Making my lover impotent with other women

I have a lover and he recently told me that he was getting back with his ex-girlfriend. I am married even though it’s a sexless marriage, so I had no argument (he wants to also keep seeing me). Sexually, I am selfish and want him to only be able to get aroused with me. I want him to be unable to even get hard with her.

Any suggestions on who would be the best to help with this? I thought about Sitri (lust) and I thought about Sallos (long term). But I am not sure.


Try this perhaps?


there is one african charm for this very reason.

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More info please

Thanks that looks good, but I don’t want his peepee to go completely dead. I just want it for myself. :grin:

It can be undone once he returns to you, and redone when he goes to others.

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i dont remember the name of the charm… but if the partner has sex with another person…then that person dies

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There’s alot of hoodoo business for this sort of thing. You can use a male candle or a penis candle . Also look up jar spells. Theres one specifically that uses a pickle and you basically have control over it.


You’re cheating you husband and you don’t want your lover to “cheat” on you?
I’m old style lover, I can’t help but your request is interesting because I was looking for a same one

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I said that sexually I am selfish. Haha

That can be done with psychic attack.
If everything you tried fail, than try this method. Use it as the last resort only because psychically influencing someone takes time, and a great amont of effort from you.

Any psychic influence practice consist of:
-Talking or whispering to your target in your mind’s eye.
-Seeing your target behaving as you want him to, with a defined scenario.

So in your case you’d meditate, enter into a relaxed state (that’s important) then see your target in your mind’s eye. Approach him as a “ghost” or astral form, and whisper to him “You can only get hard for X (your name)”, “Women other than X disgust you so bad”. You can do it for 5 minutes than take 10 additional minutes to see your man frustrated and not being able to get hard with other women, than crawling to you, very frustrated.
Vary it sometimes by seeing your guy talking to you “I completely can’t get hard with other women, geez what have you done to me”, then touch him and initiate sex. Touches are important and make the link stronger. I suggest you to do so.
Visualize in first person view and that’s it.

Do that stuff at least 2 times a day if possible… And sometimes do it when you’re sure he’s sleeping.The cool thing with that is you’re going to be psychically tied with your guy and you’ll be able to influence him stronger and stronger with the time.

But as I said that technique takes time and practice. Everybody wants results right away but don’t want to put any effort in it. That’s why mind magick isn’t really popular.

That technique is from a young lady, psychic friend of mine who did it with her man. Now the psychic link is so strong that she can make him do whatever she wants (text her, call her, or initiate sex, be very passionate in bed) just by seeing him behaving the way she wants, in a matter or seconds to minute.


I like this. Thank you

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giphy-downsized-largeOther humans are not your property, I’m not judging you just reminding you that baneful works are best done when it is well deserved. There is an inherent danger in baneful works when it’s not well deserved. Sometimes when you fuck with someone their ancestral spirits, guardian angels, protector demons etc might fuck back in their defense.

It would be far more beneficial for you to use magick to make yourself more desirable that way you don’t run the risk of pissing off someone’s guardian spirits when you are not yet strong enough to handle them.

I once had a girlfriend who tried to manipulate me with magick and my spirits went on the offensive without me even knowing. They ruined her whole universe and last time I saw her she had two kids from two dead beat dads and was living in an impoverished shit hole. Protect yourself, be tactful, careful, and aware when doing baneful works. I would hate to see it backfire on you when better options were available. Also you say you are sexually selfish…you need to give a little to get a little, and that goes for everything in life especially magick. Best of luck to you in your works. Cheers!


Just shadow work your way through it. Don’t waste your time hurting him when you can delve deeper into the core of yourself and realize your potential. Don’t stoop to such a dramatic and limiting level.


And yes I said that, as much as I’d love to tear out humanities throats for the pain they have caused me BUT I converted that very pain into my power. Through shadow work.

(And to those that would hurt me, please, make me the enemy you can’t live without. Make your devil stronger)


i don’t see any reason to make him impotent,
but to make him way too potent!

Make him crave you! Turn him again into a 14yold, who can’t keep his hands from his dick.
MAKE HIM DESIRE YOU! His desire shall be a raging fire, and only be temporary satisfied by the body of yours.

Since there is allways a interest behind every single action:
Everyone and everything is “selfish” “egoistic”, therefore no one is selfish.

And all the bullshit about “good and evil”, “right and wrong”, “crime and right” is substanceless dogma ~its bullshit.

Do the hell you want.


That’s contradictory. If everything is selfish, it can’t not be selfish

Sure. But that comes with something nice. Called consequences.


You fear consequences? Therefore you fear actions!
“Don’t live! You could die!”

I said that everyone is “selfish” because people who believe in these things would come to the conclusion, if they would just recognize the omnipresence of intent. Idk what your problem is.
You remind me to someone else, calling me a monster -just because i spoke no bloodoath, to follow and support other cabal. I mean with that: those are not my chains, they are yours.

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Lol you are correct everyone is selfish, however the skilled and wise use generosity as a tool for obtaining more of what they want.


This is the exact reason I am in a polyamerus relationship. That way this type of stuff doesn’t happen. Lol