Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!


Hail to you Freyja! You who has helped me with my subconscious desires-turning them conscious and eventually physical. I have ultimate trust in you and ultimate faith my matron. Hail Lady Vanadis, she who even Gods fall for


Thank you Duke Zepar for a very speedy result.
Even though I didn’t have his sigil, correct colour of candle etc he still came through.
Hope to work with Duke Zepar more in the next coming week.


Thank you Dra talon. A pleasure as always


Thanks Santa Muerte for helping me with my MS Certification Exam , 70-742 and 70-345


I want to really thank my man one the one that has been looking out for me AZAZEL. I love ya


Im having faith here i cannot accept the symptoms of asthma at its most gripping. I understand that reality is created and so whilst I treat the symptoms with natures healing and recute healing chants for those moments of feeling relief. So i create my health my vitality and i ask Raphael to speed up my manifested reality. And I thank Azazel that I am not rendered in financial stress as this occurs. So iam greatful for this manifestation.


Thank you Emperor Lord Lucifer!
A couple of years back I almost got hit by a car just in a Split Second before I run in front of the car I was put in a paralysis right in the middle of the street and I felt a hand on my shoulder.

As of February I should have been kicked out of my apartment then in beginning of April 2019 the landlord came started screaming at me saying that I have one more week to get out!
eventually I get the news that I can remain for one more month even though the the rent hasn’t been paid since a long time
I asked Lord Lucifer to help me remain in this apartment from February until May 1st.

Then I got the news since March warnings from Toronto Hydro that the payment is overdue and I just got since beginning of April are yellow leather in my mailbox.

Toronto Hydro policy’s is after you get the yellow letter warning they will cut the power after 10 days so I was expecting for them to cut my power around April 15th.
But in the letter it says "you have after May 1st to pay or the power will be cut.
But as of May 1st I will be living in a new apartment.

When I received the letter I was very happy to see I have one more month and I said out loud “thank you Emperor Lucifer”
A wind just blew hard in my window at that exact time.
And is not that windy.

Hail Emperor Lucifer!


Thank you Sallos for coming through with a tricky situation and opening it up for it to evolve.


Thank you,King Purson :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you Freyja for helping me to open up my Anahata chakra and showing me how to use my own form of mantras-my own vibrations to manifest my desires and results into my life, even if what comes out of my mouth seems like complete nonsense


Thank you Marbas a little over kill on the eye but I appreciate it (i called him to help my physical eyesight)

And thank you Lucifer for the quick results


Asthma is tough and very challenging, I almost died multiple times and yet I’m still here for now. Good luck and I hope you manifest asthma out of your life. I need to do the same :grin:


Azazel, Azazel my darling Azazal… words cannot even say how much i love you and how thankful i am for you… you are so wonderful.

I was lying down revisiting the magician that had evoked me to try to find out more of why he evoked me…
All the sudden Azazel was right behind me… i looked at the magician surprised and asked, did you evoke Azazel too? … he looked like he didnt know what to say… i said Azazel why are you here? But he just stood there and then moved infront of me in a protective way…i asked him what was wrong…
Then my brother in law called and said hey you know a tornado has been spotted heading right towards you… not 5 mins after he hung up the sirens started going off giving tornado warnings…

But Azazel came too me … ever protecting me… and when i went through the seven gates of hell and had to let him go down farther… he played this song for me… as Belial and myself…had to leave… and now i know he truly meant every word.

I love you so much my Azazel!!! :heart: :rose:

Memoirs of a goddess

Thank you, Marquis Leraje for that sudden inspiration today.
And thank you, dear spirits for participating.


I don’t know who you are, I can’t find words to say
All I know, I was dead and you brought me back to life today


Whoever you are, Thank you


thank you so much dear marbas for healing and regenerating my mother health physically,emotionally,and mentally from the bloody curses of the witches that hunts us all the time…
love ya marbas and plz teach me more on how to be a stronger magician i promise to be less lazy :blush:


Thank you godform Fotamecus, I am grateful to you for everything you have done for me.


Thank you Raphael for the healing. I got pleuritic chest pain a few days ago and it was getting worse to the point where i couldn’t breathe properly, a few hours after calling him it’s gone :slight_smile: And also for helping tons with my depression and anxiety. He’s really a great healer


Thank you Prince Sitri your sudden “visit”, your time, your honest, true words to me! Thousand thanks for that You doesn’t let me to get blinded by my fear, uncertainty and ego.

…AND also thanks for the pleasant sight you grant me . :tongue::kiss::revolving_hearts:

I won’t be ungrateful with You.


Our dishwasher has been faulty on and off and can’t afford to replace it.
The engineer keeps repairing it under insurance but it never is a permanent fix. I just asked a Lord Lucifer to make them replace it and…within minutes of me saying that the engineer said the control board had gone and is obsolete, the dishwasher will need to be replaced.
What a result!!!
Thank you so much Lord Lucifer :grinning: