Manifesting a Perfect Life (Has anyone achieved this?)

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:game_die: 3, 6

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:left_speech_bubble: Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you — Princess Diana

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:crystal_ball: You may rely on it

how can i contact ea koeting @demon

@Timothy hey man do you know how the introduction works having a ahrd time introducing myself to people

@Yberion hey man can you help me on how is the best way to contact lucifer or what path im suppose to go on in magik

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You would have to buy a talk with him

That’s true though, that’s why rejecting violence and suffering is an anti-life and anti-universe stance. Everything must kill and eat other organisms to survive. Entropy and destruction are inherent to the universe. We have survived so long because we are incredibly cruel and self serving. Everybody on this planet feels justified in committing murder when you disagree on something important but then they use mental gymnastics to call it something else. Existence is suffering. Logically there are only two stances you can take on this issue - either you are cool with existence and by extension rape and murder and suffering or you aren’t, but then logically you would conclude that you want to destroy the universe or at the very least kill yourself so that you don’t contribute. Any other stance is some kind of self delusion. The universe exists because of the interplay between the forces of creation and destruction - or good and evil if you want to be Manichaean. Otherwise there would be nothing. Nothing seems to be the goal of a lot of people. There is definitely a political movement sunconsciously devoted to it. But at least it’s actually a coherent stance to take. There’s only two sides - pro existence and anti existence and I don’t think most people have any idea which side they’re on or which side the spirits they work with are on and which side the spirits they hate are on. I’ve been sitting here all night trying to figure it out by seeing what other people on the forum have to say and have heard from spirits but most people take a confused middle stance on the issue. I’ve heard knowledgable people claiming it’s the Abrahamics who are obsessed with an apocalypse; and I’ve seen knowledgable people claim that the Abrahamic God did create the universe and that the Demonic Kings want to destroy the physical world. Either way people on both sides hold paradoxical beliefs and have compartmentalized personalities. Satanists be like WE EMBRACE LIFE AND FULFILLING OUR DESIRES with one breath and with the other be like I AM HELPING BEELZEBUB DESTROY THE UNIVERSE BECAUSE IT IS EVIL. BELIAL HATES HIERARCHIES. Christians be like I WAS CREATED TO BE SHIT. I AM SHIT. I WAS MADE TO WANT THINGS BUT I MUST NOT ALLOW MYSELF TO HAVE THEM. THE WORLD IS FULL OF SIN AND EVIL. PRAISE THE CREATOR.

Yes !
But the price have been, and still is, high at times. I know many argue about this, saying that there is no consequence, maybe it is a individual thing depending of who you work with, and of course how experienced you are, but during my 34 years of practise I have learned over and over again that as I receive so shall I lose. Yet, it’s been worth it.
This lifestyle and the way of the craft have turned my mind, not cold exactly, but very reserved. It’s not a diagnose, I’m very capable of empathy, it’s just that I do not feel loss the way I used to.
From a very young age I started working with spirits, at about 10 or so (hard to recall exact) I did dabble with The Qliphoth and something latched on to me.
Having little experience, not because of lack of interest, determination and dedication but due to little and next to no way to learn, I had a entity by my side who made damn sure I always got my way. But the lack of proper experience and the wisdom needed to control the entity turned everything into a disturbing time of my life. It got so bad that…I don’t think I should even share…I was a danger to others. I wish I could say I regret some of the things that happened but I have no regret. Only thing is that I wish I had more experience when it all started.
I learned a lot through intuition, my inner senses and instinct. My heritage have given me powerful tools but in order to grow information is key.
But my point is, for me the journey started early and my dreams came true one by one, by the age of 20 I had realised most of my dreams already and reached a bit of a hurdle as I was running wild due to lack of motivation as I had reached all my goals.
It only took a couple of years though until I once again was back on the path with new insight, learning is part of the path and you can never stop learning, there is always more around the corner.
Today I am 44 years old. I have everything I want, and it is at least 90% because of my craft. If not more. I have no doubts. Zero.
The state of my soul however…just joking,I do not care about that.
One thing I never learned though is what entity it is. I tried to find out but no luck. I felt it as a feminine presence back in the day, but now it feels more masculine, and more violent. I work with several spirits but my main one have been my company since I was about 10 years old.

Christianity is the only religion to have ever successfully ended slavery - first in Europe, then with Christian activists who ended the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

Christianity is the only major religion under concerted attack. :thinking:

That’s only true if you don’t count the anti-Muslim concentration camps in China.

That’s just one country, though, and it’s otherwise the world’s fastest growing religion, and heavily protected by law in any country where there are more than about 5% Muslims, whereas Christianity is under attack almost everywhere.

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China is pretty quickly surpassing the US as the world’s foremost superpower and there is a stromg possibility they may gain control of the US and Europe way before Islam can.

Well, that’s going into politics, so… China suppresses Christianity as well, so it’s not even relevant.

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Who knows how things will rearrange themselves? Perhaps, China is an instrument of “God” to curb the possible Islamisation of Europe in the short-term. Then we can rearrange again or perhaps China itself will become free and democratic. Too early to say. Let’s see how it arranges itself in an ever-changing flux. There is no clear cut “goo” or “bad” in our finite experience – it’s all relative and the seed of destruction is in the thing itself. So don’t worry too much. :slight_smile: