The MOST DANGEROUS Curse I ever made (Latin)

Hello everyone today I decide to post this curse that I devised which can be used to punish and destroy an individual easily. The curse is very powerful and can be used to totally destroy your enemy. Before you decide to use it you must be ready to kill that person with a knife and stab him in the face with it. That is the amount of hatred required.

First Evoke Abaddon and ask him if he can remove or destroy the protections of your victim. It is a pain if the victim has a protection.

You will need items

Knife,Chicken head,red thread,black or skull candle and nails

On the edge of your land or in a remote room of your house lit a fire. The fire is going to be used to consecrate the nail.

Heat the nail in the fire while calling on spirits of infernal to fully transform the flames into fires from hell so that it may impart the ability to bind on the nail.

Light the black or skull candle while facing north. The time must be the hour of Saturn on the day of Saturn. The moon should be waxing. (IF THE CURSE IS NOT VALID CHANGE THE PLANETARY ATTRIBUTION TO MARS)

Since the Saturn is planet of justice if the victim has wronged you he will suffer.

In front of the candle put the chicken head and place around it in a counter clockwise motion while chanting Zazas Zazas Nasatananda Zazas for nine times.

Move to your chicken head and call on the soul of the victim inside it. First call on his name and then visualize him being sucked into the skull and being bound to it.

Visualize the red thread you had to be transforming and being powered by spirits of hell and tie the head with it vertically so that it starts to cut into the head. While doing so chant:

You who have given me harm I bind thee
With the power of the lords I bind thy ability to protect thyself from my judgement
As the incarnation of the living lord I speak
I bind thy soul and thy heart with inability to protect
So it is done

Then read the crime of the victim and feel the rage flowing into the head while you vibrate. At this point dark entities should be starting to be attracted to your location. Finally do the chant while focusing on the hate and utter annihilation of your victim and exhaust all of it.

Ego Tus Evocare!
Omnis Obscuram Protestas!
Omnis Spiritus Obscuram

Visualize your knife burning with spirits of your rage and the nearby dark entities waiting for your command. Plunge it into the head of the chicken and see your victim being destroyed! Say the final word with all of your powers and rage extinguished


Imagine the soul being butchered and destroyed by the entities of darkness that you gave it to.

Take the nail previously consecrated in flames and nail the head into the half burnt candle. Wrap it in black clothe or in a box and either bury it in the area of the victim or walk north and throw it in the nearest river.

The destruction curse is very dangerous and must be used with care



Love it.


Thanks man it was changed a bit by Satan while I was writing it.


Perfect, thanks for sharing

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Can I use white candle turned black with marker

I would prefer Acrylic paint.

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