Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!


Thank you to Lilith, as always you are amazing and I can no longer imagine my life without you in it. Also thanks to Astaroth, I have a ways to go but I can at least feel you working within me. And finally, thanks to my personal companions and any other spirits who may be aiding me without my current knowledge.


Thank you, Grand Duke Dantalion. Without your presence and guidance the last few days, I would not have fully began working to my full potential. You have pushed me to be better with daily practice and foundation building, pushed me to truly want and need to better myself and my abilities. It feels as though I only need to think Your name and you are with me, nudging me in direction I need to go. I thank You from the bottom of my heart and with all that I am for allowing me to connect with you on a level that brings me the stability I greatly need at this time in my life. Thank you!


I love Duke Dantalion


Bune thank you, your gifts are wonderful and i have learned to be patient and actively help open the ,money gates


Hail Eros :pray:


I may have to thank the entities for not doing what I requested (btw not always), because I had this thought: “I may as well pursue my goals without involving Spirits”. This isn’t in a blaming sense, because surely I still have to learn, and did errors.
The point is that, there are no guarantees, but I may take the opportunity of trusting the power of my inner God.


Thank you to Lucifer for gracing me with your presence this evening to accept your offering of roses and blood. Your energy this evening was just what I needed to know you are there always and your blessing was appreciated.


Thank you Duke Dantalion, first and foremost, for working with me the past couple months and being patient with my beginner ignorance and helping me and for removing the negative thoughts from my ex so that he would consider giving me another chance. Thank you to Duke Sallos for sweetening his feelings towards me. And last but not least, thank you to my Pomba Gira for giving me the guidance that I needed. :heart:


Thank you mighty Haagenti, for bringing me extremely fast results regarding the almost complete healing of the extremely perturbed mind I had. I have been a prisoner of my own twisted mind since as far as I can remember, you have broken the chains and freed me, and for that I’ll be forever thankful to you, and, out of gratitude, will give you offerings every week for the rest of my life

The same goes for the great Marbas

And I’m also thankful to Belial, Lucifer, Astaroth/Astarte, Mepsitahl, Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel

P.S.: If someone here knows what are Haagenti food/drink preferences, please tell me


Thank you to King Bael for helping me get over my ex, and removing my obsession with him.


Thank you to Bune for your help this last three weeks, October was looking really crap money wise and I knew if things carried on I would have been in financial doo doo’s right about now You came through for me and I really appreciate it. You managed to engineer 3x my normal turnover + then some in three weeks and that is awesome Thank you Thank you Thank you.


Thank you my Lord Lucifer for guiding me here and on my path. May the flower of Venus open for you & may you enjoy it’s nectar.


Thanks again to King Belial for getting me my job and ironically the last three numbers of my truck is 666.


Public acknowledgement and a very big Thank You to : Goddess Hecate, Father Lucifer, King Belial, King Paimon, King Belith, Iblis, Moloch, Dratalon, Sanatas, Azazel, Sepherenz and Goddess Bune. Hail to the Infernal Divine. Hail to all the Gods and Goddesses of Primal Craft and Atlantean tradition. Hail Hecate.


I wish to send my love to marquee Orias for his swift assistance and to Asmoday for creating the chaos needed to achieve a personal goal in a messy situation. And Lucifer for his protection and watchful eye over my sick sibling. My infernal love for these spirits is unwavering and changing my life for the better even when things seem utterly hopeless. :black_heart:


Bune thank you spirit of Juniper hail , Dantalion and lord Lucifer thank you I hope you like my offering of gratitude. Stunning results . Dantalion you convinced them they wanted it Lord lucifer you made it appealing Bune and Bismeal you got me cash! Thank you thank you

@Sasha2017 i feel i need to thank you as well…


Thank you Freyja.
i have become a better woman with your guidance and am on the path of the Valkries. I have learned the duality of things and see the world from a new perspective.

Thank you Bastet.
i have honed my senses with you and have learned how to better my familial ties and keep living life to the fullest.

Thank you Sekhmet, as you have made me a fierce warrior woman.


now for the male entities!

Thank you Belial. You undoutebly got me out my shell and forced me to get past my confort zone. you also taught me to be unashamed of my sexuality and my womanhood. Thanks for getting me that leadership position and coming back to me after i disowned you and Azazel. You never left me alone and wether i liked it or not you still teached me and still continue to teach me.

Thank you Azazel. you know why.

Thank you Asmodeus. I just came to realize that you have literally always been there and what you have taught me and what you continue to show me.

Thank you King Paimon. just…thank you so much for everything.


id lik to thank furfur for his amazing work on 0ct 31 even tho it wasnt exactly what i wanted it was still something thank you for bringing my ex back to me even if i am only a friend right now


Thank you too. xx