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Thank you Pazuzu for revenge on an enemy :slight_smile:
I posted the full thanks here so I’ll keep this one short.


So, as ive been going through my bullshit, i am realizing that my marriage was indeed toxic.

The missing money.
The constant suspicion on me.
The unreasonable astral issues.
The restrictions on which beings i was allowed to work with.
The constant hatred directed at BALG and EA himself.

Thank you to the spirits for breaking us apart and allowing me the freedom to work unimpeded.

There are too many to thank, and i don’t remember them all, but they know who they are.



Ok so I would like thanks to Hekate for bringing peace and thanks Nyx for helping me say goodbye.

I’m sure most if not all know Hekate but Nyx is not well know and isn’t called often. Nyx is the greek goddess of night/dark and death. I’ve been working with Nyx everyday for a couple of weeks, almost a month and she’s really great. Anyways, my great grandfather was in a nursing home with a collapsed lung and last night he passed. My parents gave me a call at like 9pm last night, telling me he passed in his sleep. That’s when I normally work with Nyx so I went about my business with her as usual. However last night while we were working, she told me that herself and Hekate went to my grandad last night and hekate shined her light on him and brought him all these good memories to his mind until nyx took him softly. Later, deeper into the meditation with Nyx, she let me talk to him for a few minutes so I could see that he’s happy because he’s with his wife and he told me to worry about him because he was finally at peace and I got to say hug him one last time and we got to have a true goodbye.

Neither of them had to do this as they didn’t know him and he wasn’t into occult at all. I really appreciate how they looked out for me and cared enough about my feelings to make sure he passed peacefully.

So thanks to Hekate for bringing him happiness in his final moments, thanks to Nyx for taking him peacefully, and thanks again to Nyx for letting me say goodbye.



I wish to say thank you to King Beleth, she knows what for! :black_heart:


Thanks to St. Jude for empowering my spell as i requested. I have already sensed it working subtly but i believe that all i requested will manifest. So thank you very much for your help once again. :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:


Thanks To Lilith on her sacred day of 11:11 for allowing us to tap into her knowledge and power for personal transformation into our higher selves.


Thanks Marbas for your help last night, despite only being able to mentally call out to you, you still answered very quickly.


Thank You Marbas … Who has given me a short writing I need to finish up and give to the world for free under creative commons.

Thanks to the Dark Gods and my fellow Dark mages for your blessings and mentorship.

** CE **


Thank you Belial. Thanks for not playing games and actually and clearly responding to me.

Thanks for leaving me with your incredible energy after that partial possession.

And thank you for getting me paid 120$ to do absolutely nothing after asking for help to buy koetting grimiore of you.


I would like to thank the Luck Of The Chorni for aiding me in finding a pair of $150 Ray Bans today… i know this to be true for an image of the envelope popped into my minds eye to let me know that is what i should accredit the luck to… so thanks Chorni, you are a legend :slight_smile:


I need to talk to you. Can you PM me? If not I’ll try to PM you.


I would like to give second thanks to the great duke Dantalion!
He made a girl contact me and apologize for some things she has done.
He delivered on what I asked from him, but I had already lost interest in the said girl.
Seems like the duke has his own way of doing things, but it takes time. That particular girl had a very strong will, yet she did what I never thought she would, she apologized and she never does that.
Seems to me it was the duke’s work. So I encourage everyone who needs help in love matters, contact Dantalion.
He is excellent in changing someone’s thought and feelings. All hail Duke Dantalion! Avage ayer Dantalion on ca!


I’d like to throw a shout out to my team of dears nothing would have been done with out you guys not sure who did it but thank you master Furfur Lord Dantalion Prince sitri and master raum for working with me and being so patient with me thank you


Good luck to you with Belial. Yes he is as you said:grin:. He is different to different people but his trademark qualities include but isn’t limited to being honest, straightforward, warm and throwing surprises. He doesn’t appreciate the faint at heart. You got to be a strong soul to work with him. Loyalty to him goes a long way.


belial is a smart ass but you gotta love him for his other redeming qualities


Absolutely. You will see him open up to you when you truly love him from the bottom of your heart… He really gives himself to you and its a great honour.


indeed it is a great honour.he also enjoys bragging to other entities about you if he deems you to be a good student


:grinning: That’s so interesting…


Hail Belial, Hail Hekate, Hail Fenris and all the spirits guiding me.

Hail Hades. Hail Akasha.


Hail Hades…Hail Belial❤