Member’s Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here, Part two!

Thank you Leraje. All masks are off.


Thank you Belial. Thank you Belial for ensuring I continue to live in a LUXURY apartment rent-free. Instead of paying the owner in cash I pay the owner through services. Also, the owner recently RENOVATED AND UPGRADED my apartment without raising my rent. I highly suggest working with Belial. I used the connective evocation rituals from Demons of Magick by Gallery of Magick. Thank you again Belial. Hail BELIAL


Thank you Oriens for shifting the fuck how I view money. Thank you Goddess Hestia go for your warm & good smelling food. Last but certainly not least to you Archangel Raziel for staying with me on this scary run… love y’all


I feel this is from a ritual I did with Bune a long time ago for wealth. Just today I ended up finding a huge bag of old British and French coins and they’re really cool!:smiley: thanks Bune!

Time to do a bunch of research on them and then maybe I can pawn them😃

It also came with 3 old 1 dollar bills that I can use for parts in more wealth rituals. Cause I did that with asteroth once I rubbed blood on a dollar bill for asteroth :smiley:thank you again Bune


Thank you, King Belial!

You always come through and work super fast for me! Took only 1-2 days for the request to happen, you’re the best!!! <3


Thank you Leraje and Orobas, for getting one really unnecessary and time consuming task off my back once and for all.
Thank you Bune, for letting me receive a refund instead of the usual utilities statement (which is REAL witchcraft, considering the current energy costs, ha).


Once again I’d like to thank Raphael, Michael, Marbas, Alexander and everyone else who does not stop fighting.
I feel like people are getting tired, and it would be so wonderful just going back to everyday life, pretending everything is alright. I would love to do that.

But here we go again, the candles are burning.

There won’t be a Shire, Pippin.


Performed my second connective evocation and decided to work with Orias. All I can say is, “WOW!!”. He had a lot to say and I had to slow him down several times. It was a free flowing conversation and very insightful; I even had some visions illustrating things he spoke about. Whenever I questioned something, he actually elaborated as to why he was saying certain things. The entire interaction felt like a cross between a session with Iyanla Vanzant and a convo with a bff. Very chill, animated, and insightful. I’ll wait to see how the results unfold as I follow his guidance, but felt compelled to share this experience.


Hi everyone. This is my first time posting and I would like to dedicate this post to Sallos. I suspect he assisted me with someone I really needed help with and I say suspect because I’m new to this world and my senses are barely developed, I didn’t make any ritual per se, I didn’t even use his sigil but I’ve been trying to focus my energy in that something and (sorry if this sounds stupid) I just talked to him out loud.

The case is that in a particular night that I was a bit high I saw Sallos sigil in a lamp in my friend’s house and I just spoke to him. I stated what my desire was and what I would offer. The thing is after that night I had the feeling that something was about to happen, I didn’t know how and I didn’t know when but I stopped feeling so anxious about my desire and started focusing on different stuff, at least partially.

A week later or so I received a text message from this person. The text was so random and rather ambiguous, considering the last time we talked we weren’t in good terms. A few days later I was able to spend some time with them. Everything was so unexpected,I still get a weird feeling each time I remember the text message.

I’m so glad and grateful. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity. Hail Sallos!


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Thanking Bune for all his love that he manifests to me. With his comforts too. He was comforting me about something right before I started writing this.
Hail Bune!
Hail Lucifer!


I would like to thank Vepar and Andras for help with diseases and issues in my pet birds. With their help and medical help they survived.

I would also like to thank Belial in sourcing me a great new place to live. It has been a huge stress and it is now coming to an end. I even have his sigil which I shall wear with pride.


President Valac!! Is very interactive to me…

To have an ally who can tell about the past, present and future is very worth.

President Valac for wealth and prosperity but you need to have a plan on hand and be specific.

Enn: Avage Secore On Ca Valac


Thank you Tagora and Diopes,

I gave a lend of money to an old aquantance and he didn’t pay me back within the week I asked, so I called upon Tagora and Diopes to help me get it back.
Still waiting.

Just a few days ago a good friend offered me more work with extra income 3 times the amount per week more than I lend to that person.

Thank you Tagora and Diopes. From LHD


Orobas, thank you for the unconventional yet effective inspiration.
Glasya-Labolas, I don’t even have to say anything at this point anymore :fire:


To Duchess Bune, thank you for showing me sensitivity & for being a listening ear. I’m having a tough time processing the recent death of my Navy buddy because I never got a chance to say goodbye to him. He was such a good friend to me and I loved him.

I asked you to pass on a message to him for me, asking for forgiveness, as well as a few other things, asked for a clear & bold sign he received them, forgave me etc., and then went on about my night. As soon as I went to a good sleep, boom…loud crash in the bathroom. Sounded like someone slammed against the door. No one was in there, of course.

The sound was loud, boisterous & waking me up, just like my Navy buddy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: we were stationed on an island overseas & there really were no good phones, so he would bam on my door to wake me up everyday.

Thank you Duchess Bune. You’re a beacon of light in my otherwise dark days…


Thank you Dushara and Al-Qaum, for making them return safely back home after months and a really bleak outlook. I am speechless. Nothing has been ever in vain. Not now, not back then. Thank you.


Hello, I hope my post finds you all well.

I would like to honor Beelzebub and his name, for working with him gave me incredible insight and is bringing into existence beyond compare changes in my life.
Over the course of these months, I can see a better view of the big picture and it simply is magical.

I did a pathworking with Beelzebub, with the help of the book Lucifer and the Hidden Demons by Theodore Rose and The Order of Unveiled Faces. It was of to create an increase in personal beauty.

I find the expression of this working very beautiful, on this path I also found my passion. My passion not only makes me more mindful, graceful and healthy both physically and mentally, moreover it makes me incredibly happy.

I had no prior experience with working with Beelzebub, I find his ways fascinating, and with great taste.



I am beyond grateful to you for the guidance and the abundance you’ve showered upon me. :heart::heart::heart::heart:


Thanks to Azazel, Buer and Lilith for their outstanding success in curing a major health problem.

If you have a similar situation, it would be in your best interest to seek help !