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So recently as more and more people become attracted to the divine I have noticed a pattern. People often begin to dive in without protection magick which is vital to workings. As someone who specializes primarily in it, there are tons of methods on how to do it. I am not going to go into detail on how you can set up protections, that’s something everyone should be able to easily learn about online. However- I am going to recommend a demon who can help with warding and protection of every kind- Marquis Sabnock. I don’t feel like there is enough information regarding his work against thoughtforms and other nasty energies or even people you don’t want screwing with your workings on here, hence why I am opening up a new thread to elaborate deeply. :slight_smile:

Let me make a few things very clear. You should definitely have other protection methods set up before doing any kind of invocation/evocation. However, when you are protected enough to do so, if you want to feel more comfortable in your space I recommend you ask Marquis Sabnock to protect you.

First off, he is not only amazing at protecting against negative energies, parasitic entities, and baneful magick from other practitioners- he can even help protect people from Earthly things such as illness, and bad people. I asked Marquis Sabnock to help me shield my house against parasites, baneful magick, and negative energies as I mentioned before. He was very swift with this request and accepted gladly. His protection magick is noted to be amazing by most practitioners who request it from him. You can definitely feel the sense of security in your home after he grants it to you.

When you request his protection if something tries to come into contact against those wards he will send it back upon them and make it hurt them times many until they call off their attack. When invoking him, he can give you quite the experience. He was very stern, but actually playfully trickster like. He isn’t malicious intended as far as I know (I’ve never heard of this) but he will sometimes test you if you aren’t confident in yourself just as many demons do. His energy is wildly different from practitioner to practitioner based on the gnosis my group and I made, though it always feels very wise, courageous, and safe, almost as if someone is guarding your life at all costs.

As far as offerings go for this demon, I presented him with some white wine (you can substitute this with some white sparkling juice such as apple or grape, I’ve done it before) dark chocolate, and Jasmine incense since I had a bigger request and wanted a lot of protection for my entire home and my mother who is currently ill. For my invocation, I used a white candle, though he likes silver, purple, blue, and black as those are all protective colors. I don’t have much written evidence for this but when talking to other practitioners who have worked with him they have noted him to be under Lilith’s sphere in the Qlipoth. He is a lunar demon so he prefers to be invoked at night. Tuesdays are a great day to do any kind of protective magick, but I do not have a gnosis on his preferred day otherwise. His element is fire and he is associated with the direction south and prefers to be invoked facing this direction.

All in all, I highly recommend you to request the protection of Marquis Sabnock against just about anything that wishes you or a loved one ill.


He is the demon I am eternally married to and we’ve been married for a long time (His sigil is the only sigil I cling to (he lives with me so I don’t need to summon him whenever I need him (he is the reason I am still here and breathing and he has killed in the past not because I asked him but because he was protecting me.”

I’ve found him to be one of the strongest of all the demon/s and he can return the unremovable death hexes (so the one who performs them are dead in the end unless they manoeuvre the hex onto another.

Yes, he does come highly recommended.

I wouldn’t mention he is more powerful than Lucifer (if he were asked to do the task but as I’ve said he tends to catch your enemies off guard by giving them the impression you’re aren’t protected when in fact you are indeed protected and he’ll have them for breakfast (like a lion waiting behind the grass for his prey…

Who wants to be his next meal.

:lion: :metal:t2::ok_hand::+1:


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