May I use menstrual blood as an offering?

Beloved know your not the only one I am A man and Agreed with you as well. Some people see what they want, though I just won’t allow your sacrifice to be minimized either. I know what my Native Ancestors Believe as well the reason for the demonization of women being in part the power you give back to the earth each month. Men Fear that, they may always will. Know your Beloved of Gaia, for knowing what you know. Never let others Take your Light. Your Right you know.
As I Said the sacrifice is the woman’s body reacting to the death of the Eggs, Meunstral Blood is the Vessel from which it all flows. No power can Match it and I’m a Man I know. Even Ashmodai Craves it, hmm Wonder why? Our Seed is the second Most Powerful bodily fluid, then blood attained by self inflicted injury. Theres balance to be found between Order and Chaos its Will.
Though Many may doubt me, Hate me or Love me. I accept it Truth plainly spoken regardless seeds growth. Blessings and Peace @QueenMustang your a wolf I know.

Bloody hell. You are being a tad dramatic aren’t you? It was an exchange of ideas, not an attempt to “take her light”, whatever the fuck that means. :thinking:


Yo guys please shut the fuck up with the drama.


Thank you for all of your input.


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On the matter of being a sacrifice or not.
This is just my opinion/experience.

Wearing a decent size cup to collect a good amount of blood is not comfortable, it is a commitment, most woman will bleed on pad and tampons that goes straight into trash.
Pushing myself to collect my moon blood to me is truly a sacrifice , is hard to let go of the convenience, even having to wash several bleedy cotton pads is a husle . what drives me is making it special than just plain waste, that may be there for couple thousand of years rooting in a landfill …harsh ugly truth… We can choose to be mindful or not, I am dropping the judgements… Its a hard thing to do.
But ya, it is also fun to have large amounts of my own blood, I can give my daemon drawing a new dimension, I feel them really pleased, and that is what matters.

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