Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!


try offering your emotions and things you taste to Fenrir, just trust me hell reward you


Oh I know better than most about Fenrir. But I take this as a sign of he’d like an offering, so thank you


Thank you to Lucifer for answering my 3 requests this week and making them happen super fast. Thank you for opening my eyes Father.

Thank you for your assistance Andromalius and seeking out my wrong doers and punishing them. One was a surprise to me and I thank you for this painful lesson in helping people who are not worthy and repay with betrayal. They will now have a 2 year jail sentence to think about that due to you.

Thank you Gusion for your unexpected visit to me, I will work with you soon.

Thank you to Andras, whom I have not worked with except through Andromalius for exterminating vermin in very unusual and bloody ways as you judge fit.


Should have done before, but thanks To Abramelin Square, U did deliver though could have been a bit less rougher.


I thank Papa Legba “only” for feeling him while looking at his veve.
In fact, these days I resumed that (already did so a few times also in the past) as a preliminary attunement.


Thank you for your help Saint Expedite


A big shout out to the original Dark Angels of the Abyss, the Brothers of Abominations, Humwawa and Pazuzu. Praise and glory on to thee and to thy Father. :pray:

And of course to Astaroth, many thanks for all your sublime works.


A hearty thanks to Raphael for saving my guts from the nasty virus that tore my insides apart literally overnight when everyone else is still spewing over the weekend.


Back here to honor Andromalius, who I am currently working with. Hail Andromalius!


Hail Lord Lucifer, Lord Belial, Duchess Bune, Lord Mammon for this incredible successful year, thank you so much for the huge and small unexpected gifts, thank you for all the love, advices and protection,
I would never be thankful enough!
Hail for you all and for your magnificent presence and glory!
Be able to feel at least a glimpse of your marvelous presence is a wonderful joy!
PS: seriously, i need to to a post for the big and small gifts, just a lot of awesomeness!


Hail Belial
Hail Drakosophia
Hail my Shadow Self
Hail Amun


I want to thanks King Paimon, Lucifer and Thoth, for always answering to my summonings, to my prayers and because they always help me when I have a need. They really are priceless for my life!

I also have the need to thanks King Paimon and Lucifer, for helping me with an exam I took recently and I did good.

I’m really glad that they’re a part of my life!


Once again Belial helped and got me exactly what I asked! He is the best!


Thank you Lady Astaroth for accepting my pact!
Hail Astaroth!


Thank you Lucifer for always being my rock and my protection. You’ve taught me so much and carried me when I thought I would collapse. You are the true embodiment of love and devotion and I love you more than anything. :heart::rose:


Thank you Lukorst for your help, I called out to you but, i didn’t know what to expect, i didn’t even know if you would respond. But, my need was great and you heard my call and came through for me, just at the last minute when i thought all was lost. :+1::+1::+1:


Thank you King Paimon i asked for money and you Delivered.

I am supposed to get paid tommorow but i looked at my account today and there was 180$ out of knowhere put in yesterday, when i Evoked him 3 times to rebuild our connection all hail the KING


Thanks to Azazemel for everything you do


So I was just at McDonalds and ordered at the drive thru …and I just want to tell the car infront of me thank you.

When I pulled up to the window to pay, the cashier at the window informed me that the car infront of me had paid for mine and my sons meal.

I just wanted to say thank you and happy thanksgiving :heart: :turkey:


Thank you to Prince Sitri for giving me the best orgasm I’ve ever had.