May I use menstrual blood as an offering?

I find it tough to draw blood through my skin, so would it be acceptable to offer menstrual blood to stain on the sigil?

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To be frank, I use my menstrual blood when making a blood offering. Blood is blood, contrary to what some people think, it’s not dirty or nasty, just a natural process for us.

I don’t see why you shouldn’t do it.

Good luck.


Yes it’s acceptable as an offering.

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It’s ok. I’m a fan of Cagliastro’s opinion that bodily fluids can have ranking based on type and for blood even what parts of the body they come from. It’s possible to feel the energy in the fluid is subtly affected by the energy of the area it passes though.

Menstrual blood is not the same as blood - its a mixture of mucus, uterus lining and blood including the remnant of disintegrating blood vessels. It’s also an already dying product, so it doesn’t qualify as a sacrifice, though it’s still an offering.

Venous blood and arterial blood are different. One is de-oxygenated and more yin and the other more yang. For most purposes it doesn’t matter, mostly because you’re not thinking about it, but it can be useful as a value-add. This blood is blood you actively need to live, as such giving it is a sacrifice of a tiny bit of your life, and as the cells die on the sigil that life is gifted to the entity.


Absolutely, most Powerful Form of Magick Can be Produced Through Bodily Fluids, for Men it’s the seed, well harnessing it without spilling apon the earth, for Potency, Women Were Feared and Demonized By Ignorant Men in The Past for a Reason. Your Moons Blood is the most Sacred Offering if The Spirit your Working with is Premordial.
It’s the Natural gift From Gaia The Blood of Life. Not Blood by self harm so it’s much more powerful.



The Woman makes a Natural Sacrifice every month if you look at what your saying Through Neutrality the Eggs descending is the sacrifice. The Blood the Offering. It’s Premordial Power None can Match.

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Again, I use it and never had any issues or had it rejected as an offering because it wasn’t the same as the blood flowing through my veins. I was literally told blood is blood & was thanked. The fact that I gave what I could was enough for the spirit.

…but ok.


That’s not what the word sacrifice means. By definition, to sacrifice of to give up somethit you really wanted. It hurts to give it up. That’s where the magic lies.

A period isn’t something you can choose to give, ergo, it couldn’t ever be “sacrificed”. Same as killing an animal, it didn’t choose, and the operator doesn’t care about losing it, so it’s at best an offering.

A period will be flushed whether you like it or not. It’s a waste product. The egg is not sacrificed just because it wasn’t fertilised. In the case of women on the pill, there was no egg anyway.

In fact some entities could see that as tantamount to offering them feces or urine. All 3 are things the body is discarding. It’s best to ask first.


Exactly. They’re all different, and what they want and how they feel about it often, but doesn’t always, match the operator’s expectations. It’s good to ask.


Yet is it not the sacrifice they make in order to bear the seed of True creation? Albeit a Natural reoccurring one you may not really want yet her body knows what’s being sacrificed, which is in essence the body reacting to the loss of eggs and potential life. Idk I’m Native American yet My Ancestor Spirits are Egyptian and Sumerian. My mind puts it together that way, so I’m not arguing just stating what I know as fact. Yet I’m Male what do I know…

Everybody should do as they please, but personally, I don’t understand the use of menstrual blood, be it an offering, a sacrifice or using it for a painting.

This is right.
Also, menstrual blood seems to me like the easy way out. You don’t have to do anything, just collect it. So where’s the sacrifice in that?

Lots of people nowadays like to portray menstrual blood as the essence of life and yet they don’t consider an embryo to be life. Seems twisted to me.

However, you do you, so I agree with @Mulberry it is best to ask the spirit.


I don’t know if that was a subliminal jab at me because I’m basically the only vocal one here talking about using menstrual blood, but it kills me how some people on here pick and choose who they want to attack and when. It’s not an easy way out for me…maybe for some, but definitley not me. People are always so quick to judge without knowing one’s full story. Considering I went through a period where I grieved the death of my child shortly after giving birth to her, and then years and years of unexplained infertility, it’s almost symbolic for me. It doesn’t need to make sense for anyone else, just for me and the spirit involved.

Speaking of embryos, life begins at fertilization for me because of said loss of child. Embryos represent life to me.

I’ve seen a few people ask the same question & get an answer as to how to even collect the blood & didn’t get any negativity for it. But I get subs & whatnot…ok.

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Wow calm down, I wasn’t even talking about you. That was directed at everyone.
I didn’t even know that you’re “the only vocal one here talking about using menstrual blood”, so there’s no reason for you to get defensive and accuse me of “picking and choosing who they want to and attack”.


I’m not defensive, I just spoke my mind. I just noticed how I’m the only one that spoke up about using menstrual blood and then your comment popped up. Felt like I was being singled out & attacked…because I was the only one that spoke up about it.

But you say it was directed at everyone…k.

I’m not going into a whole back and forth about using mentrual blood in rituals with someone in a different country that I don’t even know.

Take care.

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I wasn’t planning to. OP asked for opinion, I gave mine. Nothing was directed at you. :woman_shrugging:

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She has a point. Sacrifice, as performed by pre-Christian tribes and beliefs, always included/includes physical pain felt by the opfer or the practitioner. Some would argue that the blood is not of the highest importance but the pain felt and endured. Using period blood is as simple and as easy as pissing in a cup for a woman.



You’re absolutely right, it is easy to collect physically…but I don’t expect everyone to understand the emotional pain I feel with every period. Seeing the blood & remembering the traumatic experience I went thru, the mental & emotional pain from that. It’s the whole experience that I offer the spirit. Offering the emotional pain, mental anguish etc that comes along with the blood itself. The blood symbolizes that (to me) and the spirit is ok with all of it.

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Depends on the person, spirit, and personal belief. I think it’s fine to use for the most part, but I can also understand why some would argue it’s just an easier method of blood collection for sacrifice. Mostly because it does sort of just come and it’s easier than cutting a finger open to collect. I respect both methods depending on the practice.

Though, I will say, with the case of @QueenMustang - the intention and power put into the menstrual blood (based on the experience they shared) specifically may make it stronger for them and their offerings specifically. I feel that it’s sort of case by case, but like everyone’s saying, you can just ask to be certain.


Menstrual blood IMO is a very sacred offering. It is only obtained once a month. It is how life begins. And it can be painful either physically or emotionally depending on the woman. To me it is a stronger bond as I can cut my finger anytime. Menstrual blood not so much.

So easier can be taken many different ways. Menstrual blood is “easier” to obtain but harder to come by. Pricking my finger is harder to do but easier to obtain. Depends on the person.