Melchiresa's Spell - Death Curse

This spell summons the power of an ancient Trinity of Satan, Belial and Melchiresa. It’s a curse to harm a victim, even capable to cause the death of the target. Prefered days of performing the spell saturdays or tuesdays. Ingredients:

  • 1 candle
  • Salt
  • Pepper (1 spoon)
  • Coriander handfull (powder would be excellent)
  • the heart of a pig
  • 3 thorns or similar
  • knife or Athame
  • cauldron or censer
  • Glas or similar
  • optional cemetery dirt, a spider’s web
  1. Say: in the name of Satan! Trace the magic circle and at:
  • West vibrate Leviathan trace in the Air an inverted Pentagram,
  • North vibrate Belial + inverted Pentagram,
  • East vibrate Lucifer + inverted Pentagram,
  • South vibrate Baal + inverted Pentagram. It’s ok to use the same prefered inverted Pentagram to the 4 corners.
  1. Light the candle and then take the coriander in the right hand with some salt and Black pepper. Say:
    Salt and Coriander I conjure thee
    By Satan, by Belial, by Melchiresa cursed be!
    Not as salt and coriander I call thee
    But the heart of ____ (target)

  2. Now throw the powder in the flames of the cauldron/censer. Say:
    As thou burnst
    so let the heart of ____(target) burn
    and bring it quickly here to me!
    Conjured by Satan, by Belial, by Melchiresa
    So mote it be!

  3. Take the pig’s heart in the left hand. Say:
    _____ (target) i summon thee
    By Satan, by Belial, by Melchiresa cursed be!
    Mighty Evil Trinity enter in ____(target)
    Attack and harm her/his heart most terribly!

  4. Take the athame make a cut in the pig’s heart and visualise how the target drops ill/ or dead. Or is hospitalised and eventually dead. Now the 3 thorns push them deep inside and say: one for Satan, one for Belial and one for Melchiresa! Throw inside some pepper, salt, coriander, the ashes and optional cemetery dirt and a spider’s web. Put it in the glas. Say:
    It is done!

  5. Laugh like mad. Thank the guardians and the satanic Trinity. Take the Glas with the spell and burry it at the Crossroads or in the woods or other dark magical place and go without looking back.

Hail Satan!



If you need more power against a Christian or muslim target and empower this spell here it is the satanic our father prayer, the reversed style :fire:

Reverof yrolg eht dna,
Rewop eht dna, modgnik
Eht si eniht rof, live morf su reviled tub
Noitatpmet otni ton su dael
Su tsniaga ssapssert ohw esoht
Evigrof ew sa sessapssert ruo su evigrof dna
Daerb yliad ruo yad siht su evig
Nevaeh ni si ti sa htrae no
Enod eb lliw yht, emoc modgnik yht
Eman yht eb dewollah
Nevaeh ni tra ohw rehtaf ruo.



Do I have to use it?

It is impossible for me to get that

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I used chicken heart instead.


Oh I thought it was for love spell

Have u ever done such a curse

I’m currently writing a book on curses. I have a curse I made here on BALG too.

Please share the curse which you wrote in here


Well the pig through DNA is a being very similar to humanoid. Nevertheless you can use the heart of another animal which you can find in the local stores

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