Maybe it's worth saying

Maybe this is worth saying, also please understand I don’t mean to be rude to anyone, but maybe this is worth saying.

If you are jumping into Magick suddenly with the idea of fixing all your issues, you may not be successful.

If you are jumping into Magick while being emotionally strained, not only may you not be successful you may actual do more damage. Magick is a very emotional thing, it has a tendency to make many of angry or overall agitated individuals, myself included. Doesn’t mix well if you are depressed.

If you are jumping into Magick to see things, such as deamons. You may not be successful. These beings don’t like to waste time and they know if you are just dicking around.

So again, please don’t think I am being rude. I am seeing a ton of these posts and no one else is saying it. Magick is not for party tricks, you need not worry about seeing or hearing things so long as you put your will into it, please don’t jump into it when you are struggling emotionally, but most of all enjoy it. Too many get worked up in results due to life stress that they nullify the results desired.


I agree particularly with that, magick is incremental, there is no “one weitrd trick” to fix everything overnight without you needing to change or alter a single thing, but the more you do, ideally backed up with some program of some kind that makes you both feel better about yourself, and also functionally perform better in various ways, will help.

Personally I favour the Science of Mind ideas for this, because they come from the same origins as western magick (and eastern thought as well, that “self and Self” are aspects of the same whole) and they can improve your mental experience and relationships with the world.


I think it’s definitely worth saying. I completely agree. You bring up a lot of points that I think are important that people understand.



Sort of agree! It can help people sometimes, depending on the issue.

That…I agree like 1/4 with. Sometimes, people see entities when they don’t even mean to. This part is easier to accomplish.

It’s good advice, for the most part. I like where you’re coming from and I hope that some of the tourists and the neophytes who wander through take heed. <3


Let me clarify, many just want to jump into this to see something crazy, but they have no real intended purpose beyond that. I find this careless and I believe if a person needs that level of convincing of that degree to begin with then magick may not be the way for some.

Yes magick can be good for you, but for the emotionally distraught it can be ill-advised.


The biggest problem I observe is people who don’t believe in their heart of hearts that magick is real, so they do reckless stuff that would make a more experienced magician’s hair stand up in horror trying to get some kind of phenomena for entertainment’s sake, to prove a point, whilst also retaining the idea nothing bad can really happen to them.

It’s like being a 300lbs couch potato who watches a lot of kung fu movies, one day he pops out for more chips and soda, and sees a gang of thugs in a car park harassing some innocent person.

So he wades in with big talk and putdowns because in the movies people who do that always have the upper hand, and everyone knows bad guys jump you one at a time, just in time for the next choreographed kick and punch, and they always have a glass jaw.

This scenario would not end well, shit would get way too real, way too fast - and magick is real, spirits can and will fuck you up if you conduct yourself in certain ways, just as people will. :man_shrugging:


Pain is one form of initiation. I speak from experience.


@Mapachtli @Lady_Eva yeah, absolutely, one should know what they’re getting into. That’s why I called out “tourists” in my response. =)
I have seen magick drive people insane or very close to it when they didn’t believe, but saw shit happen.


The only thing I take a slight position of disagreement with is the depression thing. Depression can be overcome through magick. How else will one overcome it and become “ready” to start practicing? I’m just saying, who’s really ready to practice? In the magick that I do, I create emotions and thoughtforms during ritual which direct energy through intent and will. Even if I was feeling depressed before the ritual, the meditation and other techniques I use get me into an altered state in which I can feel and think what I need to in order to change myself or my situation. Depression can be overcome/bypassed.


Yes, the LHP philosophy as distinct from RHP and the saturation of new age and Christian concepts were contributing factors in my problems, and exploring LHP fixed that, I posted about it before: How has the left hand path changed you?


Good point mate, but I would say that there have to be a fun element into it ( with sufficient caution). Because the main reason people leave magic at step one is that they expect immediate result, which is not going to happen for a neophyte. And yes if you are delving into magic with the expectation of fixing everything at the first try, you are nothing but a fool. It takes years of practice to reach even mid level in sorcery.


This post reminds me, that I find it very odd, that some people seem to think Magick is the answer to all of life’s problems/questions/troubles. It seems obssessive to me. The thought that some spirit/deity etc, should always be ready to stand by and help with every little detail of someone’s life seems too selfish. It also seems like some people try to claim, that Magick, the spirit world etc. is some kind of hierarchy, where you just need to find the right way of climbing the ladder, which seems way too easy, and not taking anything wild, unpredictable and not least natural (supernatural) into consideration.

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Magick doesn’t fix mundane stupidity.
If you are stupid enough to spend all your money on a new gadget to impress someone (you don’t know) and then not have enough money to pay for rent - that is YOUR problem not Du/chess/ke Bune’s issue or Lord Clauneck’s problem. If you let “friends” have access to a bank card for whatever reason and they clean you out - that is your issue not the entity’s to resolve. If you choose to do something illegal and you are caught, you can sit there all you want reciting enns and hoping in desperation to get pulled out of a fix.

You make it you own it.
If you create a spell and you do not word it correctly, or you think it’s a bit of a joke - best case scenario it won’t work - worst case it will exactly as you worded it. It is what you wanted - take responsibility. Yep, that goes for all those lovely people who worship the sky daddy and yet love the law of attraction and all those lovely energies as well - hmmn, you know where they all come from don’t you? You blow out birthday candles and make wishes yet go pray on a Sunday…

Yep - I make it I own it - I bind I accept, he bound me before and since again - and we will forever whether we want to or not.

Well there I said it.

Instant gratification vs long game.
It’s serious stuff, it’s a long game - you may not do it consistently but it is a long game and the prize may not be instant. Do you really want the prize? Will you still want the prize if he’s heavier, has less hair, not quite as fit?

Those who know, know… those who play expect instant tricks.

If you are dumb enough to have been caught out by an instant result you have another think coming - you were tested.

Oh and then there is the work on yourself. Are you worthy of that prize at this point in your life? What do you need to change about you?

I don’t have all the answers, I simply don’t sugar coat anything because I realise that I need to change myself as well.


I’ve somewhat experienced all the referenced “fails”: fixing issues, seeing things… The thoughts occurring to me at the moment are that, in some occasions, I felt interest for this or that author of magic and got back reading/studying what he wrote. So at least I do something I like and, apparently, I need as well. After all, different skills must be considered: on one hand divination, evocation… and, on the other, visualization, energy raising etc.
Useful also an advice by EA in the muggle guide’s vid: to enjoy the workings instead of obsessing over results.

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Bottom line. Don’t get into magick of you’re LAZY, incompetent, greedy and want a quick fix. You are literally opening up your mind and spirit to ancient entities. Shit gets real. If you want or expect hocus pocus, might I suggest dungeons and dragons. If you’re dedicated and a hustler, step on board.


Well, I see what you’re saying, but for me, it actually has helped me quite a bit.

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Like a lot of things in life if someone wants for some sort of perfect ideal time to start practicing Magick, it will never happen. Some situations might be better than others but when it comes down to it if we put things off until the " perfect time" then we will keep putting it off and putting it off and putting it off. Never getting anywhere. Major life decisions seem to work that way.

And I feel you on the benefits to mental health. That resonates.


Well i got started out curiosity from beimg a Christian to kabbla golden dawn than Wicca left several times now back lol don’t think anyone is ever ready and for those called find there way
Just as a side note most of Golden Dawn people had major fallimgs in life didn’t stop them from greatness

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For some it is about turning to spirits, when there is nothing else left. I know a man like Peter Grey, from Scarlet Imprint, talks about that as his personal experience, and I recognize it with myself as well. And one can add very simply, that if you do not approach this with humility, you are a fool.


So true I lost about everything twice in last three years sad think of it like that yes when nothing left Demons will help and welcome you lol

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