Member's Bad Experience (Re: "Are Demons Trustworthy")

Well I would say not really.

They have admitted to trying to kill me about 900 times, spent 42 years attacking and trying to destroy my life before I was even there, ate the soul of my dead baby son and I lived for just under 3 years knowing that each and everyday might be my last, on several occassions it really very nearly was. And no I didn’t do anything to provoke them, simply they lied to me when they first revealed themselves to me, said they were God, (Yahweh, Jesus etc) I accepted them as such then they ripped my life apart. Job, relationship, my son, my friends, my family etc. They never gave a reason why other than they like doing this. When I asked how many were doing this to me the numbers always changed but it was very many each time. I tried forgiving them, but they saw this as a sign of invitation to do it again and my life got worse. I asked for help from Jesus, Michael etc and they had their own evil version of Jesus (Jesus Christ devil) Michael, Gabriel, Mary etc and they all took my prayers and calls of help as invitations to come in and make my life even worse.
Actually the devil that said it ate my son came to my room, manifested itself there and tried to convince me to sell my soul to it. Note its body was full of souls that it was feeding off and tormenting. I ended up freeing those souls from the devil (said it was Shaitan) and turning the devil from a black humanoid mass into a white colour that dissolved into the air.
Be careful they might help you a bit but they will always want far more back in return even if they do not tell you about it upfront.

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Sounds heavily Christian influenced.


Not really, they took me down a biblical journey, murdered my family, destroyed my life, and openly admitted to wanting to kill torture and torment all life on earth until all was dead.

I thought no, that’s not right let me do what I can to try and stop this from happening. In a nutshell thats about it. At the time I had not been to church for 26 years. didnt even believe in demons and devils, so nope no religious zeal or agenda from my part. Simply and purely justice and wrong ones out of power.


The infernal don’t have their “evil versions” of any you stated though. Nor do the Judeo pantheon or the infernal pantheon really care about the Bible and it’s word.


I watched demons feeding on innocent souls, eating them, raping them, and killing them by raping them, they did this in front of me, they admitted to raping their mothers, raping their daughters, eating babies, and possessing people when they had sex to lay claim over any babies born which they would then claim as owned for themselves and as such take over their lives (unknowingly) when they were born. They also showed me an eternity of slavery they were doing on other life forms, how they were stealing their memories, and injecting them with all the hatred and guilt of their actions to turn people violent and against one another leading to war and conflict which they loved. It was nasty, no religious influence really, just plain old conflict between good and evil.


Yeah sounds heavily Christian I’m sorry but you sure you just didn’t deal with your own manifested fears of demons?

Good and evil is a heavily subjective idea based.


yeah no manifested fears as i have no fears of anything of the supernatural / preternatural realms.
Good and evil is not subjective, its very clear cut. And no this is nothing to do with Christianity really, anyone or anything can be good or evil, religion in that regard has no importance. Simple fact is I’ve seen, experienced and felt, plus fought and experienced and seen much pain and anguish come out of these places all deliberately inflicted for the purpose of causing pain and death, torment and torture by a number of beings. These beings in virtually every case have been demons and devils.
I appreciate you may think of them in a positive light, but remember the name is not so important (as most of them lie about this) if something identifies itself as a demon or a devil and they will do so according to the definition in the english dictionary then it is an admittal that they are inclined to be evil and a warning before going any further. As a general rule they will take much more than they give as for them it is all about the take, not the give, its just the way they are.

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Yep, this sounds more mental not spiritual.


Well each to their own, fact is demons actually are the cause of most mental illnesses and conditions anyway. This is and has been documented and known for many years. They see the human body as a play thing a tool to mock and oppose god through, so if they can mess with the body or the brain then they are making what was said to be “God’s creation” imperfect and faulty. Its the ultimate statemnent of desolution against god.
I’ve met with many demons / devils, literally thousands, they’ve manifested themselves infront of me, chatted tried to tempt me, picked me up off my feet thrown me against walls etc. No manifestation of fears. Just saying be careful, they like to take not give and anything that will enable them to take more than they can give they will do this.

Not to offend but, you sure it’s not just in your head? That’s a great story your telling. Maybe write a book and get paid for it? It would help the finance part of your life in this crazy corona virus situation. And if the stories are real then you have a written record to educate future generations.

I just question it cuz demons wouldn’t want to focus so much on one person. Even with the limited experience i have of them. It don’t make logical sense.

As for being trustworthy? I don’t think any being is trustworthy. They can betray you in an instant due to ego and desire. Blood families even kill each other for gain and profit. The mind is programmable to do crazy shit. Trust is not solid. It can be broken easily as majority have weak will.


That’s the very reason good and evil is subjective because it’s each to their own.

You’re regurgitating a heavily wounded christian ideology, demons don’t do any of that and angels are just as deadly if not more.

There’s no evil versions of michael, jesus, and so forth, that’s something your imagination created quite possibly due to some trauma or mental issue, if not parasites.


In my head no, its just what it is. Am simply saying what I am saying based on experience, history, what has happened to me, what I’ve seen happen to others and its always the same sort of story.
When your pulled out of your bed at night by an unforseen force arching your back backwards, strangling you. throwing you across the room back and forth for about 3 hours and saying I want to kill you. You know its real. When your body is under possession as mine has been previously not through anything that I’ve done and a voice comes out of your mouth in a female voice citing unknown knowledge and making your walk across the room backwards and so on, again there’s not questions as to the reality of it all.

The reason they spent so much time on me is simple, I had awoken to their presence in my life and what they were doing to it and also to others around me. When a person wakes up to that they don’t want that person outing them, ie showing others that they are there and so they attempt to possess a person (take them over and thus become one with them and so take away the will of the person to fight them or even know they are there anymore). Alternatively they want to make them afraid so they don’t tell or kill them so they can’t tell. Its about survival really for them at this level, not allowing their presence to be known.


u can fight them off easily. Stronger will and healthy mind/body/spirit . Your energy body will protect itself. That’s why many energy workers . real ones not fake ones train to manipulate energy. For health and protection. Tai chi and martial arts like aikido helps. Energy martial arts.


Next time you “work” with demons ask them about what they call “The World In opposite” its a place they have conjured up to turn the tables on everything. For every “good” being out there they imitate it with their own version of that, and they mimic those beings / entities, pretend to be them and so on to deceive others into letting them in.
I am a demonologist and no all this stuff comes from their imagination, its beyond my making up and I am not about traitoring the names of other beings, not my business.


I can’t ask demon nothing. we aren’t in communication mode. it’s only one way so far. haha… I cast spell ask request and hope i get my results. lol =o)

For all i know. All my request is done by my guardian angel pretending to be all the many demons i request help from. :man_shrugging: So vast, the universe and entity/beings. i’m clueless as everyone. haha.

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a world conjured up, so the astral/mental plane.

I dont work with demons, I befriend them and form bonds, good and evil only exist in your own moral bubble and mind, the astral/mental manifests those fears, desires, ideals, and throw them back at you in your own space. So I don’t see how that tells me what you’re talking about isn’t in your own mental space/reality.


Sounds like a parasite pretending to be
someone they aren’t for negitive energy fodder 🤷


People on here have no trouble believing that they can take a skull from someone who donated their body to medical science, in defiance of all Church dogma, for the good of mankind, and send that person’s soul to a plane where it will be tormented eternally for their own enjoyment; that demons can and will kill, maim, cause miscarriage, and do any amount of collateral damage; that parasites exist, outside of any constructive or evolutionary relationship to mankind; and that some religions are based on a desire to enslave and control manklind.

But criticise a “demon” and wow, you’re suddenly completely invalidated. :thinking:

@BenjaminChrist I moved your posts to a new topic in the White Magick section, which is for people whose magick and spirital experiences have either a religious ethic underlying them, or relate to topics of intertest to religious people.

I don’t find anything you’re saying contrary to the many things members discuss demons doing on here, the only difference is you’re not pretending to be in control of causing it.

If you claimed you had caused all the things you describe to happen to someone else who had annoyed you, your posts would be warmly welcomed and receive a lot of “Likes” and questions of how you accomplished these feats.


I’d question it still, saying all demons rape, kill, etc or saying you did it with the help of demons, still bode questions or call on what is a big iffy redflag, then again yeah the lhp people on here probably would welcome and ask how.


I was thinking about Nightmare on Elm Street, to be honest :thinking:

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