Is creation waiting on the manifestation of the children of :crown:?

Could you kindly use words instead of pictures. We might want to know what you actually mean to better respond.

King Paimon wears a crown. Are you referring to him?


All crowns point to One.

I’m sorry, is that supposed to be awe inspiring? All pencils used to be stars. Pretty profound.


More then profound once you understand.

You remind me of a fortune cookie.


… the answer is just no. We’re already here, we were always here. We’re all of us.

Waiting for what, though?

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Waiting to be delivered from death, decay & corruption. Truly knowing the godform (knowing the Source face to face) (the real singularity), beauty & joy. Beyond words, yes truly profound.

One God Family
God is One

Well IMO death is not a real thing - only a transition.

Death and deacy are not ‘bad’, they’re just how organic life works. There are other forms of life without biological vessels. Every discarnate entity we talk to is alive.

Bottom line, if you don’t like the whole death & decay thing, don’t incarnate into an organic vessel.


Death & decay is a sign something is wrong & it has its purpose but when we are manifested , we won’t have to worry about death and decay.

Real Royalty

Nothing is wrong with death and decay. That is an attitude that comes from dualistic thinking.

This ‘when we are “manifested”’ thing doesn’t mean anything. We are already manifested by virtue of being here.

Anything that is not the Tao or Source is manifest, by definition.


100 years, a short time to live in the scale of the universe such as ours. 1 000 years, still nothing has been experienced. 1 000 000, who knows what wisdom you could gain. 1 000 000 000 000, a vast amount of time to have experienced this world. However, no matter how great the value, whether a trillion, a quadrillion, a quintillion, a sextillion, or a septillion, and onwards and onwards, it doesn’t matter that each value is incomprehensibly longer than the previous, because not matter how large it is still Nothing in Infinity.
What do you think is the point of Eternal Existence? Is it a desire that stems from fear, or from a lack of foresight?

We wouldn’t shower if nothing was wrong.

I think you reversed it, without the Source it couldn’t manifest.

The Source is eternal.

Lack of foresight is a limited view to put on the point of eternal existence.

Whenever we individually find our own truth of them if at all :man_shrugging:t5:

The Source is the truth.

Individual truth yes.

Is math individual truth?

Not the same concept :slight_smile:

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1+1= :thinking: