Many thanks to Pazuzu

Pazuzu recently exorcised a spirit from me - the one that came from my enemies last summer. It had possessed me (a slow-progressive possession) while I was awake and aware. I tried with Suhn’tal’ock first, who told me he could exorcise it, but unfortunately the process Suhn’tal’ock used freaked me out too much because the sensations of it was too much.

Pazuzu recently told me he could drive it out in a different way. So I went to sleep, and I woke up feeling very weird and slightly disoriented, like there was something missing, something had left. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I noticed the improvement when I went out. The anxiety and circular fear-inducing thoughts, etc had stopped and I was more relaxed. He confirmed that the spirit has been exorcised. He requested an offering of a big bowl of citrus fruits (oranges, lemons and limes), a black candle and cedar or frankincense incense for a week.

Big YAY! :slight_smile:

Thank you Pazuzu. :slight_smile:


He is so much more old tales tell. Hail Pazuzu!


Thanks for this. I am so interested in working with Pazuzu and there is so little factual stuff about him out there.


He’s reasonable. But he did say to me after telling me what he wanted for his offering that if he didn’t get his offering promptly, he’d wreak havoc on me. Or something to that effect. And BANISH after you call him. He’ll hang around otherwise, and since his nature is known to be chaotic, it’s wise to banish. I used the exorcism incantation from KoF which worked.


Great to know thanks.

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Hello there… please can you recommend or paste link to Kof Exorcism incantation, and is it useful to barnish pazuzu…? or to evoke him…

Thanks in advance…

Say the KOF banashing incantations 3 times

Ashtu malku ta dat arkata Sastus seckz altamu partu
Iretempal krez ta felta Vaskalla regent met senturus Ta sastrus estos melta Kelta, kelta, ketla hine.


Nice that you posted the results. Very good job!


Ashtu malku ta dat arkata
Sastus seckz altamu partu
Iretempal krez ta felta
Vaskalla regent met senturus
Ta sastrus estos melta
Kelta, kelta, kelta hine.

This is from the KoF.

I only say it - with a tone of authority - once. And it will do fine for banishing Pazuzu and just about most spirits. You might find the spirits of the Dead aren’t so respectful.

Say it once before you evoke to clear the ritual space of spirits who are not meant to be there, and then once afterwards to banish.


Awesome contributors we have gotten here… I thank nature for leading me here… I’m proud of you all… warm hugs


Can I use this to banish even if I am using a different means to invoke Pazuzu?

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Let’s say I just had candles, incense, pazuzu’s sigil and a different enn for calling pazuzu…

After I make my request and finish, could I use this to banish?

I’ll probably also do something else to banish too

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Yes it will, and you only need one method of banishing.

I never banished Pazuzu. Or any of those I invited. They’re fam if I invite them to stay.


I have a question regarding this. I’ve just started doing work with Pazuzu (all of my results have been successful, btw), yet I keep hearing from people that you must banish him, and your comment is the first to suggest that you don’t do so. Do you find his lingering presense to be dangerous, or does his influence not affect you?


I have NEVER found his presence to feel dangerous at all, ever. Before, during or after.
Someone had suggested to me prior to my first ev of him that he did this or that, caused nightmares and so on. Later that night, I heard him speaking with Azazel at the foot of my bed, “…he told her I would give her nightmares (then a light laugh)”. I never had nightmares or any of the stuff I was warned about. His presence IS extremely strong but I very much enjoy him. He is one of my favorites.


This is very valuable knowledge. The reason I’ve been hesitant with him is because of the fear he will wreak havoc on my life. He has told me on occasions he won’t do so to women (I thought he was being dishonest), but I guess he was telling the truth! I’ve discovered he’s nothing like he’s portrayed in the Exorcist (even though I sort of know this anyways, I discovered him even before seeing the movie).

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Havoc? Nightmares? What is this? Never ever happened to me. He is Indeed very strong and not a God to play with, but he’s very very protective. Whenever I am in his presense it feels like I’m being embrassed by some invisible wings.


No…he seems rather gentle and VERY protective of me. He had even recognized me from one of my past lives and mentioned it, showed me images of the moment he saw me and where. I remembered that past life quite well so I knew exactly what he was talking about even though I hadn’t seen HIM at the time.

He actually had a reputation in ancient days of protecting pregnant women, new mothers and babies.

He also hears very well…so like before my evocation, I was thinking about him in the shower and when I went in to do the evocation he was already there in my temple.


One thing I have noticed about him is that he’s subtle and rather quiet, yet he pays close attention. So I know if he does something a certain way I didn’t expect it’s because he followed my word choice (he always does the work beautifully).

How does his kingship over plague affect you? This is what I get warned about and I have yet to experience anything of the sort. It’s mainly been protection and nurture.