Melchiresa's Ritual

Melchiresa is the third of an old trinity of magic. The Trinity of Melchiresa, Belial and the Dark Prince. She is a powerful Antichrist. It is time for the Antichrist to rise again.

Melchiresa is a powerful vampiric spirit, beautiful and attractive. Initially she shows herself as a Dark shadow, that by energy work reveals her true beauty. She loves jewels, sex, green smaragd colour, smaragd and rubies stones, strong fragrance perfume. She is to be called when luck in love, sex, finances is needed but also baneful magic especially when a victim stands in the way.

I declare this Ritual opened!

West: call of Leviathan
Say: Jedan tasa hoet naca Leviathan
Trace the inverted Pentagram in the air *

North: Belial
Say: Lirach tasa vefa wehl Belial
Trace the inverted Pentagram in the air

East: Lucifer
Say: Renich tasa uberaca biasa icar Lucifer
Trace the inverted Pentagram in the air

South: Baal
Say: Ayer secore on ca Baal
Trace the inverted Pentagram in the air

In the center call Satan: Satan protect me and empower my ritual. (doing the magic circle tracing it in the air or either with salt or sprinkle with personalised water starting from West, South, East, North than ending in the West point of the magic circle)

Melchiresa’s call:
Etsel mala’kel
test’zel sam’tan’el
Itz retz nama’tel
Itz hel asta’rel
kama’kala kama’kala
kama’kala satan’el
Melchiresa kama
Melchiresa kala
Melchiresa kama’kal vel
Me vaskalla
Me solvalla
Me res’alla ah’tan’tel.

Eko Eko Melchiresa
Litau izer osnas
Eko Eko Melchiresa
Siras etar besanar!

Eko eko Melchiresa
Bagabi Laca Bachabe/Lamac Cahi Achababe
Karrelyos Lamac Lamec Bachalyas
Cabahagy Sabalyos Baryolos
Lagoz Atha Cabyolas
Samahac Et Famyolas Harrahya

I do this Ritual so… (Make the Statement how can Melchiresa help you. remember she helps with luck, gambling, lovers but also vamping and bane work.)

In the power of the words: rokes pilatus zotoas, i direct the invisible servitors of the Earth under the Trinity of Satan, Belial and Melchiresa shape the future and bring me… (the needed Lover… /amount of money… /lucky Numbers…) I seal this calling with the words of power: Tulitas Zatanitos. So mote it be! (x3)

Umpesta (x7)

HAIL Satan! Hail Belial! Hail Melchiresa!
It is done!

  • it is better to trace the same inverted Pentagram to the 4 elements. Can be done with athame, wand or the hand.
  • one candle, incense strong fragrance is also needed

do you know if she can help me get a fuckbuddy/girlfriend


there is her sigil

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Melchiresa is an Archdemoness, ancient and powerful.
As for relationships yes it is affirmative. Very favourable for Sex relationships especially Sodom and Gomorrha related.



did you use the sigil i gave you? I would like to know if it worked

If the question was for me i contacted Melchiresa through Satan and Belial. I used the inverted Pentagram of spirit

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Melchiresa is also a very powerful entity to ban abrahamic egregors. The Trinity of power Satan, Belial, Melchiresa will crush abrahamic egregors influences near the witch


Have you seen results for gambling?

She is attuned to Jupiter so everything what has to do with jewels, opulence, riches, Sex, Sodom and Gomorra so probably gambling is also one of her specialities as an excess and enjoying it like an orgasm.