Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!


Thank you Lord Lucifer, President Marbas and Telgaga your help in healing is amazing. Sweet rice will be served in your honor.


I want to thank Prince Amon for helping me with my romantic situation. It’s getting very close to reconciliation but not quite there yet. So I will continue to work with him. Thank you Amon! :heart:


Thank you Archangel Michael for your help and protection. I really appreciate it.


I want to thank Santa Muerte, for everything, really. But this message of gratitude is especially for the 2 scratch-off lottery ticket wins, back to back! I know that was you. Thank you.

Also, tremendous thank you for being SO understanding and wonderful. I love you, Mama! You know what I’m thanking you for… just being you! :heart::heart::heart:


I would really like to thank Abaddon fof the awesome teachings and sorry if i didn’t get around to it, also teaching me to see clear images of a section of a section of a Asteroid belt out deep in space for showing me a massive comet ploughing from a section of a asteroid belt sending colossal size asteroids and some hurtling towards our planet warning we have less than 300 days before one about the size of Texas hits Earth, Pacific ocean impact, can everyone one feel it something is coming i can sense it very strongly i have never felt this before, use the force everyone use you feelings, i can sense it the collapse is upon us be Abaddon wants everyone to be prepared also don’t go around preaching it, as would wide panic, i thank you my friend Abaddon now i know what you are you warn something is coming. And i an greatfull and thank you.

“Must be right about 2020”


I want to thank King Paimon so so much. He helped me a lot with my situation. And I for sure will continue to work with him.


Thank you King Beleth for your help clearing up that little issue.


Update i want to give a great thanks to Azazel for assisting me and help teaching me he’s always had my back ever dince i met him i greatly respect him. I want to thank King Paimon im just starting out with him but i k ow its goibg to go great with him by my side as well


I would like to give thanks to all the Spirits, Demons and Gods. I always know they are there and wanted to publicly thank them for all they do for all of us in our daily lives. While I have not officially performed an evocation yet, “They know I will” and I can feel their eagerness and anticipation for that day to come. EA, thanks for making your self available and vulnerable for the sake of spreading this knowledge.


I use to be scared at the thought of working with King Belial and now I couldn’t imagine my life without him. Thank you for turning my life upside down and helping me get it properly straight again. Thank you for helping me bust through all of my self limiting beliefs and moving forward to the amazing life that I’m meant to live. King Belial is the man!!!


Thank you Lakshmi for the extra hours!


Big thanks to prince sitri for an amazing night :blush: he’s not just for sex and lust but also human connection! Also a thank you clauneck for bringing me another job before my main job starts next month :blush: thanking all the angels who worked on this too!


A Very BIG THANK YOU to Saint Expedite!! :heart:
There was a part of land that my family was trying to sell since last year but all the efforts were in vain. I started praying to Saint Expedite and was frustrated when I saw nothing happening until this year in the first week of April, I realised that I wasn’t clear with my petition, with what I really needed his help for so I rephrased my petition in which I mentioned of how we need an immediate buyer for the land and I prayed to him for a few days and when I saw nothing happening I was frustrated and I was just standing in front of his picture and said, ‘even you didn’t help me’ and I was upset and 2-3 days later my father suddenly got a call from someone who immediately wanted to buy our land!!! And it’s sold!! Thank you to the Great Saint Expedite, I will now be able to finally attend college.
Everyone, who needs quick help, who needs no procrastination, Saint Expedite will help. Just be clear with your petition.
Thank you Thank you Thank you Saint Expedite!!
Glory to you! :heart::heart::heart::heart:


Big thanks to Prince Orobas who healed my heart and made it stronger. Emotional past literally caused my heart to break and become a little weak in the past few months but it was fixed minutes after I asked him for help! 055-Seal-of-Orobas-q100-500x500


Thank you, Duke Gusion :slightly_smiling_face:


I had a pretty rare health issue, ever since I was young, randomly when I ejaculated I would suffer from intense pain that would last for up to an hour. Eventually I found out that this is due to a misfiring nerve that is part of the ejaculation process.

Inspired by @StewardofSophia when he talked about his ancestor work and how they made him feel sexual attraction to women in order to create descendants, I talked to my ancestors and pointed out that I would have a similar problem due to the sheer pain involved. They agreed, and for the next two days a single nerve on the inside of my left nostril kept randomly firing. They moved the problem to another area where it eventually faded without continued stimulus. Since then I have had no pain.

Of course, other things I asked about ended up with me losing my job, but I think it might have been for the best.

Thank you ancestors.


Thank you Belial and Lucifer for assisting me and giving me advice.

My apologies to Lucifer, but I know it is getting better


Thank you, kind spirits, for erasing 4k debt off my SO’s plate in one sweep.
I am beyond grateful and I will return the favour somehow asap.
I don’t know why I deserve such kindness but be assured that this benelovent act won’t be forgotten.


Thank you Mahakali for helping me exorcise my skeletons and for bringing a situation in my life to a close! Thank you to the forces that be for protecting and guiding me on my journey! Om Kring Kalikaye Namah!


A big thank you to Agares. Belial mentioned I needed to use Agares for my issues and he has been quick, thorough and a charm. He is a great power to utilise and needs to get more recognition for how bloody good he is