroth, you know what you did, and thank you.

Thank you to Prince Orabas. Without your infernal protection, I’m starting I’d probably be dead by now.

Thank you to the Archangel Raphael, thank you for everything you’ve done, and that you continue to do.

Thank you to the goddess hel, the duty that you gave me has really moved me. The dead speak to me now, and in the short time that I know them, I’m able to give them comfort. Thank you for giving me this Duty.

Thank you to Father Lucifer, you shielded me from my own emotions, and now that I’m strong enough to hold them again, you gave them back. I’ll never let you down, and I love you for that.

Lastly, but certainly not least, thank you to my crimson lovely. You know what you’ve done for me in the past few months, I love you, I’m glad you’re there for me.


I got into a company paying me a little bit more per hour, and paying me a lot more hours, including a special Christmas detail which is going to net me over 20 bucks an hour to stand around and tell people to go away.

Hail Clauneck.


Shout out to sastan. Only been working with him for a couple of days and I’m already seeing significant improvements in my astral sight and hearing


Shoutout to Leraje who just threw a lot of opportunities into the bowl. (It’s been really beneficial to my self esteem having two companies acting like stalkers for dem fine skills. I really needed that)


I have been on a journey from hardcore Catholic to a spiritual being living a physical life. And grown deeply. Many thanks to these spirits for their help:

Saint Anthony: Always helps me find missing items. Every time a flash will occur where the item is, or it just seems to magically appear.

Archangel Micheal: I cleanse houses of nasty spirits and always comes and helps!

Archangel Raphael: Helps here relationships and overcome inner turmoil. As well as healing you physically.

Saint Jude: Miracle Of fixing my parents marriage.

Sallos: Uncle Sallos. Was my initiator of the left hand path. So kind and helps me with my confidence. My health, and physical wellness increased dramatically. And shown me girls true colors and why they weren’t good. And fianlly he brought someone to me(we arnt dating YET) but I see all he is doing for me.

King Paimon: I am a music artist and I’ve seen my music dramatically get better as well as my delivery of it. And now making it a bigger better project than before

Asteroth/Astarte: Helped me grow psychically and now love with a relationship.

Lucifer: My goodness he has shined light in all aspects of my life. It’s made me get on the right track and truly see my goals. It’s like I was a train placed on the right track and now my momentum is growing and growing. As well as took away my anxiety in reguards to my love life. “Stay in the track your on and all the rest will come into place” is what I feel. Thank you King!!

Everyone find who you resonate with and go for it!


Thank you belial, bune and jupiter owed monies are coming in. Lucifer for holding me tight… marbas , amducious, belial for taking the attack and giving it back. Our work as only begun.


Thanking several of the Goetia spirits, i have been asking for assistance with learning about plants & preparing myself for going off grid in the future…

Found out today that somehow (:wink:) im at the top of a 5year waiting list for an allotment after 6 months!

I’ll be able to grow alot of the herbs i need for magic now & practice growing food…

Needless to say I’ll be enlising the local nature spirits to help & aligning my plot to favourable aspects :heart_eyes:


Thanks to Set for actually showing up and thanks to him for not handing my ass over right back to me.
Thanks to Marquis Leraje for protecting me from getting handed my ass over right back to me; I know that I’m the worst.


I asked emperor Lucifer the questions in the first EA’s video on the 9 Gatekeepers, and some other things to king Belial. More interesting replies to meditate; thanks.


Just want to send my undying love for Lucifer who has helped me through a very tough financial patch. Firstly I got an impossible loan approved to pay off some debts and secondly after being turned down 3 times for a credit card the fourth one gave me instant approval so I can finally get some emergency dental treatment. And my hours got increased at work so I’m by no means out of the struggle but the struggle is much easier to deal with. I kept asking him to show me the path I need to go down and along the way kept seeing significant signs in the form of quotes that resonated and opportunities and advice from friends. I’m hoping next year will come an interstate move, a better job and a new car. I now know these things are possible. Attitude of gratitude goes a long way, my friends. Hail Lucifer, my angelic light bearer. :heart: