Meet me a lottery ticket!

This is not about wealth magic per se but there’s an old joke about the guy who prays and prays to God to make him a millionaire…he sits on the beach and prays every day. Days go by,…weeks go by…nothing happens…finally he gets pissed off when he doesn’t become at all wealthier and he says ‘God fuck you…we’re done’…then a booming voice appears from the skies "You idiot meet me halfway…at least buy a fucking lottery ticket or something!!

It’s funny but it belies the point that I tend to think that Demons give us success when we have hit a slump and don’t give a fuck…we’ve lost faith in them and then BOOM totally out of the blue the success happens and it’s usually only later on we realize shit that was Duke x or King y who made that happen for me!

What do you think should we sit back and rest and totally forget our Demonic requests or actively go about industriously trying to make them happen daily looking out for cues and possibilities and opportunities?


I believe in “getting in the corridor” (to borrow a phrase from author T. Harv Eker) for things you want, so, ther latter, not just sitting on your butt :smiley: - I wrote a whole load about this here and it all applies outside Law of Attraction, as well:

If you want to own a circus, the chances are that you’re not in any kind of corridor for that - get a job as a salesman for trapeze equipment, though, and you’re right in the corridor and infinitely more likely to start getting the information and opportunities you need. :sunny:


This is similar to the idea of being worthy of your goal.

Elubatel, one of the Angels of Omnipotence, has a habit of turning people’s lives upside down, and when asked why, telling people they are unworthy. Jason Miller wrote an excellent article on his Strategic Sorcery blog regarding this, and says it has nothing to do with morality, but with setting your life up to receive the gift you’re asking for.

For example, if you are a wage slave, living paycheck to paycheck, your life isn’t really set up for wealth, so if that is what you ask for from a spirit like Elubatel, you may end up losing your job and having everything thrown into chaos in order to free up the channels for manifestation because your job isn’t scaleable to what you asked for.


This touches on a couple of staples that get talked about here all the time:

  1. Don’t “lust for results” - phrase coined by EA, means don’t get weird about watching for it to happen
  2. Get your skin in the game
  3. Don’t be impatient (kinda like 1, but people sometimes want to state timeframes and that usually doesn’t work well)

If you can develop the ability to watch the energy flows or do divinations to prevent (1) that helps.


No disrespect, but I dont think EA was the first to use that term.

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I agree with what everyone else here said. I think that if you request for something you need to put in the work as well-meeting them halfway. If not it’s like waiting for the food to cook if you haven’t turned on the stove!:joy:

I think many people ignore this too, and then blame the spirit/deity/universe for it. “Half-assed efforts will yield half-assed results.”


Yeah I agree with @NeoFightTheNyophite, that was already used by Crowley in his time.


I think paradoxically, success comes when you do both!

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Where I’m having trouble with this is baneful magic. When it comes to money, career etc., I can see how meeting halfway would be beneficial. My experience with love (lust :wink:) magic has yielded results because of work I’ve done on myself and positioning. But right now I have some baneful stuff out there that is SO hard for me not to lust after results. There’s not too much I can do to help the situation along, so is “set it and forget it” appropriate in some circumstances but not others?

If you could expand on this a bit, would love to hear more.

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