Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!


Dunno who to thank. I wasn’t going to exercise last night but I heard some dude was going to talk about “Interviewing Jesus” on the George nooray show. Eh so I start my farmer carry routine and get into triceps and arms and I seem more pumped up than usual. I’ve been dead tired for months and my toes has screwed up my walking, running pushups, planks, and walking lunges.

After the 2 hours of bs there’s still 2 hours for another guest. Well, I finish up outside with another walking exercise carrying weight. I notice early on my toe isn’t hurting. It ant the IB I took earlier in the day so I’m at a loss.

It felt and still feel charged up this morning. Hardly any pain in my toe. So I don’t know who to thank. The only things I was muttering was responses to the radio. There was talk that in our technological age we don’t need spirits, gods, the devil, and such. All I said is they all are needed and each individual should remember them for the sake their existence.

Sounds counter to my normal blather. I start seeing shadows, images, specks and hearing disembodied words here and there from whispers to actual talking but can’t usually make it out. And the energy and toe healing.

Dunno who to thank. But thanks.


Big thanks to Opfaal for healing and direction.
Thank you Archangel Gabriel for guidance.


I’d like to thank the Orishas for guiding me and helping me in my first baneful rituals (as well as totems and ancestors).

My most sincere thanks to my initiator in the dark arts and the one who took my hand and guided me home; the Left Hand Path. Thank you Santísima Muerte, mi hermosa niña blanca. Thank you for bringing justice.

Thank you, Pazuzu for tormenting my ex and dragging him for the wrong he committed against me.

Thank you Osiris and Isis for your teachings and patience.

Thank you Azazel for taking me as a student and for being so patient with me, as well as showing me the truth about everything. I love you.

Thank you Father Lucifer and Enki for receiving me with open arms in the path of Darkness.


Oh! And thank you Dra’talon :black_heart:


I must give a shout out to Belial. Thank you.

Also Sitri I wrote a petition spell asked to getting laid but I turned down the offer, the time limit I set has not jet passed so maybe I will thank Sitri again.


Big big thank you to Belial, Lucifer, Hecate, Marbas and Euronymous for taking care of me and for keeping your word when I was in self inflicted trouble. Thank you for teaching me lessons about the world and disclosing secrets about life daily even though I keep procrastinating you never gave up on me. Love you guys. Thank you again, especially for working on an extremely short notice. I’m glad you are in my life. Together we will achieve greatness.


Bune is amazing


so big shout out to dantalion for sending dreams of my llove to me (i am so juvia right now n he is very much so gray) i know if i got it he did to im excited to see what net you do

thank you furfur for being ok with work with him and just being there for me when i need you to be you are amazing and wonderful

thanks to both of you i feel wonderful today im n a very good mood bout to go out and find a new phone charger since mine is boke for some reason lol lets keep woking together and make wonderful things happen


I tried to do a ritual with her last year and failed,and because everyone on here said how good she is I thought I would give her another go and they are right and I’m so glad I did>got me right out the soup.Thanks again Bune.


My respect and praise to King Paimon, my patron and teacher. Your eloqence and insight are adored and appreciated. Thank you.


Bune you did it again! Thank u. Enjoy your homemade wine.


Thanks to Lilith, Samael, Naamah & Asmodeus.


Nitika never fails i’ve always been able to rely on him


I had asked Archangel Raphael to heal a family member. He has shown very good progress in two months.
I am positive that more results will follow.

Thanks Archangel Raphael :slight_smile:


Many thanks to Parion for the information I asked you for for being very quick with the info and very accurate and I only had to wait for about 4 hours Thank you Thank you Thank you.


Praise to Bune for helping to sell a car. I petitioned 2 weeks ago and asked for the sale to be in the next 2 weeks. Well, tomorrow would be that day and today I have had 3 buyers call all in one afternoon wanting it right away for more money than I hoped. I love Bune and look forward to giving you your offerings of Rum and Honey and Chocolate oranges this Thursday.


Thanks to Marquis Leraje for todays outcome.


He did the same thing for me


I want to thank Vine, Marbas and Raphael for two recent results. I did a ritual and asked Vine to help me get better at doing all kinds of magick. I’ve been trying to astral travel for a long time, and with his help, I finally was able to. It only happened once though, and I haven’t been able to do it again.

I was also sick recently with the flu and Marbas and Raphael helped me recover faster than usual.

Thank you to all the spirits for their help.


Here again to thank King Belial for protecting me and accepting my pact. He deserves the praise and His work is incredible.