Marbas the devil of impotence

Has anyone ever combined a hoodoo curse for impotence on a person’s manhood… in combination with evocation of Marbas (who is said to be able to cure and cause illnesses and material diseases)?

If not the best choice of demonic entity for this task, then does anyone know of a good demonic powers to use for this incident to occur?

I’m looking to completely destroy the target(s)’ sexual mojo, masculine essence of power, and sexuality completely over time if not right away and immediately.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.

Also, I’m good enough at evocations and conjuring demons that it shouldn’t matter if they’re entities from a tradition that’s a bit foreign or a new pantheon that I haven’t worked under yet.


I’ve also been hearing through the grapevines that saltpeter diminishes male sex drive, but have never tested this theory on anyone else.

I always refused the Koolaid in institutions because I heard they had been using saltpeter in it to tame the male populations.

Not on here that I can find… People tend to use the hoodoo penis candle thing by itself, or the feminine entities like Namaah, Lilith, Kali etc. in a sort of justice effect. Or straight up Release of Hatred type rituals.

Corwin Hargrove’s Jinn Magick book has a working for “souring love and sexual pleasure”. I can’t vouch for it working, you’ve got a 50/50 hot or miss with that book according to the author in the intro, and it’s very clear it’s all on your technique. (I like the honesty.) It’s not evocation but the exact details on the how are all there.

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Sallos could be the solution for now. Thanks again for always coming through with some useful information.

I’m not familiar with Hargrove, so his work could be a useful investment to look into through a book search.

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