Protection and Revenge

Hello I was wondering what is the best demon or entity to call on for protection and revenge? I specifically want them to protect a loved one that is being bullied and to destroy the lives of the bullies without killing them. Any suggestions?


Pazuzu, great for protection and fucking other people’s shit up at the sametime, just ask him not to kill anybody and he won’t.


Thank you!!!


Dammit this sigil is so powerful :no_mouth:


Any more information you can give on him? Some personal tidbits perhaps? His demeanor his favorites his likes and dislikes?


Demon of The Wind, Can inflict or cure Disease & gives Protection from other demons/spritis. Symbol the scorpion. Do not work with him and Lamashtu at the same time as they are antagonistic towards eachother lol. Look up babylonian demonology to help you get more info.


Just wanted to say thank you to Pazuzu and for all who suggested him to me!

I did not follow any specific ritual, just used the sigil to evoke, made offering, and stated my intention. If you’ve studied EA Koetting you’ll know that one of the key things to performing successful curses or baneful magick is you have to have a strong emotion about it, you really have to feel the hate towards that person for things like this to work. (Look on YouTube for his video that talks about this I can’t find it at the moment but will link if I do.)

If I performed this ritual now I don’t think it would be as effective as my feelings towards this person are neutral, the incident seems so far away and they are now just a random stranger, but at the time I posted this original post I was enraged.

For the past few weeks I keep getting bad news about the bullies life going to shit lol.

It’s true once you “forget” about the ritual that’s when it starts to work. I performed it the night I posted this (Sep. 11) then went about my life, forgot I had done it, and then towards end of October I started hearing bad news and remembered I had done this. Just got word their relationship ended a couple days ago too lol.

So thank you again to Pazuzu, may you continue to wreak havoc in this persons life as it is well deserved. :slight_smile:


Lol i love how honest you were


Good work!

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